Student Voices

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By The Staff

Crestwood Elementary

Fourth grade

Teacher: Jeanie Curry

Life without TV

Last week I didn’t have power. I went to a park called E.P Tom Sawyer Park.

My friends and I went to a BMX track. The first time there I only fell one time. The second time there I fell 4 or 5 times. When we couldn’t watch TV because TV runs on electricity my dad would plug a cord in the TV so we could watch TV, turn on a lamp. The good thing about thing about this experiment was we got to see our friends every day so we had lots of fun.

Anthony Santana

Surviving, just barely

On Sunday there was a big wind storm there were tons of trees down in my neighborhood. We didn’t know how we were going to survive this horrible storm.

Everyday somebody had to watch me. On Monday I stayed at my friends’ house we had lost of fun. We did Double Dutch but nobody was jumping rope we just spin them for fun. Then we started to get hungry. So we went in to eat. Then we waited to go back outside for 20 or 30 minutes then we asked to go back out. But my mom got home so we had to pack to go to my grandma’s house. We stayed there for 6 days. And we got power back on Sunday. We survived it barely.

Jordyn Golde

A very boring week

Last week the power went out from a huge windstorm. It was very very boring because of no power. I could not watch TV. I read a lot. We had McDonalds a lot and had cinnamelts for breakfast. I finished 2 different books. It was very boring.

Jacob Scobee

No cable, no restaurants

It was horrible because cable was out. About every restaurant was closed but we went to waffle house in Indiana. They had a generator they are really lucky. The reason we did not get a generator is because they cost $1,000. That is three times more then they are worth! And when I went to bed I tripped and fell and got a big fat bump on my leg. Then I woke up and found out... I left my DS on and now my DS is dead. RIP OFF. So now I’m sitting here for 7 hours, bored.

Bobby Montgomery

Helping in the yard

When the power went out me my dad and my uncle were helping out in the yard we had to rake a bunch of limbs and leaves. My dad was cutting a huge tree that landed on the fence I also had to help out with my sister. The most fun thing about it was playing my guitar.

Cody Bischoff

Angry at the power outage

FLASH, the power went out, I was furious. I was on my computer and thinking how long will we be without power I thought as I went out to check the Satellite. I was angry. I asked my mom how long we’ll be without power. She said a week.

I got my stuff and brought it down stairs and made my bed. Then I went to sleep. The next day, I ate breakfast and got dressed. I went outside to play. At 7 p.m. I went inside to take a bath, eat, then went to bed.

The next day I repeated what I did yesterday and we where play cards then the lights came on and we jumped for joy.

Darrin Jackson

Power outage not so bad

Last Sunday, a huge windstorm knocked out the power at my house. In fact my whole Neighborhood was out. It wasn’t that bad because I had batteries in my radio and we had warm water to take a shower.

I played a lot outside with my brother and played board games and card games. All week I ate things like hamburgers and steak. My mom even tried to make coffee on the grill but that didn’t work!

Turns out having no power for one whole week isn’t that bad after all!

Kaelyn Beach

Shadow puppets

The power was out.

We didn’t have a generator.

The power was out.

Why couldn’t this happen later?

I thought I’d die of boredom without TV.

Then my dad thought of something that recharged my glee.

Shadow puppets.

It was nine and it was fine and my dad made me laugh.

“I’m George Washington!” Said my dad, making a shadow puppet of the 1st President.

I made Pinocchio with a long nose.

“Whoops! I told a lie!”

Then my dad made 2 puppets.

They introduced themselves.

“Hello, I’m Sunshine.”

“Hello, I’m Flowerhead.”

Then he made them kiss.

After the kissing, Flowerhead sniffed Sunshine!

“You smell funny,” my dad made him say.

Then we cracked up like eggs, started kicking our legs, and smiled.

Now I know when our power is out for a while, shadow puppets will make me smile.

Madelyn Carey

Changing daily routines

Last Sunday a really big windstorm made the power go out. It broke trees down. I thought that it was fun.

My sister and I had to change in our daily routines. Since we didn’t have milk I didn’t want cereal so I had plums, bananas, and apples. When I wanted to do something I went outside or read a book. I had part of my normal lunch my sister and I had fun climbing on mom while she was doing yoga. When she got home she would order Arby’s. We had a great time. The endee of the worst real days of my life.

Maria Clark

No power, no excuses

Last week a massive windstorm hit Oldham County and took the power with it. It was tough not having power. We worked in the yard all week!

No power meant no excuses. I couldn’t call my friends to play. It was challenging to have no electricity.

Jordan Broomell

Glad the power is back

Last Sunday a Huge Storm came and knocked out our power. We had a generatoree but it didn’t fill our whole house. We had the normal stuffee we had lights, hot water, and 1 TV (we didn’t get to watch much though, Ryder Cup was on 24/7).

Mrs. Perkins (my mom’s friend) came over to take a shower because she doesn’t have any power at all, we did some serious work in the yard that day.

The next day mom and me were going to McDonald’s for breakfast. I had to see at least 8 trees that were blew down!

I’m really glad the power’s back on now.

