Sport neglected

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Well just as I expected. Oldham County had two middle school cross country teams that won at state and there was only a small mention and the teams were labeled wrong. Not a big surprise.

Oldham County had close to 400 runners compete at Masterson Station Park on Oct. 26 with over 400 runners in some races. Our athletes represented Kentucky and our county against some 3,000 runners from across the state and The Era can’t even distinguish between a boys team and a girls team.

I guess if it isn’t football or soccer you can’t be bothered. By the way Cross Country provides the largest venue for health and fitness for the largest number of youth in our area and teams don’t discriminate. ALL runners are welcome. I would say I was disappointed in you coverage, or lack there of, but you delivered exactly what I expected.

 - Donna Constant,  La Grange


Editor’s Note:The photos of the North Oldham Middle School boys and the East Oldham Middle School girls cross country teams were inadvertently mislabeled in last week’s paper. We apologize for the error and congratulate each of the team members for the accomplishment.