Property Transfers

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By The Staff


William and Kimberly Snoddy to Oldham County Board of Education, 0.15 acres on Ky. 329 for right-of-way, Crestwood, $4,125.

Scott and Charyl Joslin to Roxane Brown, unit 5903-311, Madison Park Condominiums, 5903 Landers Ave., No. 311, Crestwood, $134,900.

Federal Mortgage Association AKA Fannie Mae to Corey and Mamie Finewood, lot 19, Woods of Hillview, 5325 Highcrest Drive, Crestwood, $336,000.

C. Richard and Terri Smith to Stephen and Harriet Wagner, 6600 Old Zaring Road, Crestwood, $153,500.

Mattingly-Jones LLC to The Jones Group LLC, lot 8, Revised Heritage Hill, Crestwood, $68,200.

The Jones Group LLC to Kevin and Martha Shaw, lot 8, Majestic Woods, 4702 Chelsea Court, Crestwood, $319,900.

Dale Gillespie and Amy Malone to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, lot 225, Orchard Grass Hills, 7417 W. Orchard Grass Blvd., Crestwood, $132,492.

Nolan Smith and Goldie Miller to Nolan Smith Jr. and Lisa Annis, Gift, lot 42, Croftboro Farms, 2018 Montfort Circle, Crestwood, FCV $215,000.

Mary Bramblett to Jason and Angela Autry, lot 3, 1 acre on Stone Gate Drive, Crestwood, $30,000.

Bruce F. Langer and Jean A. Langer Revocable Living Trust to Jeffrey and Penny Hourigan, lot 22, Zaring Farms, 4216 Dana Road, Crestwood, $360,000.

William and Jill Wright Jr. to James and Cynthia Burris, lot 3, Poplar Hill, 9539 Poplar Hill Drive, Crestwood, $205,000.

Peoples Bank, Mt. Washington to Mark and Karen Held, lot 22, Harrods Crossing, 2922 Harrods Crossing Blvd., Crestwood, $470,000.

Christina and David Bishop to Donald and Melissa Kannady, lot 198, Briar Hill Estates, 6314 Breeze Hill Road, Crestwood, $532,000.

Sutej and Deborah Gill to Lori Brown, lot 181, Poplar Hill, 9613 Applewood Court, Crestwood, $200,000.


Maricela and Charles Gulbronson to Alexandre and Suetlana Loukhnel, lot 45, Barbison Place, 1001 Verity Way, Goshen, $216,000.

Rebecca Waits to Edward and Rachel Geers, lot 32, Ridgeview Place, 12109 Ridgview Court, Goshen, $406,000.

Harley and Kathleen Winters to Joseph Kingstone, lots 8 and 9, Tanglewood, 7500 Locust Lane, Goshen, $185,000.

David and Gina Murphy to Gerald and Catherine Oliver, lot 27, Taylor Creek Woods, 1511 Taylor Creek Court, Goshen, $393,000.

Kenneth and Jill Morrow to Fifth Third Mortgage Company, lot 13, Harmony Lake, 1010 Club Drive, Goshen, $182,944.

Niall O’Callaghan Racing Stable Ltd. to Fifth Third Bank, commissioner’s deed, tract 3A, 2451 Liberty Lane, Goshen, $306,667. 

David and Reva Campbell to Blake and Bridgett Townsend, lot 196, Lakeview Estates, 12007 Valley Dive, Goshen, $228,000.

La Grange

Linda Neuner to Linda and Gerald Neuner, quitclaim, unit 1203, building 120, Spring House Condominiums, 1203 Bell Flower Place, La Grange, FMV $170,000.

The Estate of Regina McIntosh to Gene and Alice Ballard, 1909 Jericho Road, La Grange, $225,000.

William and Louise McCann to Kathleen McCann, quitclaim, lot 503, Borowick Farms, 2201 Forrest Park Drive, La Grange, $1, FMV $176,000.

Gary and Deanna Artman to Michael and Adrienne Rhode, lot 47, Greenbriar Farms, 3800 Briar Ridge Road, La Grange, $176,500.

Gregory and Belinda Strickland to Lisa Rhoton, lot 324, Morgan Place, 2116 Golfview Court, La Grange, $253,500.James and Paulette Hicks to Debra Widmann-Reid and John Nagle, 1100 Yager Lane, La Grange, $735,000.

Virginia Rockwell to Glenna and Michael Crowder and Wayne and Beverly Rockwell, unit 1182, building 118, Springhouse Condominiums, 1182 Hollyhock Drive, La Grange, $142,900.

Gary and Christy Green to Ryan and Lindsay Allen, lot 147, Oldham Woods, 1100 Hickory Switch Road, La Grange, $211,500.


Kari and Julian Puhakka to Thomas and Korinne Armour, lot 70, River Bluff Farms, 3609 E. Locust Circle, Prospect, $229,000.

Rohena Miller to Deanne Gultekin, unit 43, Rose Island Riverside Condominiums, 1686 Victory Court, unit 1, Prospect, $204,500.

David and Shelley Barber to David Barber, quitclaim, lot 128, River Bluff Farms, 3206 Cherry Tree Lane, Prospect, no value listed.

Randall and Kay Schweitzer to Thomas and Leslie Cox, lot 88, Hillcrest, 12601 Ridgemoor Drive, Prospect, $465,000.

Frank Prell to Eric and Kristen Rahman, lot 25, The Overlook on Covered Bridge, 3200 Hidden Springs Lane, Prospect, $800,000. 

Edward and Rachael Geers to Kerman Properties III LLC, lot 3, Hillcrest, 12607 Hillcross Parkway, Prospect, $465,000.


Ballard Woods Development LLC to Thomas and Melody Piazza, lot 25, Ballard Woods, 3910 Ballard Woods Drive, Smithfield, $77,000.


Madison Capital Ltd. to Five Oaks Realty LLC, tract A, 173.09 acres on the northeast side of Ky. 524 and south side of Eighteen Mile Creek Road and tract B, 12.632 acres on Ky. 524, Westport, $1,875,000.