Jack Brewer

Learn from the experience

Last week there was a huge storm. Over the week it was hard and fun at the same time. Almost every place we went to was closed. We could not make pop tarts. My dad would not let me and my brother open the fridge. So there was no way for me to make cereal. It was hard not to be bored. We decided to go to my grandma’s house because she had a generator. We had trouble sleeping because we didn’t have a fan. There is only so much you can do with a generator. Sometimes were harder than others but we found a way to entertain ourselves. I learned a lot from not having power. It makes me think twice before leaving the lights on. Me and my brother would play outside until it was dark. It makes me happy we have power!

Bailey Gagel

Fun without power

My friend’s power was out last week. I had power the whole time. After Ella and I played because of her power being out and she being bored, I invited her for a sleepover. Her mom said yes and mine too so we danced to our favorite band the Jonas Brothers for an hour.

Then we went up stairs and played scavenger hunt. We watched TV then mom said “dinners ready” so we ate are food and then watched a movie. Then we went to bed. When we woke up we had breakfast and then played in the hose. When Ella’s mom came she said, “We have power.” Ella said, “I don’t want power we had to much fun.” It was the best power outage ever.

Klaire Compton

Sad to see the power back

Last Sunday, a massive windstorm blew down two trees in my front yard and smashed onto the roof of my house. My dad called his friends and asked for help, and soon, all I could hear was the racket of chain saws, hammers, and branches slamming onto the ground.

After all the commotion had been going on for a day, my family and I escaped our house to spend the night at my friend’s house since they had electricity. My friend and I had tons of fun! We played games, watched movies, and pulled a prank on our sisters. We were having so much fun untilee My electricity came back on! It meant no more sleeping over! Tears took over my face. But, I was glad to know that the hurricane was history!

Rachel Grant

Happy when power came on

Every day mom and I would go home and hope our power is back on so whenever I came in from checking the mail I would say “is our power back on?”

She would say “NO!”

I would say “darn.”

So then we went back to grandma’s house. We told her that we still didn’t have power. So the next day Danny came over. Barb was baby sitting him. Barb is grandma’s friend. So Danny, Sarah, and I went outside and we noticed a big branch was hanging from the tree. So we went back in.

We started to play with the bratz. Then mom called and said our power was back. Everyone said, “YEAH!”

Rachel Martin

Power outage brings fun experiences, fast food

When the power went out it was a great excuse to go to a bunch of fun places. I went to the zoo in Cincinnati, I saw a white tiger. I also went to the children’s museum in Indianapolis. They had an animation room where you could do all sorts of animation. But at home I ate fast food for almost every single meal. Wind break ‘08 was like a vacation.

Wyatt Huttenlocher

Saying goodbye to tree filled with memories

“I’m going outside for a minute Mom! I’ll be right back!” I called. Then I screamed as a huge gust of wind picked me up and almost blew me away. I realized I would have to be careful, so I tiptoed my way across the yard as if it were a mine field. “C-R-E-A-K!!!! I whipped around. My eyes widened in shock. I don’t know what I expected to see, but it certainly wasn’t this. A tree that I had admired greatly was lying facedown on the leaf-stained ground. That tree held memories that lay shattered on the grass like broken glass.

Alison Clark

Power outage brings cousin for a visit

A lot of people went through some horrible things during hurricane Ike and they didn’t like the wind, but for me it was really fun. “Bailee! Karis is staying with you for the week because her electricity is out,” my mom said. My electricity wasn’t out but the wind was knocking trees over. It was actually fun with my cousin there. So I got to stay home and watch TV. This was a great thing for me because my cousin was there and she’ll be going to college next year. So even though it was horrible for some it was great for me.

Bailee Bostic

Strong wind left lots of limbs to pick up

Wind Break ‘08 was bad because I couldn’t watch TV or do any electronic stuff. The other bad thing was that my dad’s shed got torn apart a little and now he has to fix it. When a wind came, a lot of branches were on the ground of my front and back yard. Me and my family had to pick them all up then we went inside and I was bored because I could only play with a couple toys.

Benjamin Cook

Fallen tree is a fun place to climb

My brother and I were playing football outside when suddenly I heard a crack crack kaboom. The biggest tree ever fell in my back yard. I liked it only for one reason, I like to climb on it. It was eeAWESOME. I was bursting with fun. Climbing, climbing, and more CLIMBING. It was the best day of my life!

Drew Baetens

Looked ‘like a giant came through and destroyed it’

Trash cans and tree limbs were flying everywhere scraping houses. My cousin and I sat outside and watched it all. Then we heard something. CRACK! CRACK! “What was that?” My cousin and I said. It was about 20 feet away. A tree right across the street fell down. My cousin and I were freaking out. We went inside. “Meme, Aunt Linda! Come here, look!” The wind stopped for a second. It looked like a giant came through and destroyed the town. I will never forget the damage that was done by the wind storm.

Gillian Rush

A peaceful week with family, without power

My experience with the windstorm is no TV and no electronics whatsoever. But it was fun to have more time with family, like a get together. We played a ton of board games like Monopoly, Clue and Guess Who. But I liked it because it was nice, peaceful and easy to go to sleep. We got light from the candles and we made jokes. It was the best week of my no power life.

