Property Transfers

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By The Staff


Eric Buck and Debra Buck Wipf to HSBC Bank USA, National Association as Trustee for The Ellington Trust, lot 90, Darby Pointe, 4007 Shannon Cove, Buckner, $220,000.

Exit 17 Properties, LLC to Oldham County Board of Education, 17.43 acres on Old La Grange Road, Buckner, FCV $523,000.

LeSalle Bank National Association, Trustees to Suzanne Evans, lot 39, Darby Pointe, 3904 Dover Cove, Buckner, $225,000.

Brent Hale to Jennifer Hale, quitclaim, lot 47, Darby Pointe, 4008 Sheehan Drive, Buckner, FCV $220,000.


Carolyn and Charles Walker to Bank of New York, lot 61, Grand Dell, 4802 Grand Dell Drive, Crestwood, $252,450.

S.D.I. Properties, Crestwood, LLC to David Watson, Steven Gawrys, John and Regina Smithson, quitclaim, 6426 W. Ky. 146, Crestwood, $10, FCV $323,000.

Walter and Patricia Matthews III to Emmett and Stephania Elliott, lot 9, Foxwood, 5400 Foxwood Drive, Crestwood, $285,000.

Jason and Kimberly Broyles to Timothy Stolt, lot 304, Orchard Grass Hills, 9323 Plumwood Place, Crestwood, $121,000.

Rodney and Jennifer White to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, lot 9, Lockwood, 5300 Mary Clayton Lane, Crestwood, $80,000.

Charles and Donna Hall to Kevin and Melinda Morgan, lot 54, 3001 Kentucky Oaks Court, Crestwood, $225,000.

Stable Properties, LLC to Steven Wheeler, lot 58, Lockwood Estates, 5201 Richard Court, Crestwood, $185,000.

Richard Estes to Jamie Reid, lot 18, Poplar Hill, 7123 Apple Orchard Lane, Crestwood.

Cartus Financial Corporation to Dennis Clause, lot 56, North Ridge Farm, 4533 North Ridge Circle, Crestwood, $264,000.

Robert and Deborah Downs to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, lot 147, Orchard Grass Hills, 7331 Sideoats Drive, Crestwood, $86,667.

Selina and Timothy Grasch to Walt Schumm, lot 286, Orchard Grass Hills, 7000 Apple Orchard Lane, Crestwood, $80,001.

Tergeo Corporation to PBI Bank, Inc., quitclaim, lot 5, Beechdale Place, Crestwood, $87,444.

Donna, formerly Meredith, and Michael Gozia to Donna and Michael Gozia, gift, lot 285, Orchard Grass Hills, 7004 Apple Orchard Lane, Crestwood, FMV $130,000.

Brian and Cassie Burgman to Jessica and Denny Gray, lot 43, Woodsboro, 1904 Woodsboro Road, Crestwood, $187,125.

Heritage Home Builders, LLC to Brian and Cassie Burgman, 5631 Fible Lane, Crestwood, $340,000.

John and Darlena Keenan and James and Karilyn Oldham II to John Keenan and James Oldham, lot 7, Whit Acres, Crestwood, FCV $10,000.

John and Darlena Keenan and James and Karilyn Oldham II to John Keenan and James Oldham, lot 6, Whit Acres, Crestwood, FCV $100,000.

Evelyn Penn to The Evelyn M. Penn Revocable Living Trust, quitclaim, lot 126, Croftboro South, 5704 Rosewood Road, Crestwood, FCV $260,000.

Linda Veverka to Nick and Heather Daily, lot 38, Orchard Grass Hills, 7501 E. Orchard Grass Blvd., Crestwood, $148,000.

Dorothy Creason to Leon Collard Jr., quitclaim, 6803 Central Avenue, Crestwood, FCV $159,500.

Barnes and Esposito Builder, LLC to Linda Veverka, unit 2, Condominium Property Regime of The Cottages of Crestwood, 6003 Cottage Lane, Crestwood, $199,900.

Barnes & Esposito Builders, Inc. to James and Beulah LaFollette and Bobby and Karen Combs, units 21 and 22, Condominium Property Regime of the Cottages of Crestwood, 6002 Cottage Lane, Crestwood, $506,000.


Accredited Home Lenders, Inc. to Christopher and Lindsay Bumba, lot 9, Block Z, Harmony Lake, 12114 Hillside Drive, Goshen, $138,000.

Michael Kamer to Rebekah Kamer, quitclaim, lot 50, Barbizon Place, 12405 Warner Drive, Goshen, $1, FMV $205,000.

La Grange

Datrom Developments, LLC to John and Carole Tremble, lot 52, Sycamore Run, 4911 Sycamore Run Drive, La Grange, $333,000.

M. Deborah and Jerry Maddox to David and Sharon Jennings, lot 10, Wildbriar Farms, 2010 Wildbriar Court, La Grange, $184,800.

