Retirement Announcements

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By The Staff

ConwayEd Conway, probation and parole officer, retired July 31 following 40 years of service.After serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam, Conway began his corrections career in 1968 as a parole officer with the Florida Department of Corrections.Throughout the years, he served as deputy warden and director of training and development for Florida. After moving to Kentucky in 1981, he served as a correctional officer, parole officer, and for many years as interstate compact administrator.Conway plans to play golf and enjoy the company of his wife, Kay, during retirement.

WilliamsMike Williams, probation and parole officer, retired July 31 following 28 years of service.After college, Williams began his public service career in 1980 as a correctional officer with the Jefferson County Corrections Department. After four years, he transferred to the state as a disability examiner.In 1988, Williams transferred to Probation and Parole as an intensive supervision officer in Louisville. He later transferred to the La Grange Probation and Parole office.During retirement, Williams plans to enjoy the company of his wife, Tammy, and contemplate a second career.

JenningsFreeda Jennings, office support assistant, retired July 31 following 28 years of service.Jennings began her corrections career in 1980 at the newly opened Luther Luckett Correctional Complex as a correctional officer. In 1986 she transferred to the Probation and Parole Office as office secretary.For more than 20 years, Jennings served as a constant in the parole office. Her exceptional memory of offender names and family backgrounds served as a source of valuable information for criminal justice agencies in the area.During retirement, Jennings plans to enjoy the company of her husband, Robert, and spend time in the sun.