Quarterback Sneak

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Bridgewater makes surprise visit to Oldham County school

By Kenny Colston


Locust Grove Elementary students had quite a surprise last week when University of Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater made an appearance at the east Oldham school.

Bridgewater was there as a surprise birthday present for Garrett Kurowski, a kindergartener at Locust Grove. Garrett turned six last Friday.

Garrett is the son of Mike Kurowski, the equipment manager for the U of L football team. His wife, Valerie, is a teacher at Locust Grove.

The visit was hatched when Bridgewater apparently told Garrett he would visit his school during U of L’s fan day. After talking with Mike, the team equipment manager, the two decided a birthday surprise would be the best opportunity.

Bridgewater took questions from Garrett’s classmates about his football skills and why he picked U of L, as well as what other teams he might want to play for in the future.

Garrett also took some questions from his fellow classmates about his friendship with Bridgewater.

“He’s my best friend because he’s a quarterback and I want to be a quarterback when I grow up,” Garrett told his classmates.

Bridgewater then took a tour of Locust Grove, with students lining the hallways to cheer, high-five and hug the star quarterback.

The highly acclaimed quarterback said he likes doing events like the one at Locust Grove.

“It’s always good to give back,” Bridgewater said. “You never know who you’ll impact. It was great for me and I’m sure it was great for the kids.”