Property transfers

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By The Staff


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Shannon and Kevin Cook, lot 77, Darby Pointe, 5103 Fox Run Road, Buckner, $225,000.

Charles and Donna Brown to Kirk Brown, gift, tract 3, 1.78 acres east of Ky. 393, FMV $17,500.


Jeffrey Hicks, Samuel Hicks, Will Hicks and Carly Hicks to Jeffrey Hicks, lot 25, Chapel View, 8206 Highview Court, Crestwood, FCV $400,000.

Karla Ramser-Young to Janet Ferguson and Karla Ramser-Young, quitclaim, lot 27, Grand Villa, gift, 1830 Grand Villa Drive, Crestwood, FCV $315,000.

Pauline Gullett to Robert and Anita Gullett, gift, 2420 Gullett Lane, Crestwood, $1,000.

Scott Richter to Shelli Richter, quitclaim, lot 13, Mayfield Farms, 1918 Mayfield Drive, Crestwood, $1, FMV $200,000.

Warren and Deborah Cash to William and Sylvia Penn, lot 41, Woodsboro, 5100 Brookswood Road, Crestwood, $159,000.

Daniel and Pauline Minesinger to Carey and Anna Workman, lot 311, Briar Hill, 6236 Breeze Hill Road, Crestwood, $485,500.

Korie Muth to Jeremy Karem, lot 62, Poplar Hill, 7011 Poplar Hill Court, Crestwood, $204,000.

Ed and Julie Nobles to James and Erin Marvin, lot 174, Poplar Hill, 9610 Applewood Court, Crestwood, $201,250.

William and Sandra Kehrt to Kristopher Chandleer and Angie Halbig, lot 1, Croftboro Farms, 2212 W. Ky. 22, Crestwood, $251,000.

Mary Smith to Steven and Deborah Lush, tract 2,  0.098 acres, Sumac Lane, Crestwood, $4,000.

Bryan and Ann Scherer to Lifestyle Rentals LLC, lot 69, Kentucky Acres, 3109 Heritage Court, Crestwood, $109,931.

Svend Bentsen to Eithel Bentsen, lot 38, Shelburn Oaks Farms, 6608 Shelburn Drive, Crestwood, no value listed.

Shellie and Scott Murphy to Shelli Murphy, quitclaim, lot 80 Stonefield Trace, 4908 Deer Meadow Lane, Crestwood, FMV $496,000.

Jordan River Apple Patch LLC to Comfortable Living Homes LLC, lot 65, Celebration Park, Crestwood, $55,000.

Jordan River Apple Patch LLC to Comfortable Living Homes LLC, lot 1, Celebration Park, Crestwood, $60,000.

Jordan River Apple Patch LLC to Comfortable Living Homes LLC, lot 18, Celebration Park, Crestwood, $60,000.

Kevin Clark to Dianna Clark, quitclaim, lot 41, Poplar Hill, 9528 Poplar Hill Drive, Crestwood, FMV $200,000.

Michael Ballard to James Waldron, lot 21, Dunnreath Hills, 4416 Wendy Hills Drive, Crestwood, $97,000.

Michael and Laura Lusch to Bryan Shrader, lot 55, Heritage Place, 6811 Wildflower Court, Crestwood, $41,000.

Michael and Paula Judy to Douglas and Laurie Miles, Jr., lot 25, Celebration Park, 7645 Celebration Way, Crestwood, $229,000.

Glen and Cheryl Rigsby Jr. and Pamela Hendricks to Sandra Shoopman, unit 6401 to 102 Madison Park Condominiums, 6401 Cameron Lane No. 102, Crestwood, $122,000.

Patrick Johnston and Samantha Parks to Federal National Mortgage Association, commissioner’s deed, lot 111, Lakewood Valley, 3800 Georgie Way, Crestwood, $75,500.

Keegan Williams to Daniel Degado, quitclaim, lot 10, Croftboro Farms, 5409 Hillock Lane, Crestwood, FCV $143,000.

Gregory and Julie Gorman to Daniel and Michelle Kabbes, lot 66, North Ridge Farms, 4509 Northridge Circle, Crestwood, $350,000.


Shannon and Andrea Neikirk to John and Christina Bosemer, lot 305, Lakeview Estates, 12103 Cloverdale Drive, Goshen, $180,000.

Chris Carey Builders Inc. to Jason and Amy Golladay, lot 171, Longwood, 13305 Hampton Circle, Goshen, $525,000.

Washington Mutual Bank to Howard and Tina Kline, lot 36, Ridgeview Place, 1303 Ky. 1793, Goshen, $535,500.

Joann Hilliker to Valion and Marsha Thruman, lot 4, Huckleberry Hill, 13006 Fairway Lane, Goshen,  $112,500.

La Grange

Kazmer Wolkensperg to Randall and Stacy Akridge, lot 67, La Grange Acres, 719 Latimer Ave., La Grange, $122,000.

Sarah and Brandon Culver to Aaron and Amy Aubrey, lot 6, Oak Leaf Terrace, 523 Oak Leaf Drive, La Grange, $106,800.

Mason Construction and Development LLC to Ernest and Ann McIntosh, lot 57, Heather Green, 4602 Timberwalk Court, La Grange, $449,900.

Irma Hall to Ronald Hall, interest in 5300 Bennett Lane, La Grange, $18,050.

Junius and Mary Beaver Jr. to Jeremiah Medley, 500 N. 3rd St. , La Grange, $109,500.

