Public Records July 24

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Grand Jury Indictments

July 2014

Henry Schultz-Eggenspiller – tampering with physical evidence, criminal conspiracy to commit trafficking in a controlled substance in the second degree.

Roberto J. Cabrera, Jr. -- criminal conspiracy to commit trafficking in a controlled substance in the second degree.

David A. Zeimer – manufacturing methamphetamine, first offense, possession of methamphetamine precursor, public intoxication in a public place, first offense.

Jayme A. Snow – assault in the second degree.

Edwardo G. Ramirez – trafficking in a controlled substance in the first degree, possession of a controlled substance, second degree, first offense, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana.

Christopher M. Price – trafficking in a controlled substance in the first degree, ten or more dose units, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, faulure to wear seat belt.

La Grange Police Arrests

July 9 -- Tonya L. Moore, 35, Pendleton, was arrested for TBUT under $500.


July 9 -- Elizabeth K. Duggins, 30, La Grange, was arrested for TBUT under $500 and possession of drug paraphernalia.

July 10 -- Steven R. Diaz, 35, Mt. Washington, was arrested for fraudulent use of credit card under $500 within six-month period and theft receipt of stolen credit/debit card (one card).

July 13 -- Jordan M. Conners 25, Charlestown, W.Va., was arrested for assault fourth degree (domestic violence), minor injury.


July 13 -- Amber N. Tabor, 21, residence unknown, was arrested for assault fourth degree (domestic violence) minor injury.


July 13 -- Austin L. Wills, 18, La Grange, was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.


July 13 -- Douglas E. Higdon, 21, Louisville, was arrested for probation violation out of Jefferson County.


July 13 -- Sherry L. Epperson 46, La Grange, was cited for no registration plates, no registration receipt, failure to produce insurance card, failure of owner to maintain required insurance first offense.


July 14 -- Joshua B. Durbin 26, Buckner, was arrested for burglary third degree, fleeing or evading police second degree, resisting arrest.


July 14 -- Shannon L. Mitchell 25, Eminence, was arrested for receiving stolen property, possession of controlled substance and endangering welfare of minor.


July 14 -- Jimmy W. Mitchell 27, La Grange, was arrested for receiving stolen property, possession of controlled substance, endangering welfare of minor and public intoxication.

July 17 -- Kahlil R. Twyne, 18, La Grange, was cited for TBUT under $500.

July 18 -- James A. Meister, 44, Sulphur, was arrested for operating motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs (aggravating circumstances) first offense.

ksp Arrests

July 12 -- Joseph T. Beardsley, 22, Englewood, Fla., DUI 1st.

July 18 -- Shawn E. Chamberlain, 24, La Grange, execution of a bench warrant for another agency x 31.

Property Transfers, jULY 7 - 18, 2014

Michael Bridwell to Christopher and Ashley Bailey, 4619 N. Camden Lane, Crestwood, $94,000

Southern Homes Builders, Inc. to Key Homes, LLC, lot 53, Heather Green, La Grange, $70,000

Robert and Joan Mitchell to Troy and Kathryn Killian, lot 31, Barbizon Place, 1005 Barbizon Place, Goshen, $315,900

Michael and Christina Shannon to Margaret and Daryl Seilaff, lot 80, Cherrywood Place, 1007 Cherry Ridge Run, La Grange, $200,500

Karen and Kerry Wentworth to Amanda Wallen, lot 345, Briar Hill, 6102 Samuels Court, Crestwood, $315,001, Commissioner Deed

Dominion Homes of Kentucky, Ltd. to Richard Henderson and Amanda Jaske, lot 194, Cherrywood Place, 1115 Cherry Hollow Road, La Grange, $265,914

Dominion Homes of Kentucky, Ltd. to Caitlin and Timothy Stroud, lot 197, Cherrywood Place, 1121 Cherry Hollow Road, La Grange, $258,362

The Bank of New York Mellon to Anthony and Sherry Burns, 7600 Organ Creek Road, Pendleton, $211,000

Brigitte Moran to Dafna Shurr, lot 52, Village Green, 6801 Hillside Drive, Pewee Valley, $116,500

Mitchell and Jennifer Richardson to Faheem and Rebecca Zuberi, lot 452, Hillcrest, 13102 Ridgemoor Drive, Prospect, $587,500

