Rolling out the red carpet

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Students return for first school day


A pounding heart and sweaty palms are usually expected with the first day of school experience, but not for East Oldham Middle School students as they skipped down a red carpet from buses into the front door.

Uplifting Disney song “Be Our Guest” blared through speakers while teachers and administrators cheered eagerly as the students headed into the building on the steamy Wednesday morning.

“We just want to make a great first impression,” Principal Jim Ross said.

The red carpet was just one of many features in the first day celebration welcoming the sixth, seventh and eighth-graders to the school.

“We want them to take pride in themselves and their school,” Michelle Willhite, assistant principal, said.

And to most students, the school made the first morning both comfortable and enjoyable.

“The celebration makes me excited about starting school,” eighth grader Seth Ford said.

The first day can be overwhelming to not only students but parents as well, but for most EOMS parents, the celebration eased their minds.

“It was exciting watching their faces come through…most of them look so happy to be here,” Cathy Middleton, parent of a seventh-grader, said.

Ross and the rest of the staff began the day confident that things would go well.

“We’ve worked all summer to prepare,” Ross said. “The teachers are ready. We have a great staff.”

Teachers worked diligently during the off months to prepare for the sixth graders and their transition from the elementary schools into middle school and everything seemed to go smoothly on the first day, Willhite said.

“So far, no tears,” she joked.

OCMS runs smooth

Oldham County Middle School has been undergoing reconstruction for two and a half years but during the summer months the facility withstood major renovation, causing some to wonder how the first day would play out.

Parents and students didn’t have the opportunity to see the school before the first day, so Wednesday morning was a bit of a toss-up, according to Principal Chris Kraft.

“Our biggest goal this morning was to get the students where they needed to go,” Kraft said. “It was a challenge because some of the classrooms have changed.”

Despite the construction throwing some of the students and teachers off, Kraft said the first day was “normal.”

“There were smiling kids and smiling teachers, so it was good,” Kraft said.

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