Retiring after 17 years and thousands of memories

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By Marion Taylor

Coworkers, members of local government, friends, family and neighbors all gathered to honor Denia Crosby and her work in Oldham County.  
Crosby has been a figure in Oldham County for 17 years.  
She is a former mayor of the City of Orchard Grass Hills, served on the Oldham County Board of Health and the county’s planning and zoning
 “Denia must be awfully important to have the judge and the sheriff taking pictures,” remarked Marvin Meyers, a neighbor of Crosby.  
Crosby retired as deputy clerk Friday at the courthouse.  
She has also dedicated her time to volunteering with community organizations including Relay for Life, the American Red Cross and Crestwood Baptist Church.
Linda Veech, a former coworker, said, “Denia is very involved in community and is always willing to do anything for the community.”
“She’s like my big sister.  We worked side by side until I retired in 2006,” said Sylvia Burke.  
“She’s funny and has lots of stories,” she added.
“She goes above and beyond the call of duty in helping.  She’s just a blessing to everyone,” chimed in coworker Nancy Bell.
One of the most interesting aspects of Crosby’s work was being able to work closely with her son.  
“It’s been a complete joy having my mom work across the hall from me for 11 years now,” District Judge Jerry Crosby told the crowd gathered to celebrate her retirement, “She’s kept me in line.”
Crosby said he still remembers the words and discipline she gave him and hopes those values are conveyed in his decisions.  
“When my husband died, I overextended myself with being busy and being busy allowed me to meet a lot of people,” Denia Crosby said.  
Crosby’s neighbors, some of whom she has known for 34 years, arrived to celebrate the occasion.  
“I couldn’t ask for a more sincere friend,” said neighbor Carol Crockett, “I met her when they were building our house.”
Crockett remembers that Crosby once called the police when they were moving in because she feared that someone was breaking in.
“She never told me until years later that she was the one that called them,” Crockett said with a laugh.  
“They became our family,” said neighbor Jeanne Meyers. “Denia taught us how to make our first turkey for Thanksgiving.”  
  Crosby’s smile and laugh lit up the courtroom during her retirement reception and it was evident how many lives she has touched in Oldham County.  

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