Public Records June 26

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La Grange Police Arrests

June 16 -- Nikko M. Hopson, 21, La Grange, was arrested on multiple warrants which include three warrants for TBUT under $500, four probation violations and trafficking in a controlled substance first degree, first offense.  Also, burglary third degree, TBUT auto more than $500 but under $10,000, criminal mischief first degree, burglary second degree and three warrants for TBUT $500 or more but under $10,000.  Total of 15 warrants.

June 18 -- Michael A Willis, 44, Louisville, was cited and released for failure to wear seatbelt, suspended operator’s license, improper registration and expired tags.

June 18 -- Shelby L. Jones, 22, La Grange, was cited and released for operating a vehicle on suspended operator’s license and failure to surrender suspended license.


June 19 -- Felix A. Myers, 21, La Grange, was arrested for alcohol intoxication.

June 20 -- Stephen J. Kasey III, 24, La Grange, was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended operator’s license, no proof of insurance.

June 21 -- William Beal, 58, La Grange, was arrested for alcohol intoxication.


June 21 -- Amber L. Mann, 19, La Grange, was arrested for DUI under 21 and one headlight out.

June 21 -- Jonathan L. Swinney, 51, Crestwood, was arrested for alcohol intoxication, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct second degree.


June 21 -- Russell L. Noll, 45, Pendleton, was arrested for DUI, carrying concealed weapon without a permit, possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct.


June 22 -- Renel F. Chesak, 22, Crestwood, was arrested for DUI and careless driving.


June 22 -- Laura M. Johnson, 23, La Grange, was arrested for DUI, possession of marijuana, rear light not illuminated.


June 23 -- Jessie L. Wheeler Jr, 49, Pewee Valley, was arrested for TBUT under $500 and tampering with physical evidence.

KSP Arrests

June 15 -- Nathan Barnes, 31, Crestwood, execution of a bench warrant for another agency.

June 19 -- James F. McFarland, 31, Sulphur, Ky., execution of a bench warrant for another agency.

June 22 -- Dallas J. Dennison, 19, Crestwood, execution of a bench warrant for another agency x2.

June 22 -- Jordan Dunn, 20, La Grange, DUI first, improper lane use, failure to wear seatbelt, speeding 18 mph over the limit.

June 22 -- Phillip E. Durham, 33, Madison, Ind., execution of a bench warrant for another agency x2.


Property Transfers

June 16-21, 2014

Robert Taylor to Nathaniel and Lindsay Kennedy, lot 58, Camden Manor, 5316 Garden Drive, Crestwood, $185,000

The Bank of New York Mellon to Michael and Gina Willis, lot 105, Ashbrooke Residential Community, 8615 Shenandoah Drive, Crestwood, $116,000

Joel and Judy Dubose to Glenn Hammack and Gerald Hammack, quitclaim, lots 1,2,3,4 & 5, Clore, 7401 Hwy. 329, Crestwood, FCV $95,000

Konrad Poth to Heidi Tracy and Konrad Eric Poth, quitclaim, lot 7, Running Brook and 0.876 acres, 2312 Running Brook Road, La Grange, FCV $249,000

Konrad Poth to Heidi Tracy and Konrad Eric Poth, quitclaim, 101 E. Main Street, La Grange, FCV $200,000

Jack and Josephine Miles to John and Tiffany Erxleben, 11955 W. Hwy. 42, Goshen, $58,604

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to K & L Homes, LLC, lot 325, Orchard Grass Hills, Crestwood, $72,000

L.S. Bank National Association to Scott Morgan, lot 215, Kentucky Acres, 3107 Thoroughbred Court, Crestwood, $170,000

Frank and Sue Simon to Barry W. Taylor Enterprises, LLC, lot 8, Tartan’s Landing, Prospect, $8,000

Paul and Patricia Kirchner to Robert Mazurowski, tract A1, 5208 Manor Drive, Crestwood, $232,000

Jeffrey and Patricia Moore to Mark and Kelly Dettor, 10061 Harrods Creek Drive, Prospect, $650,000

Ethel Huffman to Li Gel and Chenxi Yang, lot 283, Estates of Hunting Creek, 12025 Hunting Crest Drive, Prospect, $705,000

Antwan Reynolds to Shirley O’Bryan, quitclaim, a tract on Main Street, Westport, FMV $35,000

Shirley O’Bryan to Oldham County, Kentucky, 6809 Main Street, Westport, $35,000

William and Jean Casebier, Jr. to Toby and Lena Clark, 5.050 acres, McGlemery Farm, 6621 Clore Lane, Crestwood, $375,000

Applied Property Maintenance Solutions, LLC to Judy Stephenson and John Reed, quitclaim, 6900 Bohannon Lane, La Grange, FCV $47,500

Anthony and Denise Rohrbach Trust to Anthony Rohrbach Trust, lot 483, Hillcrest, 2801 Woodcrest Court, Prospect, FCV $550,000

Timothy Weller to Landon and Jeanne Mulhall, lot 64, Northridge Farms, 4515 Northridge Circle, Crestwood, $400,000

The Jones Group, LLC to Peter Schonwetter and Michelle Parsley, lot 1, Sanctuary, 4500 Catherine Drive, Crestwood, $651,316