Joshua Hammons, Sylvia Hammons to LaSalle Bank National Association as Trustee for Ownit Mortgage Loan Trust, lot 9, Fendley Mill Park, 413 Mill Run Way, La Grange, $66,631.84.

Melvin Parrish and Mary Parrish to LaSalle Bank National Association as Trustee for Structured Asset Investment Loan Trust, 205 E. Second Street, La Grange, $46,667.

Kenneth and Patricia Keisman to The Bank of New York Trust Company, N.A. as Successor to JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. as Trustee, c/o Homecomings Financial Network, lot 39, Washington Manor, 304 Crystal Wash Drive, La Grange, $120,000.

Turtle Creek Development, LLP to Elite Homes, Inc., lot 12, The Reserve at L’Esprit, La Grange, $49,000.

Elite Homes, Inc. to William and Kerry Albright, lot 12, The Reserve at L’Esprit, 3063 Fallen Wood Lane, La Grange, $325,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee for Certificateholders of FFMLT to Michael and Christina Shannon, lot 80, Cherrywood Place, 1007 Cherry Ridge Run, La Grange, $142,900.

Federal National Mortgage Association aka Fannie Mae to Mary Patterson, 308 W. Main Street, La Grange, $117,300.

Christian Stewart to Christian and Donna Stewart, quitclaim, lot 29, Kamer Place, 1613 Kamer Drive, La Grange, FCV $379,000.

Rhonda Nettles to Scott Nettles, quitclaim, lot 47, Fox Trail, 2003 Fox Trail Drive, La Grange, FCV $211,000.

Loretta Spicer to Michael Yates, lot 54, Borowick Farms, 3110 Elder Park Road, La Grange, $260,000.

Jeffrey and Bonnie Money to Jane and Harry Parker Jr., 5315 Smith Have Lane, La Grange, $247,700.

Thomas and Karen McShane to MARZ, LLC, 2249 Commerce Parkway, La Grange, $325,000.

Scott and Holly Brewer to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, lot 25, Cherrywood Place, 1111 Cherrywood Court, La Grange, $150,000.

Bruce Roth, Trustee of the Broecker Oldham County Trust to Broecker-Jones Properties, LLC, tract 1 on Jefferson Street and tract II lot 66 on the southwest corner of Walnut Street and Jefferson Street, La Grange, FMV $350,000.

Dennis Myrick to Christine Myrick, quitclaim, 206 E. Madison Street, La Grange, FCV $120,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Harvey and Diana Cohen, lot 185, Echo Valley Farms, 4001 Delaware Drive, La Grange, $160,000.

Pewee Valley

Ryan and Jennifer Weller-McAllister to Steve Cannon and Anne Murphy, lot 74, Ashbrooke Residential Community, 8607 Hickory Falls Lane, Pewee Valley, $164,000.

James and Karilyn Oldham II and John and Darlena Keenan to OK Property Solutions, lot 49, Confederate Estates, Pewee Valley, FCV $101,140.


Cole Christopher Builders, LLC to Scott and Kim Flanders, lot 23, The Overlook on Covered Bridge, 12918 Deercross Drive, Prospect, FCV $150,000.

John and Julie Vetter-Tisera to Denise Rohrbach, lot 483, Hillcrest, 2801 Woodcrest Court, Prospect, $550,000.

Diana Han to Thomas M. Tu, quitclaim, lot 334, Hillcrest Estates, 3003 Glenhill Court, Prospect, FCV $700,000.

Gus Goldsmith to GP Enterprises, LLC, lot 18, Reserve of Sleepy Hollow, 9001 Reserve Drive and lot 13 Reserve of Sleepy Hollow, 5801 Mt. Pleasant Drive, Prospect, assessed value $139,000.

Charles and Tracy Bari to Irwin FSB Collateral, Inc., lots 73 and 77, Stonefield Trace, Prospect, $126,700.

Michael Petrosky to Michael Petrosky, Johsua Duke and Justin Taylor, quitclaim, 1/3 undivided interest, lots 22 and lot 119, Harmony Landing, 1408 Riverside Drive, Prospect, FCV $305,500.

Walter and Charlene Claycomb Trust and Co-Trustee to Walter and Charlene Claycomb, lot 43, River Bluff Farms, 13014 Pine Hill Court, Prospect, FCV $220,000.

Raymond Lunsford, Jr. to Kramerica, LLC, lots 11 and 12, block B, Oldham Acres, 14404 Oldham Acres Road, Prospect, $95,000.

Ridgeview Place, LLC to Ridgeview Place Homeowners Association, Inc., 28.60 acres on the east side of Rose Island Road, Prospect, FCV $57,000.


Laura Crawford to Willard Crawford, quitclaim, 6805 Main Street, Westport, FCV $150,000.

Willard Crawford to Willard and Ruth Crawford, quitclaim, 6805 Main Street, Westport, FCV $150,000.