Rawlings quiet about Southern States purchase

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By Melissa Blankenship

Soon after the Rawlings Foundation purchased the former Southern States building for $650,000, demolition began as did rumors about what might take the place of the farm supply store.

George Rawlings, of the Rawlings Group and the Rawlings Foundation, would not say specifically what his intentions were for the buildings that comprise the property, but did speak in general terms, referring first to the loss of a community-oriented business.

“Southern States served the community so well for so long,” Rawlings said. “I was very sorry to see them leave.”

A business acquanitance sent Rawlings information about the available property, and after taking a look at the parcel, Rawlings decided to purchase it.

“The Lord’s blessed both our family and our business and we believe in supporting good things. Beverly and I want to do something nice for the community,” Rawlings said. “We’re just doing some demolition right now, gettting rid of some things that are definitely going.”

Rawlings could not commit to a timeframe of when the property would be ready for its new purpose, but asserted that he is not one to “dilly dally,” and would move the project forward in a timely manner.

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