Walter and Anna Kemp to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, lot 71, Kentucky Acres, 3105 Heritage Court, Crestwood, $110,000, Commissioner Deed

Jesse and Stacy Harris to Marcie and Bennett Wilson, lots 720 and 721, Crystal Lake, 2019 Crystal Drive, La Grange, $136,500

Robert and Susan Schultz to Mark and Jennifer Marshall, lot 23, Briar Hill Estates, 8021 Shadow Creek Road, Crestwood, $480,000

Gary and Sylvia Ragland to Kyle and Jacquelyn Fowler, lot 38, Washington Manor, 306 Crystal Wash Drive, La Grange, $149,900

Ross and Gloria Hoffman to Lisa and Thomas Shannon, lot 22, Paramont Estates, 11829 Lakestone Way, Prospect, $930,000

Alberta Schmidt to Christopher McGill, lots 13, 14 and 15, Crystal Lake, 1402 Grange Drive, La Grange, $170,000

Stutzenberger Farms, LLC to Oldham County Environmental Authority, 10.000 acres on Hill Lane, Crestwood, $400,000

Brian and Claudia Trudel to Gregory and Polly Hill, lot 26, Harmony Lake, 13101 Reading Road, Goshen, $421,200

Ryan and Breanna Jubber to Robert and Stephanie Mattingly, lot 39, Washington Manor, 304 Crystal Wash Drive, La Grange, $165,500

Susan Swope to Patrick and Chanda Gault, lot 156, L’Esprit, 1200 Bluegrass Parkway, La Grange, $790,000

Fleur De Lis Properties, LLC to Vintage Realty Holdings, LLC, quitclaim, lots 17 and 18, Crestview Terrace, Crestwood, FCV $700,000

Double J. Family Limited Partnership to Alberta Schmidt and June Brodeen, unit 105, Spring House Condominium, 105, Azalea Court, La Grange, $180,000

Danny and Esther Beilman to Ronald and Mary Hatch, lot 84, Woodridge Estates, 2002 Stephanie Court, La Grange, $305,000

David and Merlie McGinnis to Linville and Maryann Woosley, a tract on Old Floydsburg Road, Crestwood, $32,000

Christine Powell to Advanced Construction Company, Steven Reynolds, lots 8 and 9, Green Briar Farms, La Grange, $4,000

Brent and Melissa Trelfa to Conrad Trow and Crosby Rudd, 5801 W. Hwy. 42, Goshen, $359,000

VickieLynn, LLC to Rivers Landing Homeowners Association, Inc., Tract A, Rivers Landing, Prospect, $400,000

Fannie Mae to Rhonda Sizemore-Haines, unit 4, Woodcreek Crossing Condominiums, 5906 Woodcrest Crossing, #4, Crestwood, $62,000

Bank of America NA to Hung and Linh Nguyen, lot 251, Willow Creek, 11507 Kendrick Drive, Louisville, $72,000

Layne Delp to Christopher and Kamille Reel, lot 34, Majestic Woods, 1227 Royal Avenue, La Grange, $190,000

Delores Krein to Joseph and Jennifer Lett, lot 146, Paramont Estates, 11620 Paramont Way, Prospect, $339,900

Deville Homes, Inc. to Jennifer and William Adams, lot 27, Woods of Glen Oakes, 6202 Maddox Blvd., Prospect, $558,400

Lois and Leigh Garling Trust to Leigh Garling, lots 3232 to 3237, Lake Louisvilla, Crestwood, FCV $1,200

Estate of Ronald S. Price to Shawn and Sara McCarty, lot 41, Clarke Pointe, 2020 Clarke Pointe Drive, Crestwood, $294,000

Estate of Cyriac M. Matthew to Kevin and Michelle White, lot 94, Estate of Hunting Creek, 7421 Cedar Bluff Court, Prospect, $589,900

Fannie Mae to Tucker Properties, LLC, lots 630 and 631, Crystal Lake, 2120 Crystal Drive, La Grange, $53,000

Clifford and Joanne Snyder to Matthew Snyder, lot 52, Briar Hill Estates, 7701 Cambridge Court, Crestwood, $270,000

Laura Reid to Benjamin and Jennifer Garwood, lot 126, Magnolia Place, 6126 Sweetbay Drive, Crestwood, $250,000

Lance and Pamela Hickox to Gerard Shannon and Xin Zheng, 3150 N. Hwy. 53, La Grange, $412,000

Robin Whitmer and Richard Masters to Robin Whitmer, quitclaim, lot 71, Spring House Estates, 1011 Hardin Holly, La Grange.

