See life in 3-D

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By The Staff

Odds are you don’t know that December is 3-D Month. And if you’re thinking that must have something to do with funny looking cardboard glasses at the movie theaters, well – not so. 3-D month was created by President Ronald Reagan in the early 1980s to increase community awareness of the problems associated with impaired driving and to promote the use of designated drivers. 3-D is short for Drugged, Drunk and Driving Prevention Month. Seven Counties Services’ Prevention Division invites you to join in our efforts to safely celebrate this month. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, impairment from drugs and alcohol continue to produce some of the deadliest crimes in America. In 2006, there were 1,385 alcohol-involved collisions in our seven county area (Bullitt, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer and Trimble), according to the Traffic Safety Data Service. Unfortunately, too many adults and youth still do not understand that alcohol, drugs and driving do not mix. Impaired driving is not an accident. It is a choice that creates serious consequences. You can help your family and friends make better choices. Successful parties should offer plenty of alternatives to drinking so that guests will not be tempted to drink excessively and so that non-drinking guests will not feel left out. Children who live in homes where alcohol is not the focus of holiday parties may be less likely to grow up thinking that drinking is the key ingredient to having a good time. Children are very observant and are influenced by adult behavior. Celebrate your parties with care.Safety tips for hosts:• Do not let someone who has been drinking drive.• Provide guests with an attractive selection of non-alcoholic beverages. • Do not serve anyone under the age of 21 alcoholic beverages. It is illegal. • Do not serve alcohol to an intoxicated guest. Offer him or her non-alcoholic drink. Nothing can “sober up” a person immediately.Safety tips for guests: • Do not drink alcoholic drinks if you are the designated driver, taking medication of any kind, in recovery, pregnant, trying to conceive, and/or breastfeeding. • Do not drink if you are under 21. It is illegal and poses a number of serious health risks. • If you drive, do not drink; if you drink, do not drive. • Eat before and during occasions when you are drinking. • If you are a woman, remember that alcohol will have a greater effect on you than on a man of your weight.In this holiday season, if you catch a buzz, catch a ride. Designate a non-drinking driver before all holiday and New Year festivities. Enjoy the holidays – safely!

Deanna Felts is a prevention specialist for Seven Counties Services Inc. The views expressed in this column may not necessarily represent the views of The Oldham Era.