Property Transfers

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July 1-5

Jerry and Andrea Marksbury to Amy Cimba, lot 5, Harmony Landing, 13617 Rutland Road, Goshen, $337,500

Matt Jones Construction Company to Joseph and Amy Harrington, lot 19, Pond Creek, 1502 Church St., Goshen, $350,000

James and Sharon Green to Kenneth Pell, Melvin and Anne Maron, lot 32, Taylor Creek Woods, 12101 Grist Mill Road, Goshen, $375,000

Ashkettle Home Builders, LLC to Ken Rankin and Jill Steinbach, lot 379, Briar Hill Estates, 6120 Winkler Road, Crestwood, $406,500

Estate of Kent Poling to Russell and Vicki OíBrien, lot 19, Poplar Hill, 7444 W. Orchard Grass Blvd., Crestwood, $167,500

John and Brenda Morton to John and Angela Fico, lots 515, 516 & 517, Crystal Lake, 1809 Bass Circle, La Grange, $131,000

Granville and Peggy Beam to Amy Vicich, unit 26, Bldg. B-7, Hunterís Ridge, 13131 Wilhoyte Circle, Prospect, $295,000

US Bank National Association to Michael Branch, lot 55, Greenbriar Farms, 3505 Arrowwood Court, La Grange, $90,000

Terry and Diane Stokes to Commonwealth of Kentucky, Transportation Cabinet, parcel 21A, 0.261 acres,  at I-71 and Meadowbrook Drive, Crestwood, $20,000

John and Joyce Blumenschein to Jason and Lori Tates, lot 50, Old Anita Springs, 524 Wood Lake Drive, La Grange, $255,500

Diane Bramblett to Nicholas and Kathryn Jewell, lot 18, Woodland Lakes, 951 Woodland Ridge Circle, La Grange, $169,900

Bryan Burton to Timothy and Teresa Hunter, lot 24, Country Village, 4401 Wendy Hills Drive, Crestwood, $102,500

Hartley and Kathleen Winters to Ben and Elizabeth Winters, gift, 54.30 acres of 4650 East Hwy. 22, Crestwood, FCV $270,000

Hartley and Kathleen Winters to Kurtis and Lydia Winters, gift, 20.118 acres of 4650 East Hwy. 22, Crestwood, FCV $100,000

David and Alicia Williams to Robert and Julie Rodgers, lot 25, Goshen Woods, 1409 Nightingale Lane, Goshen, $285,000

Roy and Sarah Martin to Brookfield Global Relocation Services, LLC, lot 103, Heritage Place, 4210 Timothy Way, Crestwood, $305,000

Brookfield Global Relocation Services, LLC to Aaron and Angela Tomes, lot 103, Heritage Place, 4210 Timothy Way, Crestwood, $305,000

Christopher and Jennifer Fuelling to Fuelling Built Homes, LLC, quitclaim, lot 2, Poplar Woods, Goshen, FCV $102,000

Fuelling Built Homes, LLC to Alejandrol and Elizabeth Galindo, lot 2, Poplar Woods, 1002 Yellow Poplar Drive, Goshen, $620,530

Scott Stryer to Heidi Stryer, quitclaim, lot 71, Williamsgate, 6913 Williamsgate Blvd., Crestwood, FCV $242,000

Amy Vicich to Sarah and Christopher Fulks, lot 12, Hillcrest, 2913 Farm View Court, Prospect, $525,000

Nicholas and Lindsay Carnes to Travis and Meagan Moody, 14417 Spring Drive, Prospect, $245,000

Nicholas and Lindsay Carnes to Patrick Hendrix, quitclaim, 0.290 acres North Spring Drive, Prospect, FCV $6,000

Joyce Kelley to Bryan and Melissa Kelley, a lot at Main and Second streets, Westport, $36,000

Ronald McMakin to William and Beverly McMakin, III, unit 146, Bldg. 6, Spring House Condominiums, 146 Magnolia Ave., La Grange, $150,000

Christopher and Angela Thomerson to Robert and Heather Mackenzie, lot 89, Cherrywood Place, 2005 Walnutwood Court, La Grange, $204,000

Clifford and Debra Wolfe to Joshua and Katie Alexander, lot 45, Heritage Place, 4022 Old Farm Drive, Crestwood, $338,000

New Look Realty Construction, Inc. to Kurt and Rachel Riddell, lot 6, Ash Land, 9212 Ashland Court, Pewee Valley, $388,000

Dorothy Abernathy to Dorothy Abernathy, Melissa Abernathy and Katrina Abernathy, lot 6, Rollington Acres, 8121 Old Mill Road, Pewee Valley, FCV $91,000

Eon Homes, LLC to William Moore, IV, lot 272 Lakeview Estates, 12118 Rosewood Lane, Goshen, $183,500

Dogwood Creek Properties, LLC to Power of Design Group, LLC, 4500 Old La Grange, Road, Buckner, $260,000

Lawrence and Betty Rodgers to David and Jennifer Timmons, lot 48, Kamer Place, 1528 Kamer Drive, La Grange, $342,500

Michael Perry, Patricia Perry, PJP & Company, Buddy Cox Builder, LLC to Michael and Kristin DeMichele, lot 359, Hillcrest, 12811 Ridgemoor Drive, Prospect, $435,000