Property Transfers

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By The Staff


  Ralph and Tina Dicken to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, lot 77, Darby Pointe, 5103 Fox Run Road, Buckner, $200,000, commissioner’s deed.   MRC Construction Co. Inc. to John and Maria Maresca, lot 137, Darby Pointe, 3608 Sumerlin Drive, Buckner, $469,697.41.   Crestwood   Susan and Donald Carey to James and Sarah Trimble, lot 64, Camden Manor, 5303 Old Herring Place, Crestwood, $183,395.   Ball Homes LLC to Timothy and Jane Ann Kaiser, lot 32, Williamsgate, 7007 Alberta Drive, Crestwood, $250,007.   Cox & Son LLC to Citizens Union Bank, lots 1-7 and 9-19 and 42.19 acres open space, The Woods of Harrods Creek, Crestwood, tax assessed value $2,956,000 mortgage indebtedness.   The Estate of Nancy Catlett Howard to Trevor and Cynthia Taylor, 8502 Speer Lane, Crestwood, $1,350,000.   Grand Oaks LLC to James and Bethany Whitlow, lot 19, Grand Oaks, 6025 Garden Springs Court, Crestwood, $64,900.   Garland and Julie Anson to William and Amy Ware, lot 30, Abbott Glen, 3903 Glen Court, Crestwood, $105,800.   John and Dixie Tiller to Barbara Nelson, lot 73, Poplar Hill, 7113 Autumn Bent Way, Crestwood, $168,000.   Wade Walton to Joshua and Michelle Shea, lot 46, Camden Manor, 6734 Camden Circle, Crestwood, $207,000.   Prudential Relocation Inc. to Jay and Judith Palin, lot 73, Clarke Pointe, 3905 Lake Ridge Court, Crestwood, $423,000.   Peter Valento to Lee and Hope English, parcel A, 0.5 acres, 3204 English Way, Crestwood, $37,500.   Ball Homes LLC to Denis and Amy Beall, lot 42, Williamsgate, 7002 Alberta Drive, Crestwood, $210,772.   Thomas and Lori Marchese to Bob Evans Farms Inc., lot 85, Briar Hill Estates, 7512 Cambridge Drive, Crestwood, $614,333.   Estate of Robert Layer to Carondelet Farm Inc., Woods Hole Court, 1.86 acres, Clore Lane, Crestwood, $200,000.   Jonathan P. and Mary Beth Westbrook to Jonathan J. and Beth Westbrook, lot 25, Northwood Development, 4401 Crosswood Drive, Crestwood, $1,100,000.   HSBC Bank USA to Franklin and Linda Vincent, 1001 E. Ky. 22, Crestwood, $255,000.   Asheesh Gupta to Radiant Management Systems Inc., lot 15, Woodsboro, 5403 Brookswood Court, Crestwood, $125,000. Kurt File and Heather Burrell to Roxane Jackelen and Corrie Urhammer, lot 378, Kentucky Acres, 3006 Mint Julep Court, Crestwood, $217,500.   David and Patricia Burns to Daniel Stone, lot 115, Magnolia Place, 5700 Blue Holly Place, Crestwood, $247,500.   Ball Homes LLC to Gregory and Naomi McCoy, lot 56, Williamsgate, 8007 Williamsgate Circle, Crestwood, $290,136.   Jim and Ellen Burke to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, lot 297, Orchard Grass Hills, 7205 Autumn Bent Way, Crestwood, $98,000.   Richelle Moffett to Elden and Patsy Rowland, lot 21, Camden Manor, Crestwood, $145,000.   Goshen   Michael and Stephanie Diaz to Jerry and Andrienne Crosby, lot 38, Ridgeview Place, 1307 N. Ky. 1793, Goshen, $415,000.   Edward and Kimberly Valentine to Angelís Share Farm Land Holding LLC, tract 1, 2 and 3, Axton Lane, 3000 Axton Lane, Goshen, $399,000.   Vicki and Malcolm Watts to Vicki Watts, trustee of the Vicki B. Watts Revocable Trust, quitclaim, 3019 N. Buckeye Lane, Goshen, FMV $770,000.   PNC Bank N.A. to Brandon Parks, lot 24, Goshen Woods, 1411 Nightingale Lane, Goshen, $259,000.   Juanita Bishop to Catherine Stodgill, lot 15, Harmony Landing, 1009 Kent Road, Goshen, $420,000.   Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Dalcar Properties LLC, lot 76, Old Taylor Place, 10708 Sun Ridge Road, Goshen, $205,000.   Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Eric and Cherry Fowler, lot 18, Shiloh Farms, 2716 Shiloh Lane, Goshen, $222,000.   La Grange   Marcelo Paciorek and Paula Gomez to James and Lauren Hudgins, lot 45, Spring House Estates, 1115 Weeping Willow,  La Grange, $200,000.   Hinton McGraw Eagles Landing LLC to Terrie Burd, unit 14, Condominium Property Regime of Eagles Landing, 2023 Eagles Landing Drive, La Grange, $243,125.   Michael and Sandra Whipple to Sandra Whipple, quitclaim, lots 453 and 453A, Crystal Lake, 1600 Pleasure Cove, La Grange, FMV $325,000.   