Public Records August 28

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La Grange Police Arrests

Aug. 19 -- Todd K. Adkins, 34, Paris, was arrested for operating motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs/etc., second offense, failure to or improper signal and excessive windshield/window tinting.

Aug. 21 -- Shelby N. Grant, 20, Simpsonville, was arrested for operating motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs/etc., under 21, failure to wear seat belt, speeding 7 miles over limit.

Aug. 22 -- William Beal, 58, La Grange, was arrested on Oldham County bench warrant for alcohol intoxication.

Aug 22. -- Michael W. Eddins, 39, Smithfield, was cited and released for following another vehicle too closely, failure to wear seat belts, failure of owner to maintain required insurance second offense and arrested on two warrants for Oldham County Sheriff for no registration plates and failure of owner to maintain required insurance first offense.


Aug. 22 -- Melissa A. Clifford, 41, La Grange, was arrested for domestic violence.


Aug. 22 -- Marty W. Vanhoose, 41, La Grange, was for domestic violence fourth degree.


Aug. 23 -- Carmen Blanco-Torres, 43, Farmington, N.M. was arrested for endangering the welfare of a minor, wanton endangerment second degree, operating motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs/etc., first offense, disregarding traffic control device-traffic light.


Aug. 23 -- Sarah Vancleve, 21, La Grange, was arrested for operating motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs/etc., first offense, disregarding stop sign, failure to maintain required insurance first offense and speeding 11 miles over posted limit.


Aug. 24 -- Jeremiah Johnson, 39, Covington, was arrested for giving officer false name and on two Boone County Sheriff warrants, robbery second degree and persistent felony offender.

Property Transfers, Aug. 17 -25, 2014

Dominion Homes of Kentucky, LTD. To Tremayne and Emily Perkins, Lot 221, Cherrywood Place, 1130 Cherry Hollow Rd., La Grange, $189,170

Maria Sheehy, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, An Officer of the USA, Successors & Assigns, Lot 21, Countryside Subdivision, 4112 Hayfield Way, Prospect, $155,000, commissioner’s deed

Ryan & Kristen Frey to Ross and Tracy Lagerblade, Lot 48, Spring Hill Subdivision, 5413 Meadow Stream Way, Crestwood, $375,000

Stanford Friedman to Stanford and Jamie Friedman, Lots 64, 65, 66 in Harmony Village, Prospect, FCV $175,000

Ellis & Ellis Construction, LLC to Troy and Kelly Robb, Lot 373, Briar Hill Estates, 6108 Winkler Road, Crestwood, $456,590

Ronald & Susan Loeser to Michele Anderton, Unit No. 10 of the Garden Homes of Stone Ridge, Crestwood, $220,000

John & Allison Holston, John & Allison Holston, Unit 52, Louisville Yacht Club, Prospect, $17,000

John & Christine Miles to Karen Harmon & Bridget Townsend, Lot No. 8 of Locust Run, $341,000

Donna Powell to Lauren Caldwell and LeeAnn Sheperson, Unit No. 9, Eagles Landing, La Grange, FCV $200,500

Woods of Glen Oaks, LLC to Deville Homes, Inc., Lot 29 of the Woods of Glen Oaks, Prospect, $99,950

Woods of Glen Oaks, LLC to Deville Homes, Inc., Lot 1 of the Woods of Glen Oaks, Prospect, $97,950

Elizabeth Spinks and Gina Wingfield to Gina and John Wingfield, quitclaim, Lot 4, River Bluff Farms Subdivision, 3714 Locust Circle West, Prospect, FMV $227,500

Bryan & Jennifer Robison to Christopher & Stephanie Buck, Lot 21, 6600 Arbor Ridge Road, Crestwood, $405,000

Jeffry and Rosetta Rowland to David and Megan Griffith, Lot 73, Clarke Pointe, Section 4, Crestwood, $450,000

Jenny Scherer, Trustee of the Scherer Family Trust UTA to Fritz & Kimberly Cargould, Lot 108, Moser Farms Subdivision, Section 5 & 6, Prospect, $350,000

Beulah Land Baptist Church to Douglas & Susan Acree, quitclaim, La Grange, $175,000

Chris & Antoinette Hoehle to VPR Properties, LLC, Unit No. 209, Building No. 2, Prospect Glen Villas Condominiums, Prospect, $120,000

David and Kathy Zawisa fka Kathy Embry to Phillip Wilkins & Britney Phillips, 309 N. 5th Street, La Grange, $183,000

Verna Gossom to Terry Gossum, quitclaim, Tract No. 8 of the Borowick Farms, Section 1, FMV $138,000

Leon and Ruth Shaw to Robert and Judith McAfee, Unit 101, Louisville Yacht Club, Prospect, $14,000

Leon and Ruth Shaw to Robert and Judith McAfee, Unit 100, Louisville Yacht Club, Prospect, $14,000

