State contest proves Era is worth it

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By Melissa Blankenship

Each year, the Kentucky Press Association (KPA) hosts a statewide contest, Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers, among newspapers that awards reporters, editors, photographers and advertising designers in several categories. Newspapers are grouped by size into different divisions, then each entry is judged by out-of-state professionals who name the winners.

Here at The Oldham Era, our own Brad Stephens won second place in the category of Best Sports Column. This feat is quite remarkable given the fact that he had only been on staff a couple of weeks prior to the content entry deadline and had very few issues from which to select entries.

We were also awarded Best Newspaper Website in our division, an honor for which we are especially proud. Many weekly newspapers treat their websites like online versions of their print product, only updating the web version when the print copies hit the stands. Here at the Era, we pride ourselves on frequently updating our web content throughout the week, providing our readers with relevant and current content as it happens. According to the judges, this is exactly why we were awarded first place.

“Great-looking website that is easy to navigate. Whether it’s news or sports or features, this website is loaded with what The Oldham Era’s readers are looking for!” the judges’ comments read. “When I say “loaded,” that’s what I mean! So much news and sports is covered, it’s amazing. This staff really works and their website is maintained exceptionally well and used to stay current in light of being a weekly newspaper. A super job!”

Every subscription comes with full online access to our website via the internet or your mobile device. If you haven’t registered to access www.oldhamera.com, you should (helpful hint: use all caps on your name and address). And if you require assistance, please call our office at 222-7183 and we’ll walk you through it. You may also want to look for us on Facebook and Twitter, where we also provide up-to-date content and alerts for our readers, thanks to the efforts of our editorial staff.

Our shining star at the KPA awards this year is a professional on staff that you probably don’t know and have probably never heard of, but his services here are not only award-winning, but invaluable to our product.

Talon (pronounced tay-lawn) Hampton is the graphic designer here at the newspaper. Although some of our advertisements are created by outisde agencies, he creates a majority of the ads you see in our paper each week and in The Market on Tuesdays. As a very quiet, understated professional, he might be mortified that I’m writing this and drawing attention to his talents. But he’s good – really good – as evidenced by his recent awards at KPA:

First Place: Real Estate

First Place: Special Publication

Second Place: Automotive

Second Place: Entertainment/Dining

Third Place: Clothing Store

Third Place: Healthcare/Medical

Third Place: Special Events

Honorable Mention: Political

Here are a few of the comments made by the judges who awarded Talon’s work:

“Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous ad!”

“Very eye-catching advertisement. Grabs your attention and draws you in immediately.”

“The headline grabs your attention, the photo pulls you in. Both work well to make the reader stop to look at the ad.”

As an advertiser, what more could you ask for than a beautifully executed ad that makes readers stop in their tracks to see what you’re advertising? Talon’s ads look great, get seen by readers and are effective sales tools for the business that placed the ad.

If you have not advertised in our paper, or maybe you haven’t advertised in a while, give us a call and let an award-winning graphic designer create an ad for you that will positively impact your business and your bottom line. We know there are lots of options out there for spending your advertising dollars – radio, TV, internet, etc. – but for longevity, impact and reach here in Oldham County, The Oldham Era is an “excellent” choice.