Jeff and Nicole Bridges to Phillip and Ashley Schaff, lot 58, Washington Manor, 323 Crystal Wash Drive, La Grange, $158,000.   Stephen and Anna Green to John B. Shane and John Matthew Shane, co-trustees of the John B. Shane Amended and Restated Trust, 311 N. Chestnut St., La Grange, $137,500.   Merry Wunsch and Cecil and Maxine Robertson to Cecil Robertson, tracts 245 and 245 A and B, Borowick Farms, 2409 Elder Park Road, La Grange, FCV $197,100.   Gerald and Terri Skapyak to Daniel and Jennifer Bell, lot 23, Spring House Estates, 1003 Spring House Parkway, La Grange, $233,777.   Richard and Kelda Brenny to Ryan and Victoria Schulz, lot 148, Woodland Lakes, 918 Woodland Ridge Circle, La Grange, $57,500.   John and Gwen Buehner to GRP Loan, LLC, lot 126, Pear Orchard, 1601 Hopkins Court, La Grange, $100,000, commissioner’s deed.   Philip and Karen Osborne to Lesa and Jeffrey Rice, lot 62, Spring House Estates, 1105 Hamlet Forest Road, La Grange, $175,000.   Barbara Bohnert to BB&F Enterprises, LLC, lot 42, Pear Orchard, La Grange, (FCV $92,000) and Lot 52 Camden Manor Crestwood, FMV $185,000.   Scott and Katri Lamb to Primacy Closing Corporation, lot 93, Fox Trail, La Grange, $211,959.52.   Primacy Closing Corporation to Lisa Hornig and Dolores Huber, lot 93 Fox trail, 2035 Curry’s Fork Drive, La Grange, $214,000.   Amy Allgeier to Christopher Allgeier, quitclaim, lot 39, W.Z. Russell Addition to the City of La Grange, 307 Birch Ave., La Grange, $1, FMV $88,000.   Hinton McGraw Eagle Landing LLC to Robert and Judy Oditt, unit 5, Condominium Property Regime of Eagle Landing, 1811 Eagles Crest Lane, La Grange, $199,443.   Jude-Ann Scally to Rachel Heite, lot 34, Lakeside, 108 Bluegrass Drive, La Grange, $114,000.   Louisville   Amber Webb to Edmond Storrie III, lot 328, Willow Creek, 5612 Windy Willow Drive, Louisville, $115,000.   Pendleton   Pearson Living Trust to Paul Pearson and Todd Pearson, quitclaim, 7700 Organ Creek Road, Pendleton, $1, FMV $48,680.   Paul Pearson and Todd Pearson to Paul Pearson, quitclaim, 7700 Organ Creek Road, Pendleton, $1, FMV $63,250.   Pewee Valley   Sean and Amanda Ryan to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, lot 143, Confederate Estates, 6513 Missionary Ridge Drive, Pewee Valley, $85,334, commissioner’s deed.   Larry and Doris Mestel to Robert and Elma Greenrose, lot 179, Ashbrooke Residential Development, 8607 Willowrun Court, Pewee Valley, $170,000.   Joshua and Rebecca Howes to John and Allison Connell, 110 Muirs Lane, Pewee Valley, $300,000.   James and Elizabeth King to Susan Becker, lot 161, Confederate Estates, 6507 Five Forks Drive, Pewee Valley, $151,000.   Prospect   William and Vicki Foster to Brian and Sharon Walter, lot 167, Hillcrest, 3216 Deer Pointe Place, Prospect, $480,000.   Esther Conrad to James Lindle and Jann Hall, lot 1, Hillcrest Estates, Prospect, $50,000.   Landmark Built Homes LLC to Andrew and Linda Laurel, lot 1, Hidden Falls, 4001 Hidden Falls Drive, Prospect, $799,900.   GP Enterprises  LLC to Finn Cato, lot 18, Reserve Estate of Sleepy Hollow, Prospect, $207,000.   Michael and Michele Arledge to Julie Foster, lot 18, Covered Bridge Farms, 4010 Deer Lake Circle, Prospect, $230,000.   Favor  LLC to Walter and Sandra Malone  Jr., 9905 Covered Bridge Road, Prospect.   Vijay Kannan to Chithra Prema Ram formerly Kannan, quitclaim, lot 665, Glen Oaks, 5911 Laurel Lane, Prospect.   John McClure to Tonya McClure, quitclaim, lot 191, Cardinal Harbour, 1822 Landing Road, Prospect.   Jerry and Andrea Marksbury to Hydro-Pro Inc., lot 2, Harvey’s on the River Yacht Club, Prospect, $25,000.   Donald and Colleen Larose to Edward and Susan Keene, lot 64, Hillcrest, 3005 Hilltop Court, Prospect, $425,000.   Olympia Homes, LLC to Lee Ann Ford, lot 544, Glenoaks, 10401 Championship Court, Prospect, $464,900.   Exquisite Builders LLC to Bradley and Amy Keller, lot 40, Longwood, 13306 Longwood Lane, Prospect, $688,174.   Smithfield    CD LLC to Paul and Tammy Kroyer, lot 102, Ballard Woods, 4034 Ballard Woods Drive, Smithfield, $424,700.   Westport   Virginia White to Andrea Pence, gift, lot 5, Fern Lea, 5700 W. Ky. 524, Westport, FMV $180,000.