Seeking World War II vets from Oldham County

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By Mike DiGuiro

A few weeks ago I wrote about Honor Flights. Since then, a group of Oldham County residents has begun work to identify World War Two veterans who live in Oldham County. The group wants to make sure that all Oldham County veterans that are eligible for Honor Flights are able to participate.

Honor Flights take veterans, free of charge, to Washington DC to visit the World War Two Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the Iwo Jima Memorial (the Marine Memorial).

The group will be working to insure that funding for Oldham County veterans is made available to Honor Flights so that any Oldham County veteran that is eligible to make an Honor Flight has that opportunity.

If you know of veterans who served in the military during World War Two, please notify me so we can insure that the veterans have applications for the flights, we can answer any questions they may have and to insure that funding is available to Honor Flights to facilitate Oldham County veterans participation.

If you know a veteran, you or they can fill out an application at the Honor Flight Bluegrass web site www.honorflightbluegrass.org, or request an application by mail - Honor Flight Bluegrass Chapter, PO Box 991364, Louisville Ky. 40269-1364 Phone is 888-998-1941.

We would like to help facilitate honoring our local veterans. Please send us the names and contact information for any WWII veterans you may know.

You can send the information via e-mail to me at oruigid@gmail.com or you can mail it to: Mike DiGiuro, 1510 Goshen Lane, Goshen, Ky., 40026.

Please help us insure that our local veterans get the opportunity to take part in these flights. With the appropriate information, we can follow up to insure that if interested, they can participate.

We owe these men and women a great debt, one that we cannot begin to repay. But we can honor them in this small way to show our appreciation for their sacrifice so that we may be free.

The views expressed in this column are those of the writer.