Property transfers from the July 28 edition

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By Zak Norton

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington D.C. to Jeffrey and Beverly Walton, lot 61, Darby Pointe, 4102 Grimes Cove, Buckner, $200,000.

William and Georgina Brown to Kenneth and Stacy Doyon, lot 235, Briar Hill Estates, 6218 Perrin Drive, Crestwood, $429,000.
Hall & Wall Builders III LLC to David and Brandy Hazlett, lot 3, Harrods Crossing, 9605 West View Court, Crestwood, $750,000.
Edward and Christine Rodgers to LSF7 NPL1 Trust, lot 45, Lakewood Valley, 3611 Georgie Way, Crestwood, $80,738, Commissioner Deed.
Charles and Andrea Williams to Lisa Helfrich, lot 97, Briar-Hill Farms, 7505 Sunset Lane, Crestwood, $274,000.
Sue and Richard Deibel to Robert Eads, lot 28, Country Village, 4402 Wendy Hills Drive, Crestwood, FCV $100,000.
Donald Robertson to Hichem Frigul, lot 217, Briar Hill Estates, 6511 Park Place Drive, Crestwood, $430,000.
Rachel Morrison and Ronald and Dona Fonk to Cornerstone Holdings LLC, unit 3, Woodcreek Crossing, 6452 W. Ky. 146, Crestwood, FCV $95,000.
Mackryan Homes LLC to Joseph and Leslie Riggle, lot 4, Beechdale Place, 6906 Jamie Lane, Crestwood, $342,304.43.
Jeff and Nicole Hicks to Ryan and Melissa Christensen, lot 16, Magnolia Place, 5607 Sundrop Place, Crestwood, $252,000.
Ray Birchfield to Carl and Bethany Wennerholm, lot 153, Poplar Hill, 9513 Applewood Circle, Crestwood, $230,000.
HSBC Bank USA, N.A. to Troy and Natalie Corbin, lot 33, Harrods Crossing, 2909 Harrods Crossing Blvd., Crestwood, $585,000.
Matthew and Tabitha Pfeiffer to Mark and Jane Caverly, lot 49, Heritage Hill, 4603 Sams Court, Crestwood, Crestwood, $379,000.
Mignon Wheeler Dupuis to Jeffery Wheeler, quitclaim, lot 272 Kentucky Acres, 3000 Log Cabin Court, Crestwood, FCV $240,000.
Timothy and Andrea Madding to Colleen Lamp, lot 37, Westwood East, 2401 Eastwood Circle, Crestwood, $266,500.
Key Homes LLC to Troy and Heather Day, lot 64, Celebration Park, 7650 Celebration Way, Crestwood, $272,811.
Theodore and Shawn Scott to Theodore Scott, quitclaim, lot 18, Highpoint, 3704 Palmer Park Road, Crestwood, FCV $240,000.
William and Marybeth Cole to William Cole, quitclaim, lot 73, Fible Farms West, 1200 Hillview Court, Crestwood, FCV $310,000.

Pewee Valley
Christopher and Emily Gardner to Rebecca Birchfield, lot 67, Ashbrooke Residential Development, 8614 Hickory Falls Lane, Pewee Valley, $185,000.
Your Community Bank of Southern Indiana to New Look Realty and Construction, Inc., lot 13, Ash Land, Pewee Valley, $62,500.
New Look Realty and Construction Inc. to Michael Kovachik and Heather Westerfield, lot 5, Ash Land, 9210 Ashland Court, Pewee Valley, $325,000.

Hal and Shelly White to Jesika and Gregory Sogar, lot 295, Glenoaks, 10503 Mountain Ash Lane, Prospect, $330,000.
Patti and William Brown to Linda Mackelaite and Zygimantas Alsauskas, lot 48, Paramont Estates, 2810 Mockingbird Court, Prospect, $415,000.
James and Blass Brown to Paramont Estate Homeowners Association, Inc. or Paramont, LTD, lot 152, Paramont Estates, Prospect, $1, FCV $1,500.
Corrisa and Jeffery Nichols to Ranjit and Suzy Bagga, lot 5, Paramont Estates, 11736, Paramont Way, Prospect, $890,000.
William and Cindy Carico to Walter and Shannon Niblett, lot 229, Hillcrest, 3209 Crestbrook Court, Prospect, $440,000.
GP Enterprises LLC to Hydro-Pro, Inc., unit 1, Rose Island Yacht Club, Prospect, $10,000.
Olutunde and Olayemi Babrinsa to Megan Janiewicz and Jedediah White, lot 514, Glen Oaks, 10532 Championship Court, Prospect, $436,000.
Heather Hart and Hart 2009 Family Trust to Gregory and Robin Swafford, lot 45, Paramont Estates, 2910 Autumn Court, Prospect, $575,000.
David Haick to Brett and Melissa Shuster, lot 82, Moser Farms, 9023 Geneva Circle, Prospect, $375,000.
Sophie Campbell Estate, et al to Thomas Emanuel, lot 139, Cardinal Harbour, 2022 Cardinal Harbour, Prospect, $75,001, Commissioner Deed.
Lilly Campbell to Thomas Emanuel, quitclaim, lot 139, Cardinal Harbour, 2022 Cardinal Harbour, Prospect, FCV $75,001.

