Special vote for alcohol at Yew Dell

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By Kenny Colston

A popular Crestwood event center is hoping a special election will allow them to sell alcohol by the drink.

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens is host to many business events and weddings year-round, but currently can only make alcohol available by hiring a licensed caterer to provide it.

But a recently- passed state law has expanded those currently limited options for the property, Jackie Gulbe, communications coordinator for Yew Dell, said.

The law could allow any site on the National Historic Register to sell alcohol by the drink. Gulbe said if voters approve the proposal, it would allow Yew Dell to benefit by hosting more events.

“It’ll allow us to greatly expand our visitors,” she said. “(Selling by the drink) would be an event by event basis, not an everyday thing.”

Gulbe said at most events, especially concerts at Yew Dell, visitors like to have a glass of wine or beer. Being able to sell alcohol by the drink would help reduce costs on Yew Dell for such events, since they could apply for their own alcohol license, she said.

The special election will be held Tuesday, Jan. 28. Those voting must reside in Precinct H106, which votes at the South Oldham Fire Station. Those curious if they reside in that precinct can call the Oldham County Clerk’s office at 502-222-0047.

According to Oldham County Clerk Julie Barr, absentee voting will be conducted in the LaGrange office beginning today.

Those eligible to vote by machine are voters who will be absent from the county on Election Day; students temporarily residing outside the county; military, their dependents and overseas citizens; voters or spouses who have surgery scheduled that will require hospitalization on Election Day; precinct elections officers and alternates; members or staff of the County Board of Elections; deputy clerks; women in their last trimester of pregnancy; and individuals or their spouses who experience a medical emergency within 14 days of the elections.

So far, there seems to be little resistance to Yew Dell’s effort. Oldham County Magistrate Michael Logsdon, whose 8th District includes Yew Dell, said he supports the garden’s efforts to sell alcohol by the drink.

“I believe everybody should vote for anything of this importance,” Logsdon said. “It’s up to the people to decide. Personally, I have no problem with it.

“I believe in personal responsibility when it comes to drinking.”

Logsdon said he thinks the measure will pass since he has not heard dissent from any of his constituents yet, and that Yew Dell could see many benefits if the measure succeeds.

“People are a little different in Oldham County now,” Logsdon said. “La Grange sells alcohol and we haven’t seen an influx of crime or DUIs. It won’t hurt Crestwood at all.”

Gulbe said Yew Dell officials “have no idea” whether the measure will succeed or not. But she’s hopeful people will see the big picture when it comes to the special election.

“We hope for the overall benefit of Oldham County, by bringing more people in, that people would support it,” Gulbe said.

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