Isaiah Wheeler

Can’t believe hurricane came all the way to Ky.

BOOM! CRASH! CRACK! There were trees falling all around us. I can’t believe hurricane Ike came all the way to Kentucky. When we got home the power was out! We went outside and jumped on the trampoline. When the trees looked like they were going to fall, we took cover. It was absolutely fantastic!! It was great, I had sleepovers and we cooked out on the grill every night with the neighbors. Then on Sunday we had a scarecrow making party. I had a blast on WIND BREAK ‘08!!!!!!!!

Jessi Faircloth

Strong winds could push people around

CRACK! “Holy Moley!” I said as I was walking with my dad. A tree limb broke from a tree and almost hit Dad and me. My feeling about the storm was it was cool because I could stand outside and let the wind push me around. The coolest part about the storm was getting blown around. John Clark

Electricity doesn’t bring happiness, but it helps

We were sitting there watching TV andee KABOOM! The electricity went off. We had just gotten home from church. We got out the generator and hooked it up to our three freezers and two fridges. My cousins Luke and Maddy were over all week! We played Clue, we played outside, we played with Chloe, my dog and we had the time of our lives. This was a great thing for us. We had so much fun spending time together. We got to see friends and we learned that you don’t need electricity to be happy, but it sure does help!

Maggie Campbell

Storm brought family together for fun

“Oh my gosh, Mamaw, look at your yard!” I said looking at my great-grandma. “I know,” she said. It looked terrible! Her yard was full of limbs and shingles. Then my grandma came with a dent in her truck. Although the wind storm was doing a lot of damage, we made the best of it. We had a great time sitting and talking outside, watching things blow by. All our family in Louisville came to my great grandmas for a visit. It was awesome, I couldn’t have been in a better place because we kept talking and making jokes, it was so so fun!

McKenzee Nation

Power outage made more time for fun

WOOSH! Everything flew everywhere as the door opened. The winds were going 60 miles per hour, so we had to run to get into my dad’s car to go to my grandma’s house to see if she had any power. “Whoever gets to the car first wins!” said my brother. And of course, he won. I thought we wouldn’t make it, but I also thought that the power would only be out for 30 minutes, so I was wrong. But the power outage was actually pretty fun, because we got to play games and things and we got to do lots of family activities. So, it was fun.

Megan Grubb

Debris took a week to clear

“RING, RING.” Mom picked up the phone. “It’s Dad,” she said. I listened to their conversation but I couldn’t hear what they where saying. By the sound of her voice I didn’t like the look of things. “What happened Mom?” I said. “Dad is running from two street signs and debris!” It sounded like he was playing a game of tag. I felt scared because Dad could get hurt very bad. Luckily, my dad got home safe, but the rest of the week really stunk because the storm left so much debris we had to spend the week cleaning it up!

Morley Lewis

Power outage meant no TV and no PSP

I was watching TV and suddenly “Tic” the TV went out. Then the power came back on. ‘Yeah’ I said. Then it went out again. ‘NO! Come On, I screamed.” The worst thing about Wind Break ‘08 was no TV, no PSP, and no computer. That was the most boring experience I’ve ever had.

Nick Giglio

Storm caused damage everywhere

“The power is going to go out,” my dad said. “We might have to go to grandpa’s to watch the game.” Sure enough the power went out. We decided that if the power didn’t come back on in five minutes then we would go to grandpa’s. But he called us and said his power was out. So I said, let’s explore! My parents said OK. We went everywhere. We saw trees down, power lines down, letters from signs down, and no lights on in the buildings. Damaged homes and trees that have crushed cars, trees in roads, no electricity, and no school. This was a tragedy because of the cost of the damage.

Nick Herbert

The power went out, we went to Texas

I was lucky because I went to Texas and they had no power. Here is how I ended up going to Texas. My mom called home and said “we are going to Texas.” My aunt and I ran inside and packed. Two hours later everyone was ready to go. We drove 14 hours. The reason why we are going is to see my dad who we have not seen for one month. I was so excited! By time we got there the power was on. When we were down there I played basketball and football; I had a great time.

Rebecca Young

Ike was horrible to our community

BANG! I looked outside. Did a tree hit my house? I heard another sound, BANG! I looked to the right. My neighbor’s tree hit their house. I was wondering if they were OK. Thankfully, they were OK. Hurricane Ike was a real tragedy.

All the trees around my house were bending. Then everything turned off. We looked outside again and saw everybody was out of power. Tree branches were flying everywhere, one almost hit me. Three trees were lying on the power lines. I think Ike was horrible to me and my neighbors.

Ryan Hopkins

Sawyer Park became a colorful city of tents

I went to Tom Sawyer Park after the wind storm blew through. Everyone that didn’t have homes because of the trees that fall on their houses lived in tents at the Tom Sawyer park. The colors of the tents were blue, red, yellow, orange and all sorts of colors. At the Tom Sawyer Park there were police volunteers that were helping out feeding the people. It was sad because there were little babies and kids there. I am thankful because I had a safe house because I had a generator outside my back door.

Sierra Hager