Public Records August 7

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La Grange Police Arrests

Aug 1 -- William H. Hahn, 56, La Grange, was arrested for alcohol intoxication in a public place, first and second offense.

Aug. 3 -- Danny L. Wise, 61, La Grange, was cited and released for no registration plates, no registration receipt, failure to produce insurance card, failure of owner to maintain required insurance first offense.

KSP Arrests

July 29 -- Noah Zetko, 21, La Grange, execution of a bench warrant for another agency.

Property Transfers, July 28 - Aug. 1, 2014

Gregory and Sherry Thompson to Cole/Brooke, Inc., quitclaim, lot 9, Shelburn Oaks Farms, Crestwood, FCV $190,000

Karen Seibert to Bradley Seibert, quitclaim, lot 49, Borowick Farms, 4113 Elder Park Cutoff, Crestwood, FCV $465,000

Arlene Reeves to Bland and Mary Miles, lot 45A, 2.52 acres, Fible Farms, 6010 Summit View Lane, Crestwood, $140,000

Paul and Deborah Murray to James and Maureen Gault and Lloyd and Eileen Hughes, lot 103, Greenbriar, 3813 Briar Ridge Road, La Grange, $260,500

Estates of Dorothy Louise Scheibel to James Frazier, unit 6403, Madison Park Condominiums, 6403 Cameron Lane, Crestwood, $114,600

Steve Hood, Sr. to Dennis and Deanne Dirksen, lot 1, Confederate Estates, 8501 Confederate Place Drive, Crestwood, $158,000

Ronald and Janet Jones to James Trubisky and Mary Blattman, lot 151, Kentucky Acres, 3006 Shady Trace Court, Crestwood, $273,400

Master-Craft Homes, LLC to Christopher and Andrea Wells, lot 30, Brentwood, 7502 Calvin Court, Crestwood, $465,000

Linda Barnett to Wilmington Trust NA, lot 37, LaGrange, Acres, 707 Jericho Road, La Grange, $70,100, Commissioner Deed

Steven and Paulette Gird to Thomas Crinar, lot 31, Grand Dell, 4712 Grand Dell Drive, Crestwood, $325,000

Michael and Brook Murphy to Meridian Construction, LLC, lot 11, Hidden Falls, 4022 Hidden Falls Drive, Prospect, value $87,000

Robert and Stacy Banks to Meridian Construction, LLC, lot 5, Hidden Falls, 4015 Hidden Falls Drive, Prospect, value $93,000

Patricia Bray to Arlene Reeves, unit 148, Spring House, 148 Magnolia Avenue, La Grange, $120,000

Albert and Laura Klein to John and Sarah McCoy, lot 207, Lakeview Estates, 12004 Alpine Way, Goshen, $202,000

William Simback to Christina Simback, lot 7, Grand Villa, 1712 Grand Villa Drive, La Grange, FCV $360,000

Michael and Linda Miles to Charles Schaffer and Carrie Constantine, lot 225, Glen Oaks, 10618 Worthington Lane, Prospect, $439,000

Carla Hackney and Samuel Arnold to US Bank National Association, 303 Cedar Street, La Grange, $55,000, Commissioner Deed

Brenda McKinney to Dorothy Carpenter, lot 63, Woodland Lakes, 207 Woodland Lakes Drive, La Grange, $155,000

Estates of Pauline Brown to Russell and Bethany Henry, 4901 E. Hwy. 22, Smithfield, $115,000

John and Michelle Proudfoot to Michael Morgen, lot 16, Barbizon Place, 12305 Warner Drive, Goshen, $270,000

Kerry and James Beckman to Patricia Maxwell, lot 110, Countryside, 4000 Meadowland Drive, Prospect, $265,000

Katherine Delaney to Sabrina Stephens, unit 104, Prospect Glen Villas, 13107 Prospect Glen Way, Prospect, $118,500

