Storm water utility rate approved

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By The Staff

 “Construction causes the problem, developers should pay.”

– Karen Baughman   “I believe that there should be a reward to any development which utilizes best management practices on their storm water system. A development that does not use best management practices should not be treated the same as one that does.”   – Bob McAuliffe    “What really bothers me here is that there’s nothing we’re asking of the developers. Construction is a big part of this, but no one wants to charge the developers.I think you all are afraid of them.” – Dewey Wotring   “You can’t just keep imposing things on people. Put yourself in place of the elderly, or a young couple with a couple kids just starting out, gotta add this to their expenses.” – Larry Dodson   “I really doubt there’s a person here or at home who is against clean water... In regards to the current storm water budget, my biggest beef is with developers. They’re the biggest contributors of contaminated runoff, but are not sharing in the monetary responsibility.” – Scott Black