SOHS student Tasered during scuffle at bus dock

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By John Foster

 A student at South Oldham High School was Tasered March 4 after punching a police officer and now facing assault charges. 

According to the police report, a 16-year-old male got involved in a verbal fight with an 18-year-old male in a hallway before school let out.  The senior left quickly before Vice-principal Cathy Bosemer and school resource officer David Howley got arrived. Bosemer and Howley, an Oldham County Police officer, escorted the still-aggressive 16-year-old to the bus dock to prevent any further incidences, Oldham County Schools Communications Director Rebecca DeSensi said. According to the police report, the student cussed at Howley and continued acting aggressively as they walked to the bus dock.  Howley forced the student to the ground a couple times, but he wrestled away, breaking the officer’s radio in the process and punching Howley in the back of the head. The officer pulled out his Taser and told the student to stop. The student cussed at the officer, and he released his Taser weapon at him, releasing a five-second pulse of electricity, which immobilized the student, according to the report. Police took the student into custody and   an Oldham County EMS crew removed the Taser prongs from the student’s skin.  OCPD officers transported the student to the Campbell County Detention Center. As a juvenile, his name has not been released. He is charged with resisting arrest, criminal mischief, abuse of a teacher and third degree assault of a police officer — a class D felony. The abuse of a teacher charge stems from cussing at a teacher, Way said. The student appeared in court Friday and is still in custody in Campbell County. “You can’t punch the police, there’s rules against that,” Lt. Col. Billy Way said. Way said if Howley hadn’t Tasered the student, they might have been involved in more of a scuffle, likely hurting the student. Oldham County Schools Communication Director Rebecca DeSensi said the officer took the necessary action to protect himself and the students and staff around. She said the school will wait on the court’s decision to determine what disciplinary action to take. Disciplinary action has already taken place against the other student, but DeSensi said she couldn’t comment what.   E-mail us about this story at: jfoster@oldhamera.com