Public Records May 22

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La Grange Police Arrests

May 10 -- Edward C. Sullivan, 34, La Grange, was arrested for operating on suspended or revoked operator’s license, failure of non-owner to maintain required insurance 2nd offense.

May 13 -- Jamie B. Henley, 34, La Grange, was arrested for TBUT (shoplifting) u/$500


May 13 -- Jessie DeJesus, 33, La Grange, was arrested for TBUT (shoplifting) u/$500

May 13 -- Breanna M. Doyon, 22, La Grange, was arrested for endangering the welfare of a minor

May 14 -- Tony R. Humphrey Jr., 34, Crestwood, was arrested for Disorderly Conduct 2nd

May 16 -- Leonardo Alvarez, 47, Callahan, Fla., was arrested for DUI, possession of marijuana, no insurance card and careless driving.

May 17 -- Eric L. Mudd, 19, Crestwood, was arrested for DUI less than 21, DUI and careless driving

May 17 -- Sean R. Gray, 22, La Grange, was arrested for violation of EPO/DVO


May 17 -- Ashley N. Koehler, 24, La Grange, was arrested for DUI and careless driving


May 18 -- Ashley, N . Dewitt, alias for above, 24, La Grange, was arrested on fugitive from another county (Jefferson) warrants for possession controlled substance 1st degree 1st offense, tampering with physical evidence and drug paraphernalia – buy/possession


May 19 -- Durell C. St Clair, 24, La Grange, was arrested for DUI

KSP Arrests

May 17 -- Karissa L. Walter, 22, Cincinnati, DUI 1st; failure of owner to maintain insurance; improper lane usage; no seatbelt; speeding 12 MPH over the limit

Property Transfers, may 12-16, 2014

Samuel and Jamie Jaudon to Brookfield Relocation, Inc., lot 62, Williamsgate, 7905 Williamsgate Circle, Crestwood, $300,000

Mark Kerns to Joseph Wells, Jr. and Melissa Weir, lot 42, Washington Manor, 208 Washington Circle, La Grange, $147,000

James and Marcia Melwing to Charles Weisenberger, lot 10, dock F, Tartanís Landing, Prospect, $8,000

Sherri and Richard Boswell, III to Sean and Jenna OíDwyer, lot 46, Old Anita Springs, 532 Wood Lake Drive, La Grange, $310,000

Richard and Jane Beran to Javid and Michelle Scheinost, lot 49, Kamer Place, 1530 Kamer Drive, La Grange, $358,000

Linda and Dale Clover to Diane Wilson, lot 2, Cottages of Crestwood, 6003 Cottage Lane, Crestwood, $223,000

Jean K. Balla to George and Alison Adams, lot 53, Ridgeview Place, 12212 Ridgeview Drive, Goshen, $515,000

Timothy Smith and Judy Smith to The Bank of New York Mellon, 7600 Organ Creek Road, Pendleton, $166,667, Commissioner Deed

Timothy and Teresa Hunter to Eric Eklund, lot 24, Country Village, 4410 Wendy Hills Drive, Crestwood, $107,000

R & R Properties of Oldham County, LLC to Andersonís Land Investments, LLC, 4.076 acres on the west side of Hwy. 146, Crestwood, $1,300,000

Bonnie and Herbert Hendron to Thomas and Catherine Stephens, lot 496, Crystal Lake, La Grange, $22,500

David and Deanna Kosek to Donald and Robin Johnson and James Morley, lot 28, Woods of Glen Oaks, 6200 Maddox Blvd., Prospect, $108,000

Jeffrey and Michelle Kassinger to Leslie Clemons, lot 217, Willow Creek, 5412 Windy Willow Drive, Louisville, $115,500

William and Vanessa Cox to Ashly Bingham, lot 88, Cedar Springs, 1107 Old Hickory Court, La Grange, $149,500

Jarrod Little to Meridian Construction, LLC, lot 8, Poplar Woods, 1014 Yellow Poplar Drive, Goshen, $72,500

Premier Land Development Company, LLC to Premier Houses of Southern Indiana, Inc., quitclaim, lot 13, Reserves of Deer Fields, La Grange, FCV $55,000

Lela Labhart to Denise Streich, lot 68, Lakewood Estates, 3806 Barbara Ann Blvd., Crestwood, $236,000

IH of KY, Inc. to Wilmer and Sheri Comeaux, lot 42, Celebration Park, 7611 Celebration Way, Crestwood, $284,870

Ray Scott to Ted Snider, lot 6, dock G, Tartanís Landing, Prospect, $6,000

Margaret Johnson to Betty Coyle, lot 15, Foxwood, 5427 Foxwood Drive, Crestwood, interest $145,000

Rose Thomas and Kristina Thomas to Rose Thomas, 2500 Jericho Road and 2510 Jericho Road, La Grange, FMV $190,000

Jim and Mary Ann Dobson to 3304 Company, LLC, unit 55, Louisville Yacht Club, Prospect, $14,000

R.L. Home Services, Inc. to Barry and Deonna Colvin, lot 129, Croftboro South, 5703 Blueberry Drive, Crestwood, $333,000

Joan Brock, Judy and Rickey Crockett to Judy and Rickey Crockett, lot 157, Echo Valley Farms, 3516 Echo Valley Circle, La Grange, $117,000

Lucille Soards to Donald St. Clair, lot 106 and 107, Town of Westport, 6806 Main Street, Westport, $45,000

Ruth Crawford to Willard Crawford, quitclaim, lots 83, 84, 85 and 86, Westport, 6805 Main Street, Westport