Gail Utley n/k/a Gail Haynes to Brett Elliott, Lot 441, Willow Creek Subdivision, 5311 Baywood Dr. Louisville, $135,500

Katherine Sweeton aka Katherine Sweeton-Windsor to Deborah Gilbert, Lots 3632, 3633, 3634, Lake Louisville Subdivision, Crestwood, FMV $42,500

James and Carmen Byars to Brandon Riley, Lot #72, Orchard Grass Hills, Section 1, Crestwood, $138,000

Danette Willis to Eileen and Scott Gardner, 7003 W. Highway 22, Crestwood, $138,000

Jonathan and Kimberly Eul to Bradley and Amy Glotzbach, Lot 90, Moser Farms Subdivision, 9007 Geneva Circle, Prospect, $465,000

Heywood Petry to Alven and Brittany MacWilliams, Lot 44, Briar Hill Estates, 7717 Cambridge Ct., Crestwood, $409,000

Paragon Homes, Inc. to Richard and Karen Raby, Lot 13 of the Woods of Glen Oaks, $669,308

Glen Gruber to Daniel and Kim McNeil, Parcel #08-09A-00-40, Lot 40, Shiloh Farms, $320,000

Estate of Elizabeth R. Quillen to John and Molly Sesenbrenner, Lot 61, River Bluff Farms Subdivision, 3400 River Bluff Road, Prospect, $105,000

Stephan and Heather Capper to Kyle and Carolyn Johnson, Lot 59 of Moser Farms Subdivision, 6206 Elizabeth Court, Prospect, $349,900

Terri and Lambert Franklin to Cynthia and William White, 1903 Crystal Drive, La Grange, $104,000

Master-Craft Homes, LLC to Jeffrey and Leslie Davis, Lot 14 of the Woods of Glen Oaks, $554,700

Debbie Woosley Durbin aka Debbie Woosley to Christopher and Debbie Durbin, Lot 110, Village Green Subdivision, PeWee Valley, FMV $16,600

George Jr. and Donna East to George East Jr., Trustee of the George W. East, Jr. Revocable Trust Agreement, Unit no. 10, Louisville Yacht Club, Prospect, $35,000

James and Joella Brown to Josephus and Linda Juniel, Lot 15 of Abbott Grove Section1, Crestwood, $410,000

James and Monika Hendershot to Susan and Theodore Murdoch, III, Parcel No. 58 Tract A, KY22 reconstruction, Parcel No. 58 Tract B, KY22 reconstruction, $20,175

Daniel and Mindy Withrow to Donald Harris, Lot No. 235 of Hillcrest, Section 3, $592,000

Earl and Sandra Perry to Jason and Sherry Perry, Lot 22 of Section 1 of Greenbriar Farms Subdivision, FMV $250,000

Greg and Kimberly Walsh to Brian Vicich, Lot 194, of Longwood Subdivision, 13400 Hampton Circle, Goshen, $524,900

Gregory and Lori Cannon to Tammy and Stephen Fiske, Lot 30 of North Ridge Farms, 4722 Sunny Hill Dr., Crestwood, $309,000

I H of KY, Inc. to Ryne and Lacey Salyer, Lot 73, Celebration Park, 7618 Celebration Way, Crestwood, $229,670

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Patricia and Marion Aldridge, Lot 142, Park Lake Estates, Section 1, 5508 Park Court, Crestwood, $70,000, Commissioner’s Deed

Wells Fargo Financial Kentucky, Inc. and L. B. McIntosh, 7805 Beechdale Road, Crestwood, $46,667, Commissioner’s Deed

Mattingly-Jones, LLC to The Jones Group, LLC, Lot No. 21, Heritage Hills Subdivision, 6806 Heritage Hills, Crestwood, $63,200

The Jones Group, LLC to Arthur and Darci Gressick, 357 Wexford Drive, Walton, $390,000

Alexandra (fka Alexandra Russell) and John Longstreet to John Carson, Lot 3, Minor Subdivision Plat, $189,500

Exquisite Builders, LLC to Jeremy and Elizabeth Millay, Lot 166, Section 3, Longwood Subdivision, 13005 Hampton Circle, Goshen, $514,000

John and Eileen Krueger to James and Ramona Psiones, Lot 35, The Meadows at Covered Bridge, Section 1, $620,000

William and Marlene Pierson to ABCD Properties, LLC, Lot 20 of Greenwood Common Subdivision, $60,000

Jeremy Williams to Zoran and Elvira Dzindic, 3820 Briar Ridge Road, La Grange, $215,000

Wendy Pastor to Jason Dougherty, a portion of a tract of land conveyed to Madison Park Condominium, LLC, $126,500

James and Ann Kasey to Stefan and Suzanne Brejc, Lot 23 of Hillcrest, Section 3, 12805 Crestview Cove, Prospect, $490,000