Steven and Lisa Pieragowski Living Trust to Lisa Pieragowski Living Trust, quitclaim, lot 308, Briar Hill Estates, 6230 Breeze Hill Road, Crestwood, FCV $430,000

Virginia White to Oldham County Water District, 5620 W. Hwy. 524, Westport, $500,000

Charles and Jennifer Beery to Robert and Stephanie Stodghill, lot 34, Stone Ridge, 4209 Winding Creek Road, Crestwood, $284,000

Eric and Amy McCabe to John and Nancy Wilson, lot 52, Majestic Woods, 2317 Esther Way, La Grange, $167,500

Robert and Stephanie Stodghill to Tony Lampke, lot 44, Woodsboro, 1906 Woodsboro Road, Crestwood, $185,000

Deborah Funk to Carrie Stucker, gift, 6400 Shrader Lane, La Grange, FCV $170,000

Elizabeth Browning to Kimberly Cripe, unit 5901-104, Madison Park Condominium, 5901 Landers Ave., #104, Crestwood, $132,000

Kimberly Cripe to Lee and Susanne Tibbitts, lot 28, Barbizon Place, 12318 Warner Drive, Crestwood, $255,000

Woods of Glen Oaks, LLC to Thomas and Theresa Esarey, lot 25, Woods of Glen Oaks, 9116 Geneva Circle, Prospect, $110,950

Sean and Melinda Kirklin to Li Yang and Lu Liu, lot 76, Williamsgate, 6902 Gates Lane, Crestwood, $318,000

John Murray and Nancy Murray to Walter and Lisa Hayden, lot 205, Briar Hills Estates, 6514 Park Place, Crestwood, $449,000

Brian and Stacey Dunn to Douglas and Delores Eilrich, lot 21, Caywood Ridge, 4000 Oakridge Drive, Crestwood, $433,700

Zoeann Yussman to Michael and Faith Lechaton, unit 23, Cedar Pointe Condominium, 3400 Eastbrook Drive, La Grange, $173,000

Elite Homes, Inc. to Melanie Grady, lot 7, Rivers Landing, 1812 Rivers Landing Drive, Prospect, $352,120

Maureen Reardon to Theresa Myers, lot 39, Clore-Crest, 7501 Beechdale Road, Crestwood, FCV $114,000 with exception $36,000

Jeffrey and Susan Turner to Aaron and Jessica Rayome, lot 74, Kentucky Acres, 7600 Commonwealth Drive, Crestwood, $199,900

Abigail and Jonathan Wurth to Elizabeth and Joseph Hutchins, Jr., lot 357, Lakeview Estates, 1408 Amanda Way, Goshen, $197,000

Lorenz Properties, LLP to IBP 1, LLC, lot 7, LaGrange, Commerce Center, La Grange, FCV $975,000

Charnell Dean and Richard Just to Tim Menard Construction Company, Inc., lot 8, Overlook on Covered Bridge, Prospect, $105,000

Lamont Rutledge to Marcio Schmitt, lot 226, Glenoaks, 10620 Worthington Lane, Prospect, $400,000

William Murphy to Matthew and Amanda Otto, lot 2, Harmony Lake, 1124 Crestview Way, Goshen, $184,100

Andrew and Kelly Whitehead to Robert and Marna English, lot 20, Settlerís Point, 1206 Pheasant Ridge, Goshen, $175,500

Eric Elander to Secretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, lot 3, R.E. Kerfoot, 2729 N. Hwy. 393, La Grange, $64,440, Commissioner Deed

David Smiley to David and Jane Smiley, quitclaim, lot 533, Glen Oaks, 10505 Championship Court, Prospect, FCV $400,000

Hershel Weinberg to David Dale, Jr. lot 12, Dock H, Tartan’s Landing, Prospect, $5,000

Michael and Dianne Eldridge to Daniel and Karen Belyea, 3 tracts in the City of La Grange, La Grange, $130,000

Manou and Susan Barati to Elizabeth Schaefer and Michael Dombi, lot 75, Spring Hill, 5312 Meadow Stream Way, Crestwood, $405,000

Carol Stamper to Nancy and Damon Howell, unit 1100, Spring House, 1100 Hemlock Court, La Grange, $170,000

Lisa Kimball to Dam Good Software, LLC, tract 2, Ky. Hwy. 1793, Goshen, FCV $265,000

Josephine Smiley to Donald and Adrienne Morton, lot 34, Zaring Farms, 4105 Myers Avenue, Crestwood, $360,000

Ralph and Vicki Dennis to Jonathan Gasser, lot 321, Borowick Farms, 5112 McGregor Drive, La Grange, $233,500

Paul and Luann Marold to National Residential Nominee Services, Inc., lot 56, Ridgeview Place, 12200 Ridgeview Drive, Goshen, $550,000

National Residential Nominee Services, Inc. to Jeanne and Dana Mandoza, lot 56, Ridgeview Place, 12200 Ridgeview Drive, Goshen, $550,000

Paul and Mitzi Parish to Kevin and Rebecca Woo, lot 59, Echo Valley, 4111 Suwanee Drive, La Grange, $230,000