Reader: ‘Even Bridge Hill was drivable’

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By The Staff

To the editor:

On Sunday night (Dec. 27) my family and I were making our way home from Hurstbourne Lane to Crestwood. Driving on the “Gene Slider” was a mess. There wasn’t one salt truck to be seen and the condition of the roads were terrible. 

Numerous wrecks and people sliding off the road all due to icy roads that were not treated before or during a wintry mix.

While driving down Ky. 146 heading towards Crestwood there was a sight to be seen. 

While crossing the Oldham County line there was a salt truck treating the roads in Oldham County. 

Even Bridge Hill was drivable.

Goodeejob to the Oldham County Public Works for staying on top of the weather. The residents of Oldham County really appreciate your hard work. Metro Louisville Public Works must have missed the forecast.

Eddie Ormerod, Crestwood