Starting off by starting over

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By Greg Waddell

Life is full of choices, that much is definitely true. Two months ago, I faced plenty putting together my first season preview as the new sports editor at The Oldham Era. Add the fact that I had a lot to learn about Oldham County sports and you get plenty of bad predictions, a few good ones and some that I still don’t quite understand. For the next few hundred words, or so I’ll review how bad — or good  — those choices were.


I figure I’ll go ahead and get this section out of the way because of how badly I screwed it up. I’m a football guy so I should have known what I was talking about, but, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

• First of all, I picked South Oldham to go 5-6. Though that seems like an awful pick now, considering the Dragons are 6-1 with a good chance to win two or three more games, at the time, they had a lot of unknowns and I wasn’t so sure about them. 

Needless to say, that’s changed. I’m not sure I’ll pick against them the rest of the season. I’d also like to nominate Jack Sherry for the Heisman, if that’s possible.

New prediction: 11-2

• Though my North Oldham pick wasn’t quite as bad — an 8-4 finish — I think there’s a good chance won’t happen either. Though the Mustangs aren’t all that flashy, they get results and have shown plenty of heart already this season. It’s no mistake they’re 5-1 at this point. Josh Smith has been as impressive as billed and should break the 1,000 yard barrier any game now. 

New prediction: 9-3

• I might have been a bit too generous with the Colonels’ prediction of 6-5 but that’s certainly not their fault. Coach Matt Brown and the boys in blue have had more than their fair share of close losses already in a season marred by suspensions and injuries. I think the Colonels are talented and if a few plays had gone differently, they could be 5-1 right now. That said, they played a tough schedule this year and will be lucky to finish with four wins.

New prediction: 3-7

Boys’ Soccer:

Though this was another of the categories that I had marginal luck in predicting, I’ll defend myself this time by pointing to the injuries and suspensions that my No. 1 North Oldham suffered.

Technically, the Mustangs and Oldham County are tied with a 1-2 district record so I’ll count that as a correct prediction of Oldham County in second place for the sake of this column but where I really screwed up was the bone-headed decision to place the Dragons at No. 3.

I’m a big enough man to admit when I’m wrong and that was the wrong choice.

South Oldham’s record of 9-8-1 is very deceptive as the Dragons are a very talented team with tons of potential. They’ve proven time and again and should be dangerous in postseason play.

GIRLs’ Soccer:

Now we’re getting somewhere. If the previous two sports highlighted my worst choice, these next two should be my best as I was almost flawless.

“Almost” is the key word there. My preseason No. 1, Oldham County, has been dominant over the course of the regular season, racking up 54 scores and allowing only nine.

You read that right — they’re scored six times as many goals as they’ve allowed. A large majority of their offensive output has come from the right foot of Haley Kemper , who has found the back of the net 23 times.

Shelby Cohen hasn’t been bad either, pouring in 10 goals of her own and assisting on seven others.

South Oldham and North Oldham have played each other very closely in the two meetings this season, splitting the series 1-1.

Though South is technically the third team in the district with a 1-3 record, the only reason North isn’t 1-3 as well is because their second game with Oldham County was rained out.

For the sake of making me look good, that’s all the evidence I need. 


And finally that brings us to volleyball, where I correctly guessed the winner once again. 

I don’t know what Brian Jones is putting in the water down in Goshen but the Mustangs have looked very, very good in the few games I’ve gotten to see them. 

Needless to say, I’ve had a couple big gulps of the Kool-Aid.

Minus a hiccup against South Oldham on Sept. 18, the Mustangs haven’t lost a single game to a district opponent this season.

That’s not to say that the other two Oldham County schools aren’t plenty talented as well.

The Dragons proved me wrong once again, gaining the district’s second overall seed after jumping out to a 2-1 district record and 20-12 record overall.

Coach Amy Grimm has always done a fantastic job preparing her girls, including a stranglehold over the district for the better part of the decade, so they could make some noise in the playoffs.

Oldham County faced an injury to setter Shelby Hart early in the year and struggled at times as a result, falling to 13-14 overall.

As for my picks for the winter, I feel a little more confident now that I know more about the county. Check back with me in a couple months to see if I feel the same way.


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