Property Transfers

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By The Staff


Merritt and Judith Marcus and Calvin and Martha Marcus to Cindy Vance, lots 2334-2344, 2347-2387, 2413-2458, 2460-2467 and 2558-2563, Lake Louisvilla, Crestwood, $56,000.

Ball Homes Inc. to Leslie Stewart, lot 44, Williamsgate, 7006 Alberta Drive, Crestwood, $206,312.

Phillip and Karen Beaucage to Travis and Lara Hudson, lot 272, Orchard Grass Hills, 7104 Apple Orchard Lane, Crestwood, $144,000.

Pamela and William Smith to M&K Development and Construction LLC, quitclaim, lot 11, Locust Run, 4721 Three Lakes Road, Crestwood, FMV $193,000.

Sue and James McCarley to James and Tina Terry, 4707 Centerfield Drive, Crestwood, $13,500.

Jeremy McClain to Jeremy Lovett, lot 318, 9304 Plumwood Place, Orchard Grass Hills, Crestwood, $134,000.

Republic Bank & Trust Company to David and Gina Murphy, lot 231, Briar Hill Estates, 6226 Perrin Drive, Crestwood, $470,000.

Donald and Dorothy Tarter to Jason and Deidre Mengedoht, lot 79, 7419 Sideoats Drive, Orchard Grass Hills, Crestwood, $110,000.

J. Robert and Linda Rice to Sarah Garner, 2306 E. Ky. 22, Crestwood, $619,831.

Christopher and Denise Killmeier to Richard and Margaret Werner, lot 76, 7408 Cambridge Drive, Briar Hill Estates, Crestwood, $412,315.

Dennis and Debra Brown to Primacy Closing Corporation, lot 10, 4601 Echo Valley Drive, Cole Springs Farm, Crestwood, $374,601.

Primacy Closing Co. to Cheryl and Charles Aubrey, lot 10, 4601 Echo Valley Drive, Cole Spring Farm, Crestwood, $375,000.

John Guffey and Sandra Edens to David and Sally Saurbeck, lot 72, 1102 W. Mialback, Lakewood Valley, Crestwood, $82,000.

William Ross to Columbus and Lynn Jenkins, lot 134, 7528 E. Orchard Grass Blvd., Orchard Grass Hills, Crestwood, $155,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as trustee for The Registered Holders of Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. to Dorothy Creason, lot 76, 6235 Camden Circle, Camden Manor, Crestwood, $129,900.

M&K Development Construction LLC to Gary and Joyce Wolfe, lot 11, 4721 Three Lakes Road, Locust Run, Crestwood, $193,700.

James and Dorenda Neihof to James Adkins, lot 4, 3814 Cal Avenue, Moody Heights, Crestwood, $215,000.

Dennis and Cheryl Woodford to Dennis Woodford Sr. and Cheryl Woodford, 3.03 acres on Mt. Zion Road, Crestwood, FCV $75,000.


Terra Acquisition II LLC to Provident Homes Inc., lot 59, 1004 Poplar Pointe, Poplar Woods, Goshen, $179,950.

Cheryl Coy McKee to Mark McCoy, quitclaim, lot 9 and 10, Bradford Farms 11000 and 11002, Bradford Farms, Goshen, FCV $290,000.

Terra Acquisition II LLC to Bright Built Homes Inc., lot 55, Poplar Woods subdivision, Goshen, $225,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association aka Fannie Mae to Roger Smith, lot 24, 13000 Lost Trail, Trails End, Goshen, $162,000.

Kovats Construction Company Inc. to Elizabeth and David Howard, lot 129, 1702 Oxford Court, Longwood, Goshen, $563,000.

David and Patricia Peterson to Gregory and Toni Lickteig, 3501 Axton Lane, Goshen, $850,000.

La Grange

GES La Grange LLC to COLE TS La Grange KY LLC, lot 5, 2003 Priest Drive, Pristine Point subdivision, La Grange, $3,306,583.

Southern Home Builders Inc. to Lenvil and Anna Hurt Sr., lot 27, 2707 Heather Green Blvd., Heather Green, La Grange, $353,538.34.

Danny and Lori Huffman Jr. to James and Terry Davis, lot 33, 3803 Hambletonian Road, Hampton Farms, La Grange, $299,000.

Monsour Springhouse Estates to Thomas and Eunice Spears, unit 1000, building 122, 1000 Persimmon Place, Springhouse Condominium Development, La Grange, $187,500.

Michael and Candice Lawson nka Candice McClure to Michael McClure, quitclaim, lot 111, 2118 Foxtrail Drive, Foxtrail, La Grange, FCV $225,000.

Charles and Robin Stodghill to Brian and Sarah Borth, lot 38, 1807 Covey Trace, Quail Run Farms, La Grange, $134,000.

Joseph and Vonda McDougall to Timothy and Dawn Crain, lot 67, 1123 Willow Oak Lane, Cedar Spring, La Grange, $150,000.

Supreme Properties North Inc. to Professional Fence Management Inc., 5.01 acres on Allen Road, La Grange, $400,000.

William Fendley, Executor of the Estate of Sarah L. Fendley to Melissa and Richard Abney, 2828 N. Ky. 53, La Grange, $198,250.

Philip and Kimberly Lane to Kevin and Jennifer Brown, lot 13, 2626 West Sunningdale Lane, Gleneagles Estates, La Grange, $275,000.

Anthony Brown to American General Home Equity Inc., lot 517, 2600 Gardiner Court, Borowick Farms, La Grange, original price, $138,232.49, balance owed, $12,874.38.

James Doyle and Daniel and Patricia to James D. Doyle, trustee, unit 1003, building 123, 1003 Silver Ball Court, Spring House Condominium Development, La Grange, $185,000.

Oldham County Water District to City of La Grange, water tank property on Ky. 146, La Grange, $50,000.

Linda Saunders to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 374, 3506 New Moody Lane, Borowick Farms, La Grange, $135,000.

Michael and Kimberly Mockbee to Walt Schumm, lot 80, 1825 Grand Villa Drive, Grand Villa, La Grange, $216,668.

Pewee Valley

Dr. Steven and Stephanie Applegate to Dr. Steven Applegate, quitclaim, 6917 La Grange Road, Pewee Valley, FCV $750,000.


George and Kendra Georgacopoulos to Prudential Relocation Inc., lot 232, 7411 Pine Knoll Circle, Estates of Hunting Creek, Prospect, $737,500.

Colleen Sheehan and Armando Cerna to Jerry and Frances Powell, lot 46, 3707 Locust Circle West, River Bluff Farms, Prospect, $254,000.

Hugh and Jennifer Holcomb to Joseph Weisenberger, lot 103, 13205 Creekview Road, River Bluff Farm, Prospect, $172,000.

Nancy Millard to Patrick Mutchler and Ann Thompson, 7913 Rose Island Road, Prospect, $1,475,000.

Michael and Rebecca Farrar to Kerry and James Beckman, lot 110, 4000 Meadowland Drive, Countryside, Prospect, $207,000.

Christopher and Laura Bailey to Richard and Sherry Roberts, lot 111, 12911 Deercross Drive, Hillcrest, Prospect, $505,000.

Keith LLC and Sandra LLC to Barry Elliott, lot 12, dock G, Tartan’s Landing, Prospect, $5,000.  

Rolando Puno to Rolando Puno Trustee of the Rolando M. Puno Qualified Personal Residence Trust, lot 17, 11819 Lakestone Way, Paramont Estates, Prospect, FCV $665,000.