Public Records

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La Grange Police Dept. Arrests

10/18/13 - Desiree Ison, 30, of Pleasureville, KY was cited and released.  The charge was TBUT or DISP Shoplifting u/$500. She shoplifted $11.07 worth of merchandise.

10/22/13 - Gary L. Donovan, 37 yrs old from LaGrange, KY was arrested for Alcohol Intoxication in a Public Place at 12:56 a.m.

Oldham County Property Transfers Week of Oct. 14-18

Georgia Ermis Watson to James and Georgia Watson, quitclaim, lot 30, Harmony Lake, 1210 Hollendale Way, Goshen, FCV $180,000

Kristen Freeman to Jonathan Blackburn, quitclaim, lot 192, Lakewood Valley, 1113 West Moody Lane, Crestwood, FCV $80,000

Matthew and Christina Mercurio to Bank of America NA, 3324 Nevel Meade Drive, Prospect, $250,000, Commissioner Deed

Fannie Mae to Shane Karimi, 4401Smith Lane, LaGrange, $123,500

Terry Lay to H&Z Enterprises, LLC, 100 North Oak Avenue, LaGrange, $33,335

Harold and Sue Smith Living Trust to Garnett Morgan, Jr., interest in 260 acres near Bohannon Lane and Eighteen Mile Creek Road, near Hwy. 42, LaGrange, value $362,000

MTC Investments, LLC to Nelson Coombs, 1907 Ballard School Road, LaGrange, $82,500

IH of KY, Inc. to David and Lisa Brunner, lot 38, Claymont Springs, 6601 Brookmont Court, Crestwood, $337,665

Christopher and Diane Nyberg to Weichert Relocation Resources, Inc., lot 20, Prestwick Estates, 2019 Highland Court, LaGrange, $255,000

Weichert Relocation Resources, Inc. to Matthew and Cassandra Mitchell, lot 20, Prestwick Estates, 2019 Highland Court, LaGrange, $255,000

Wesley and Danielle Smith to John and Jennifer Spencer, lot 388, Borowick Farms, 2006 Wingfield Circle, LaGrange, $239,500

Samuel and Janet Straughn, Jr. to John and Krysten Taylor, quitclaim, 1.01 acres, 2408 W. Hwy. 524, Westport, FCV $1.00

Stacy Eldred to Stacy Eldred and Keith Benderoth, quitclaim, lot 35, Stone Ridge, 4207 Winding Creek Road, Crestwood, FCV $290,000

Walt and Donna Fuhs to Michael and Paige McQuire, lot 36, Clarke Pointe, 2015 Clarke Pointe Drive, Crestwood, $315,000

Sec. of Housing and Urban Development, Washington DC to Homayoun and Cynthia Homayoun, lot 83, Country Village, 6830 Abbott Lane, Crestwood, $42,000

A. Thomas and P. Vanmeter Sturgeon, III to Arthur and Paige Sturgeon, quitclaim, 1.53 acres, 330 Wooldridge Avenue, Pewee Valley, FCV $230,000

J P Morgan Chase Bank NA to Cheryl Cook, lot 55, Pear Orchard, 1613 Rhodes Court, LaGrange, $110,000

The Bank of New York Mellon to Geoffrey Crowe, lot 5, Briar Hill Farms, 6901 Briar Hill Road, Crestwood, $200,000

Deborah and Richard Mudd to William and Nancy Fleming, 14319 Rose Wycomb Road, Prospect, $1,325,000

Vickie Murphy, William and Denise Murphy, Jr. and Troy and Tammy Murphy to Ashley Murphy, lot 14, Confederate Estates, 8529 Confederate Place Drive, Pewee Valley, $120,000

Michael and Karen Maddox to Robert and Tracy Thompson, lot 41, Ballard Woods, 4022 Ballard Woods Drive, Smithfield, $344,000

Linda Hayes to Kevin Hayes, quitclaim, lot 13, Hidden Creek, 11707 Hidden Creek Road, Prospect, FCV $495,000

Joseph Beavers to Darrin Lutz and Thomas Lutz, lot 17, Foxwood, 5419 Foxwood Drive, Crestwood, $40,000

John Chapman Builders, Inc. to Diane Stewart, 6504 Chapman Court, Crestwood, $234,000

Nicholas and Valerie Baute to Richard and Janet Baute, 13.89 acres on the west side of Hwy. 1015, Westport, $160,000

William and Martha Smith to The Bank of New York Mellon, lot 177, Poplar Hills, 9616 Applewood Court, Crestwood, $190,000, Commissioner Deed

FAP Properties XI, Inc. to City of Crestwood, a parcel on the south side of Ky. State Hwy. 22, Crestwood, $145,000

Billy and Catherine Smith-Gividen to Sam and Carolyn Finley, 402 E. Jefferson Street, LaGrange, $25,500

Joan Depersia, Depersia Survivorís Trust to Gary and Wanda Flynn, 2425 North Hwy. 53, LaGrange, $216,000

Mattingly-Jones, LLC to The Jones Group, LLC, lot 30, Heritage Hills, Crestwood, $61,000

Real Estate Investment Holdings, LLC to MMG Holdings, LLC, 0.678 acres on the west side of Mattingly Court, 4505 Mattingly Court, LaGrange, $150,000

Douglas and Karen Robards to Mark Bayers, lot 57, Harvey’s on the River Yacht Club, Prospect, $18,000