IH of KY, Inc. to Andrew Stein, lot 74, Celebration Park, 7616 Celebration Way, Crestwood, $202,585

Karen and William Crust, Michael and Denise Hill and Curtis and Dana Hill, Jr. to Chad and Sarah Mosteller, 117 Tulip Avenue, Pewee Valley, $180,000

Steve and Kate Hodge to James and Jo Ann Markham, unit 116, Spring House Condominiums, 116 Azalea Court, La Grange, $150,000

LKJM, LLC to Pamela Minton, unit 78, Rose Island Yacht Club, Prospect, FCV $15,000

Pamela Minton to Geoffrey Schutz, unit 78, Yacht Club Estates, Prospect, $10,000

David and Kristin Paine to Kristen Johnson, lot 143, Borowick Farms, 3105 Borowick Circle, La Grange, $197,000

Matt Jones Construction Company to Jared and Monica Nordquist, lot 28, Pond Creek, 1611 Church Side Drive, Goshen, FCV $73,500

Kevin and Krystina Pierce to American International Relocation Solutions, LLC, lot 16, Briar Hill Estates, 8007 Shadow Creek Road, Crestwood, $327,500

American International Relocation Solutions, LLC, lot 16, Briar Hill Estates, 8007 Shadow Creek Road, Crestwood, $327,500

David and Deborah Phillips to Defendant Bank of America NA, lot 38, Northwood, 4518 North Camden Lane, Crestwood, $172,000, Commissioner Deed

Dominion Homes of Kentucky, Inc. to Joseph and Candice Van Bree, lot 204, Cherry Wood Place, 1135 Cherry Hollow Road, La Grange, $219,577

Sycamore Run Investments, LLC to Cedar Lake Lodge, Inc., lot 13, Sycamore Run, La Grange, $50,000

Sycamore Run Investments, LLC to Cedar Lake Lodge, Inc., lot 3, Sycamore Run, La Grange, $50,000

James and Sallye Tilford to Robert and Kathy Wolford, 0.75 acres, tract 1A, Woolridge Avenue, Pewee Valley, $20,000

Roger and Marsha Hartman to Brian and Amanda Webb, lot 35, Heather Green, 4603 Deer Path Court, La Grange, $445,000

James and JoAnn Markham to Sandra and Timmy McAlpin, lot 51, Abbott Grove, 425 Abbott Grove Drive, La Grange, $312,500

John and Rachel Baker to Arkadiy and Valentina Aurevich, unit 403-104, Madison Park Condominiums, 6403 Cameron Lane, #104, Crestwood, $130,900

Mehdi Ahayoumi to Brian and Ginny Reetz, lot 278, Estates of Hunting Creek, 4202 Chickory Glen Court, Prospect, $640,000

Cynthia and Michael Wann to Brian Ring, unit 42, Rose Island Yacht Club, Prospect, $9,500

Cynthia and Michael Wann to Brian Ring, unit 43, Rose Island Yacht Club, Prospect, $9,500

Terrence and Kacey Mack to Chuck and Holly Sumner, lot 186, Kentucky Acres, Crestwood, $220,000

David and Lorene Leslie to Scott and Ruth Rodman, lot 4, Old Anita Springs, 405 Wood Springs Road, La Grange, $300,000

Ben and Maggie Luking to James and Jill Foust, lot 28, Village Green, 6909 Village Green Blvd., Pewee Valley, $123,700

Louise Wilcox, Diane and Robert Goeddel to Tracey Wilson, unit 1002, Spring House, 1102 Indigo Place, La Grange, $147,000

Oldham Farms Development to Chris Carey Builders, Inc., lot 28, Brentwood, Crestwood, $78,000

Timothy and Glenn Andre to John and Natalie Suster, lot 16, Majestic Woods, 2304 Esther Way, La Grange, $180,000

