Saying goodbye

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By Greg Waddell

Writing a goodbye column is never easy. I know because I’ve written this one about a half dozen times already.
No matter how many times I try to put the words to paper, they just don’t seem to makes much sense. None of it really does right now.

I started this job almost 15 months ago and since the very beginning have loved nearly every second. Part of that has been the fact that my time here has overlapped with one of the most special years in Oldham County history.

From the North Oldham volleyball team advancing to the state semifinals for the third straight year to the South Oldham basketball team winning the Eighth Region title for the first time in school history, I’ve gotten to experience more than my fair share of exciting moments. I used to joke with my bosses that I was living the dream and now that it’s all winding down, I realize I was.

Part of that is thanks to an amazing group of administrators, coaches, students and parents. People like Tim Kollenberg, Pam Haselton, Sharon Blair, Melanie Rice and Peter Campbell. They’ve each been a huge encouragement to me with their kind words and actions and that has meant more to me I can ever really express.

Though space won’t allow me to list every person who has left an impression on me, I promise I could fill pages upon pages and will miss each of you as I make my next move in life. I hope I’ve left a favorable one on each of you as well.

As for what’s next, I’ll be getting out of the journalism game for the time being. I’ve accepted a job helping out at my alma mater in south Louisville, teaching a few middle school classes as well as the high school yearbook/journalism class.

That said, I’m excited for my replacement to get to know each of you and this wonderful county and I hope they walk away with as many favorable memories and stories as I have.

Oh, and Peter, try to make sure you keep the motion blur to a minimum.

The views in this column are those of the writer.