School district cuts 4 more jobs

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By John Foster

Teachers aren’t the only employees losing their jobs due to budget cuts at Oldham County Schools. Two central office positions and two career center positions will be eliminated effective July 1. 

Superintendent Paul Upchurch said he decided to eliminate positions for a district communications director and a facilities consultant. Those positions save a little more than $100,000 in district funds. 

“It’s strictly a financial decision,” Upchurch said.

District spokesperson Rebecca DeSensi has served as Oldham County Schools’ communications director since February 2008. During that time, she coordinated a redesign of the district’s Web site, served as the district’s spokesperson and worked with local media to coordinate news coverage of events at Oldham schools. 

Frank Simpson supervised contractors during the North Oldham High School addition and renovation project. Upchurch describes Simpson’s work as “invaluable” in that capacity.

As the pace of construction slows down, the school board can afford to have fewer people overseeing the work, Upchurch said.

These cuts are in addition to 4.5 positions cut last year at central office, saving the school board about $331,000, Upchurch said, “but none of them have been easy.”

Upchurch’s decision to re-organize the Oldham County Career Center also eliminates two positions.

Due to lack of enrollment, Upchurch said he ended the school’s carpentry and construction program, which eliminates a position for the program’s instructor. 

Upchurch also said the Oldham County Career Center will no longer have a principal, as he’s eliminated the position held by Doug Riggs for the past year. 

Upchurch said the career center will be under the umbrella of Oldham County High School, and OCHS Associate Principal Matt Watkins will oversee the center. 

Upchurch said the old set-up seemed restrictive, and reorganization allows the district to expand the culinary arts program and add a pharmacy tech program and an emergency medical technician program in the future. 

Although it will be considered part of OCHS,  the career center will continue to serve students from all high schools in the county, Upchurch said.

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