Robert Freeland and Patricia Morris to Nathaniel and Suzannah Wineriter, lot 10, Fendley Mill Park, 411 Mill Run Road, La Grange, $107,000.

Terrence and Diane Appleton to Prudential Relocation Inc., lot 55, Prestwick, 2106 Oakford Court, La Grange, $233,000.

Prudential Relocation Inc. to Glen Stotts, lot 55, Prestwick, 2106 Oakford Court, La Grange, $233,000.

Phillip and Jaclyn Crosby to Dustin Spencer and Stephanie Hay, lot 136, Woodland Lakes, 1015 Shoreline Drive, La Grange, $157,000.

Hall Real Estate Inc. to Diane Downs, lot 356, Borowick, 2803 Heather Lane, La Grange, $239,500.

BWG Builders Inc. to PNC Bank National Association, lot 12, Cedar Springs, 1606 Cedar Springs Court, La Grange, $110,000.

James and Brenda Trimble to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, lot 515, Borowick Farms, 2603 Gardner Court, La Grange, $96,667.

Brent and Lesia Searcy to David and Katherine Badgett, lot 27, Woodland Lakes, 316 Woodland Lakes Drive, La Grange, $167,000.

Charles and Gail Westerman to American Life and Accident Insurance Company of Kentucky, lot 7, Fern Lea, 5508 Covington Ridge Road, La Grange, $255,000.

Paul and Victoria Riley to David and Tracy Webb, lot 93-A, Morgan Place, 2220 Margate Court, La Grange, $1.

Cynthia Carr to Nicholas and Alicia Sarantis, lot 103, Heather Hill, 5317 Arrowshire Drive, La Grange, $220,000.

Estate of Patricia Hancock to Anna Stevens, lot 45, Pear Orchard, 1122 Keane Ave., La Grange, $108,000.

Charles and DeLayna Drake-Robinson to Joseph Sudon Jr., lot 19, Quail Run Farms, 1914 Covey Trace, La Grange, $155,000.

Daniel and Michelle Kabbes to Christopher and Laura Parrish, lot 94, Fox Trail, 2037 Curry’s Fork Court, La Grange, $210,000.

Old National Bank to Neil and Holly Johnson, lot 42, Artisan Park, 502 Wilmar Court, La Grange, $150,000.

M. Wayne and Sue Poe to Sue Poe, gift, lot 24, Turtle Creek, 3050 Fallen Wood Lane, La Grange, FCV $270,000.

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Matthew and Laura Cummings, lot 112, Cherrywood Place, 2202 Cherry Creek Road, La Grange, $205,137.

Estate of Linda Lee Purvis to Eric Elander, lot 3, R.E. Kerfoot, 2729 N. Ky. 393, La Grange, $98,900.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington D.C. to Beverly Leep, lot 10, Borowick Farms, 3411 E. Dogwood Circle, La Grange, $136,500.

Dominion Homes of Kentucky LTD to Margaret Murley, lot 111, Cherrywood Place, 2200 Cherry Creek Road, La Grange, $247,986.

B&M Investors Inc. to Corcoran Home Building and Remodeling LLC, lot 164, Oldham Woods, La Grange, $35,000.


Bradley Schriner to Cynthia Schriner, quitclaim, lot 1, Stonehurst Farms, 8901 Adrienne Way, Louisville, FMV $379,000.

Kristy and Troy Smith to Brian Armstrong, lot 223, Willow Creek, 11403 Center Hill Court, Louisville, $105,000.

Pewee Valley

Central Bank of Jefferson Inc. to Shawn and Jennifer Wood, lot 11, Ash Land, 9213 Ash Land Court, Pewee Valley, $286,000.

Forcht Bank NA, Successor in Interest to Deposit Bank and Trust Co. to New Look Realty and Construction Inc., lot 18, Ash Land, Pewee Valley, $105,000.


Teresa and Michael Williams to Krista Shake, 14105 Harmony Village Road, Prospect, $190,000.

Sajay Sarika Luthra to America International Relocation Solutions LLC, lot 649, Glen Oaks, 5906 Laurel Lane, Prospect, $415,000.

America International Relocation Solutions LLC to Ibrahim Fahsah and Doha Abdoh, lot 649, GlenOaks, Prospect, 5906 Laurel Lane, $415,000.

Cox Built Homes et al. to Citizens Union Bank, lot 232, GlenOaks, 10632 Worthington Lane, Prospect, $245,000.

Laura and Robert Duane to Laura Duane, quitclaim, lot 41, The Overlook on Covered Bridge, 3314 Hidden Springs Lane, Prospect, FMV $575,000.

GHR Developers LLC to James Burke, unit 2, building 3, Gardens of Hunters Ridge, 13130 Wilhoyte Court, Prospect, $267,500.

Dimitrov Inc. to Edward and Carol Gafford, 1906 S. Rose Island Road, Prospect, $72,000.

Steven and Mary Johnson to John and Anita Maynie, lot 110, Moser Farms, 6106 Hensley Road, Prospect, $367,500.

Ashley Hannan and Anita Downs to Ian Cunningham and Candice Gray, unit 112, building 2, Prospect Glen Villas Condominiums, 13131 Prospect Glen Way, Prospect, $127,000.

Craig Perdue to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1902 S. Rose Island Road, Prospect, $160,000.

Carl and Myong Buckley to Tim Chambers, unit 146, Louisville Yacht Club, slip 146, Alexis Cove, Prospect, $13,000.