Cypress Management, LLC to Curtis Gordon, Jr., lot 10, Rivers Landing, 1818 Rivers Landing, Prospect, $355,000

Estate of Ellen Wermert to Hope Dwyer, lots 21, 22, 23, Tanglewood, 7600 Locust Lane, Pewee Valley, $160,000

Christopher and Lynda Nicholson to James and Sheryl O’Neil, lot 39, Stonefield Trace, 2609 Stonefield Lane, La Grange, $495,000

Brenda Landers to Jack Chase, lot 39, Old Anita Springs, 521 Wood Lake Drive, La Grange, $261,000

Daniel Parrott to Donald and Courtney Lane, lot 60, Williamsgate, 7909 Williamsgate Circle, Crestwood, $288,000

Beverly Goldsmith to Omega Toliver, quitclaim, lot 11, Greenwood Commons, 1121 Heatherbourne Drive, La Grange, FCV $95,000

Beatrice and Larry Hedges to William and Sharon Fendley, 10.48 acres on Fendley Mill Road, La Grange, $90,000

Gina Hale Pinotti and Tim Beirne to Manuel and Encarita Grimaldi, lot 121, River Bluff Farms, 3308 Cherry Tree Lane, Prospect, $275,000

Patricia Lantz to Tony Mitchell and Allison Jannett, lot 668, Glen Oaks, 6001 Laurel Lane, Prospect, $439,900

Matt Jones Construction Company, to Timothy and Gina Beirne, lot 5, Pond Creek, 1503 Church Side Drive, Goshen, $385,210

Andrew and Sheila Mays to Jahue and Tiffany Martin, lot 44, Hunter’s Ridge, 13631 Hunter’s Ridge Court, Prospect, $398,000

Greg and Shirley Howard to Greg and Lorna Stierle, lot 26, Maple Grove, 2404 Beech Drive, La Grange, $300,000

ILL Investments, LLC to The Young Men’s Christian Association of Greater Louisville, tract 2, 2.50 acres on Quality Place, Buckner, $1,300,000

Frank and Tammy Wright to Derek and Carrie Redmon, lot 3, Woodsboro, 1911 Woodsboro Road, Crestwood, $212,000

Timothy and Gina Beirne to James and Jennifer Lemmons, lot 28, Goshen Woods, 1403 Nightingale Lane, Goshen, $290,000

Dana Emily to Wilma Corum, unit 1073, Spring House, 1073 Rosewood Place, La Grange, $138,000

Knightley Purvis to Deborah Brown, lot 5, Lakeside, 514 E. Washington Street, La Grange, $110,000

Greg and Debra Tudor to John and Rebecca Lee, lot 31, Highpoint, 5403 Tarrant Lane, Crestwood, $239,900

Stacey and John Bunker to Christopher and Natasha Lonnon, lot 227, Lakeview Estates, 12004 Valley Drive, Goshen, $217,000

Kimberly and Ronald Reese to Tracy Eicher, lot 21, Abbott Grove, 7403 Royal Oak Drive, Crestwood, $398,000

Bob and Anita Nelson to Daniel and Natalie Beitran, lot 105, Briar Hill Farms, 7411 Sunset Lane, Crestwood, $277,500

John Manning to Suellen Holloway (fka Manning), quitclaim, 6310 W. Hwy. 42, Goshen, FMV $295,000

Lesa Miller to Penny Rosen, unit 62, Crestwood, Gardens, 7402 Michael Benjamin Circle, Crestwood, $112,900

Laura and Gregory Bickley to Debora and David Robertson, lot 21, Village Green, 6918 Village Green Blvd., Pewee Valley, $134,000

Jason Krezmein to Amy Dwyer, quitclaim, lot 306, Briar Hill, 6226 Breeze Hill Road, Crestwood

Liberty Trace, LLC to Thomas and Monique Beisner, lot 9, Liberty Trace, 3105 School House Road, Goshen, $330,000

Mitchell Isham , et al to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 1, Harrods Springs Farm, 2015 Miller Lane, La Grange, $97,000, Commissioner Deed

James and Rebecca Grant, et al to US Bank National Association, lot 197, Kentucky Acres, 3102 Pioneer Place, Crestwood, $143,334, Commissioner Deed