Prospect dentist invents 'Frogglez'

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By The Staff

Christian Hahn’s insatiable appetite for innovation led him down a path to create something that he thinks will revolutionize children’s swim goggles.

“Anything that frustrates me, I try to come up with a solution,” Hahn said. “I’m an incessant, invention-oriented, problem-solving person.”

What was the problem? Stressful swimming goggles that pulled hair, ears and were just clunky and cumbersome Hahn said. Using old material from his old wetsuits and the eyepieces of old goggles, Hahn created the prototype for his product Frogglez goggles.

“I wanted to make something that worked better than what was out there,” Hahn said.

Frogglez come in two sizes: for kids under six and then another size for kids six and up. Hahn said the goggles are simple enough for kids to put on themselves, they won’t leak, they don’t pull hair because of the material and they float. The goggles retail at $24.95 and should last one swim season, Hahn said. The goggles can be purchased at the Frogglez website, Amazon.com or at Swimville USA on Shellbyville Road in Louisville.

Hahn, who works as a cosmetic dentist in Prospect by day said he has been working on developing and branding the goggles as frequently as possible around his duties as a dad and running Ideal Dentistry.
  “Up to this point it’s been a true basement or garage project,” Hahn said. “I’ve done all of this after hours or in between patients.”

One of Hahn’s business advisers, Doug Whyte, has worked in marketing products for Serta, Black and Decker, Jeep, and Eddie Bauer. Whyte said he believes Frogglez has a great opportunity on the open market.

“It’s a very game changing product,” Whyte said. “We think it’s a great new adaptation to an age old product.”

Whyte said he instantly looked at the goggles and saw how good of a product it was and has been working with Hahn for nearly a year.
   “Instantly I looked at [Frogglez] and said ‘that’s a unique solution, why didn’t I think of that.”

Whyte, whose background is also in licensing products, said Frogglez is looking to expand with adjacent products and is weighing options independently as well as with major aquatic brands.

“We want to continue to represent innovation and do more unique activity,” Whyte said.

Hahn said he’s received many inquiries about the goggles and is weighing his options. He’s picked up distributors in Australia and New Zeland and started making the product for adults since the summer with plenty of other opportunities on the horizon.

“I’m amazed at how much success we’ve had so far,” Hahn said. “I’m just trying to figure out what’s the best route to take.”

He said he is proud of the utility patent for the goggles design and could apply the Frogglez design to any other type of goggle but is trying to develop products that people can enjoy.

“I truly enjoy working with a product that makes people happy,” Hahn said. “I haven’t exactly decided what to do next.”

His company, Made By My Dad, is a local company and Hahn says he’s working to develop and manufacture the goggles in Louisville. He added that he hopes to continue inventing and develop at least two more products so that he has an invention for each of his three children to fund their college studies, hence the Made By My Dad moniker.

“It’s truly a family business,” Hahn said, noting that his children have also been models for the goggles as well.

Hahn has already launched an Indiegogo competition for exposure and recently began selling the goggles on Amazon. One thing is for sure, Hahn knows what the ultimate goal is.

“I want to be the number one kid goggles in the world,” Hahn said.

For more information about Frogglez visit Frogglezgoggles.com or contact Christian Hahn at chahn@madebymydad.com.

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