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By The Staff

Kids need their cell phones in schools

To the editor:

My name is Carleigh. I live in Crestwood. I want to talk to you about cell phones. My main question is should kids have cell phones in school?

I think kids would be fine with cell phones but they would have to use them properly.

Here are some reasons why I think kids should have cell phones in school. You can keep in touch with your parents because what if they had an emergency or you had an emergency. 

What if someone tries to kidnap them, how will they contact anyone? What if you get sick? I think those are good reasons of why we should have cell phones in school.

I really want cell phones in school. I have a cell phone and I am not allowed to bring it to school because my mom thinks it will get ruined. I think some kids are not responsible because they break their own cell phones. Editor, do you think kids should have cell phones in school?

I think cell phones are a good choice for some people because when they text they don’t say bad words and some people do. I really think we should have cell phones for emergencies. 

When I was in fourth grade there was a bad snowstorm and everyone had to call their parents to go home and the teacher let anyone who had a cell phone get it out and call their parents. So that was a good reason to have a cell phone in school. I think cell phones are a good choice.

Should children have cell phones in school? Thank you for reading my letter. So Editor, ask yourself are cell phones a good choice for school? So readers do you think cell phones are good for school?


School bullying continues to get worse

To the editor:

I feel school bullying keeps getting worse and worse. So I feel schools should do something about it. Most of it I have found out has mostly taken place on the bus or hallways when no one’s around. 

I know from my point of view it’s hard to stop if you let it continue or if you show emotions. Also you may be an easy target if you are on a low-stander point or a dork.

In schools, bullying usually occurs in all areas of school. It can occur in nearly any part or around the school building, though it more often occurs in PE, recess, hallways, bathrooms, on school buses and waiting for buses, classes that require group work and/or after-school activities. 

Anyone can get bullied, even the most popular kids to dorks. Also you could be a bully too, you could be hurting people with your actions and not even know it. 

Here’s the signs if you want to know if you are being a bully. No one likes you or friends don’t really like you, no one wants to be around you and you feel like you don’t exist. If you have been bullied don’t be afraid to speak out. Don’t think you are a tattletale.

Also there is a thing I call double-trouble. My friend and I got into it. We bullied each other and we did not even know it. 

She thought my love squeeze was a threat and so she started telling all her friends and the teacher that I was bullying her. 

Only when the teacher went to talk to me did I start to realize I was being bullied, so before you talk to a teacher about bullying try to solve it yourself if the problem seems small enough to handle but if it seems too big to handle then tell an adult or a teacher.

Now I hope you take my advice into your lives and use this as every day knowledge to help with your problems. Especially with your friends and family, uncles and aunts, cousins, brothers or even sisters you just need to make them stop bullying you or someone else. 

OK, well all I want you to do with my advice is remember it in the future.