Donna and Santiago Santa Cruz to Julie Tinder, 1816 Justin Cove, Prospect, $502,500

Larry and Teresa Wade to Sherry Sartaine, lot 31, Harmony Lake, 12018 Springmeadow Lane, Goshen, $219,900

Anne Mockus to Samuel and Anna Evans, lot 61, Cedar Pointe, 4007 Lake Ridge Way, Crestwood, $500,000

Brian Phillips to April Phillips, quitclaim, lot 27, Orchard Grass Hills, 9215 Foxtail Court, Crestwood, FCV $132,000

Jim Denny to Wallace and Janet Backman, lot C, Shagbark Farms, 7412 Powhatan Lane, Pewee Valley, $284,000

Gilkison Construction, Inc. to Natalie Bodenheimer, lot 4, Crystal Lake, 1405 Grange, Drive, La Grange, $207,000

S&L Development Co., LLC to Patrick and Lana Parisek, Jr., lot 42, Falcon Ridge, 507 Talbott Blvd., La Grange, $239,900

Stephen and Laura Schmitt to Theodore and Peggy Sinclair-Morris, lot 30, Clarke Pointe, 2103 Clarke Pointe, Crestwood, $310,000

Janice East to Craig East and Andrew East, gift, unit 1161, Spring House, 1161 Canterbury Way, La Grange, FCV $138,500

Heritage Properties, LLC to Dickinson Holdings, Inc., tracts I, II, III and IV, 13306 West US Hwy. 42, Prospect, $600,000

Lozetta Johnson to Phillip and Bertha Holloway, unit 61, Cedar Point Condominiums, 4408 Westbrook Drive, #61, La Grange, $144,000

Chad and Andrea Jorgensen aka Andrea Reesor to Sarah Arsenault and Stephen Preece, lot 16, Nevel Meade Estates, 3309 Nevel Meade Drive, Prospect, $560,000

Sara and Edward Jacina to Robert George Cox and George and Margaret Cox, 214 Dawkins Road, La Grange, $93,000

Barry and Toni Badinger to Brian and Lisa Powell, lot 270, Briar Hill Estates, 6225 Breeze Hill Road, Crestwood, $460,000

John and Phillip Connaughton to Aurel and Danlela Neamtu, lot 47, Summerfield by the Lake, 6610 Clore Lake Road, Crestwood, $600,000

CB and Melanie Young, IV to Srinivasa and Prasuna Peddi, lot 113, Magnolia Place, 5704 Blue Holly Place, Crestwood, $250,000

David and Myrna Pfalzgraf and William and Emily Garrett, Jr., lot 7, Shadow Creek Farms, 2007 Waldner Court, Crestwood, $250,000

Anthony and Traci Stewart to Christopher and Jennifer Hollis, lot 50, Majestic Woods, 2321 Esther Way, La Grange, $180,000

Estate of Rachel H. Wheeler to Shari Broecker, a tract on Hwy. 53, La Grange, $86,000

Matthew and Meredith Ammons to Bertrand and Andrea Becker, III, lot 11, Barbizon Place, 1001 Donovan Court, Goshen, $235,000

William and Margaret Kirchner to Angela Jette, lot 2, Country Club Estates, 12105 Wayside Lane, Goshen, $172,500

Michael and Kelly Bailey to Dennis and Son Mi Finn, lot 29, Williamsgate, 7203 Williamsgate Blvd., Crestwood, $256,000

Dan and Mary Jo Walls to Lance and Kristin Berg, lot 66, Lake Pointe, 3302 Shallow Cove Court, Crestwood, $287,000

Della Hardin to Kevin and Melanie Woosley, 1973 Fendley Mill Road, La Grange, $245,000

Ona Hull to Elaine Logsdon, 16 ft. parcel, Borowick Farms, La Grange, FCV $1,000

Oldham Farms Development, LLC to Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust, 2 parcels, Kenwood Crossings, Crestwood, $4,100,000