Property transfers

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By The Staff


Barry and Dana Brumfield to American International Relocation Solutions LLC, lot 63, Lockwood Estates, 3703 Barbara Ann Blvd., Crestwood, $232,000.

American International Relocation Solutions LLC to Amy and Randall Phillips, lot 63, Lockwood Estates, 3703 Barbara Ann Blvd., Crestwood, $232,000.

Tracy and John Fischer to Harry Hays and Kathleen Hayes, lot 92, Grand Dell, 4711 Grand Dell Drive, Crestwood, $360,000.

Fine Home Builders LLC to Jon Kaltman, lot 54, Poplar Wood, 12509 Poplar Wood Drive, Crestwood, $1,017,000.

MD Custom Homes Inc. to Todd and Wendy Brown, lot 90, Summerfield by the Lake, 6810 Clore Lake Road, Crestwood, $595,020.

Shannon and Roy Dixon to Keli Dowdy, lot 196, Orchard Grass Hills, 7406 W. Orchard Grass Blvd., Crestwood, $143,500.

Charles and Charmaline Arvin to Deville Homes Inc., lot 20, Woodridge Estates, Crestwood, $74,140.

Modesto and Vilma Aldana to Mirna Aldana, lot 55, Lakewood Valley, 1013 Mialback Way, Crestwood, $1, FCV $110,500.

Dorothy Stoess to Stacey Hayden, 7802 Floydsburg Road, Crestwood, $155,000.

Kara Weller to Timothy Weller, quitclaim, lot 64, North Ridge Farms, 4515 Northridge Circle, Crestwood, FCV $360,000.

Dawn and Danny Lott to Dawn Lott, quitclaim, 6500 Payton Lane, Crestwood, FCV $405,000.

Dawn Lott to DLRE Holdings LLC, quitclaim, 6500 Payton Lane, Crestwood, FCV $405,000.

Joel and Joann Sundquist to PNC Bank NA, lot 30, commissioner’s deed, Glen Meadow, 4302 McCombs Circle, Crestwood, $178,100.

Misty and Brian Wilburn to Robert and Alma Greenrose, gift, lot 35, Foxwood, 5303 Foxwood Drive, Crestwood, FMV $335,000.

Thomas and Amanda Morris to Patrick Burnett, lot 182, Poplar Hill, 9611 Applewood Court, Crestwood, $215,000.

The Estate of Claudia Duffy to James Martel, unit 6405-103, bldg. 1, Madison Park Condominium, 50 percent interest, 6405 Cameron Lane, unit 103, Crestwood, $45,240.24.

Janet Lenahan to Jennifer Rose, quitclaim, lot 95, Lakewood Valley, 1003 Georgie Court, Crestwood, FCV $102,000.

J.D. and Dorothy Wilkerson to Jason and Savanah-Jo Lawson, lot 32, Centerfield Heights, 4717 Harvest Drive, Crestwood, $80,000.

T&D Builders Inc. to Keith and Kathryn Temple, lot 34, Heritage Hill, 6629 Heritage Hill Drive, