Russell Chasteen takes six-round decision over Alex Medina in final heavyweight pro boxing match

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By Mickey Patterson

 LOUISVILLE – It appears Russell Chasteen’s boxing career will end the same way it started.

In a smaller, local venue against another in-state fighter and before a loyal cadre of fans Chasteen defeated Alex Medina in a six-round unanimous decision Friday. The win ended an off-and-on pro boxing career that saw him move up from local fights to bouts all over the country against some of the best known fighters in the world. “”This is my last one (fight),” Chasteen said.  “I have custody of my son now and my battle is going to be to raise my son. I can’t take a chance to be taken out of his life. He is a special needs kid and we are all each other has. I thank God for the opportunity to be with him everyday. Boxing has allowed me to go places and see things I never would have been able to do otherwise. I have been very fortunate.” The 6-foot-4, 275-pound Chasteen struggled at times against the younger Medina, possibly showing the effects of his first fight in four years. “I made the fight harder than it should have been. I caused myself a lot of problems,” Chasteen said. “If I had kept my distance and boxed like I did the last round I would have been OK. I’ve been out of the ring for four years and had a lot of ring rust.” Chasteen took the decision by being able to close nearly every round with a late flurry of punches and by pounding the 5-foot-10, 240-pound Medina’s body when he was able. “I tried to go to his body, but it was a bad matchup with his height and my height,” Chasteen said. “It was hard to get to his body with him bent over and coming in low. I had to expose my head.” In the final two rounds, Chasteen was able to increase his movement and score points with his longer reach and jab that kept Medina on his heels and unable to close. Chasteen, 42, now has a 21-9 record after 14 year. “You get what you put into this sport and I was not quite in the shape that wanted to be in for the figtht,” Chasteen said. “At 42 though, it was not too bad. I am happy with the result.”   E-mail us about this story at: sports@oldhamera.com.