Prospect woman spins to win

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Retired schoolteacher wins new car, other prizes on The Price is Right

By Tracy Harris

A trip to visit her daughter took an exciting spin for a Prospect woman who became the day's big winner on the Price is Right in October.

In total, she won nearly $55,000 in prizes.

During a trip to Los Angeles, Lynda Huckaby and her daughter, Steffany, waited in line for four hours to be interviewed for the iconic television game show.

Steffany, a former Oldham County Schools teacher, said she almost threw in the towel because of the wait.

But when her mom got called to come on down, those regrets vanished.

The retired Jefferson County Schools teacher was called for the first round of bidding and eventually bid closest on a vacation trip to Palm Springs, Calif.

She came on stage to play a hole-in-one golf game — and despite not being a golfer, the ball went in.

With a single stroke, Lynda became the proud owner of a Toyota Corolla.

And that wasn't all.

Lynda won the final spot in the Showcase Showdown by spinning the game's giant wheel — a moment she described as surreal.

She bid on the final showcase, which included a Mazda Miata convertible, a six-day vacation in Newport and Providence, R.I., and a Sony video camera.

When she was proclaimed the closest bidder, Lynda and Steffany jumped in the car to celebrate.

The episode aired Oct. 10 and Nov. 27, and the Huckaby family had a viewing party to celebrate. Look for show number 6042K.