Robin LeMastus to Arena and Pasture LLC, lot 4B on W. U.S. 42, Goshen, FMV $233,663.
Robin LeMastus to Safe Harbour Real Estate LLC, lot 3, Shiloh Farms, Goshen, FCV $412,000.
Robin LeMastus to Goose Island LLC, lot 4A, on W. U.S. 42, Goshen, FCV $22,500.
Andrea and Kevin Oser to Terry and Rita Clark, lot 90, Old Taylor Place, 10907 Sun Ridge Road, Goshen, $289,900.
Timothy and Kelly Guidry to Brenda Slagel, lot 26, Settler’s Point, 13219 Settler’s Point Trail, Goshen, $136,500.
Martin and Miranda Klick Martinez to Martin Martinez, quitclaim, lot 6, Harmony Lake, 1116 Hollendale Way, Goshen, FCV $169,000.

La Grange
Estate of Linda J. Kohnhorst and Richard Kohnhorst to Richard Kohnhorst, quitclaim, 2718 Ft. Pickens Road, La Grange, FCV $275,000.
Jane and Harry Parker to Gary and Kelly Williamson, 5315 Smith Haven Lane, La Grange, $265,000.
Kevin and Susan Foster to Sara Lloyd Yopp, lot 60, Fox Trail, 2132 Fox Trail Drive, La Grange, $210,000.
Ginger Meers to Allison Goldstein, quitclaim, lot 14, Old Anita Springs, 503 Wood Springs Road, La Grange, FCV $310,000.
Haldean Portman to Sharon Portman, lot 36, Maverick Estates, 3407 South Ky. 53, La Grange, FCV $468,500.
Fifth Third Bank to Kinser LLC, quitclaim, a tract on South Main Street, La Grange, FCV $100,000.
Hiawatha H. Ray Estate to Jerry and Gabriel Ray, lots 6, 7 & 8 LaFayette Park, 311 Dawkins Road, La Grange, FCV $125,000.
S&L Development Co. LLC to Theodore and Wanda Bach, lot 66, Falcon Ridge, 600 Falcon Ridge Lane, La Grange, $248,100.
Bluegrass Beagle Club, Inc. to Joseph and Carole Liedtke, Tract 2 1.98 acres, Elder Park Road, La Grange, $28,000.
Ashley Poteet to Ashley Poteet and Linda Poteet, quitclaim, lot 127, Oldham Woods, 2310 Willow Reed Road, La Grange, $165,000.
Estate of Jean Kay Radcliffe to Lucy Ricketts, 310 W. Main Street, La Grange, FCV $120,000.
Todd Mortenson to Lisa Mortenson, quitclaim, unit B4, La Grange Townhouses, 321 La Grange Villa Drive, La Grange, no value listed.
Lisa and Steve Udy to Todd Mortenson, quitclaim, unit B4, La Grange Townhouses, 321 La Grange Villa Drive, La Grange, no value listed.
Lisa and Steve Udy to Todd Mortenson, quitclaim, lot 53, Clarke Pointe, La Grange, no value listed.
William C. Lefan Testamentary Trust, Bruce and Debra Lefan, Doris and Bruce Lefan to Doris and Bruce Lefan Living Trust, 2401 Dawkins Road, La Grange, FCV $192,852.
Sharon Spina to SHS Properties LLC, quitclaim, lot 128, L’Esprit, La Grange, FCV $2,000,000.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association to Benjamin and Carolyn Brednich, 6370 Shrader Lane, La Grange, $167,000.
Lawrence Moch, Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 612 W. Madison Street, La Grange, $73,334, Commissioner Deed.  

Craig and Marlene Beatty to Michael Cronan, 5404 East Ky. 22, Smithfield, $128,000.

Phillip and Margaret Wiseman to Timothy Wiseman, gift, 3915 Eighteen Mile Creek Road, Westport, FCV $70,000.
Joyce and Gayle Harp to William and Lindsay Lambert, 5101 18 Mile Creek Road, Westport, $120,000.
Donna Gentry to Donna Gentry and Kathy Gentry, lot 2, J.R. Berry’s Estate, 6201 W. Ky. 524, Westport, $1.00, FCV $46,300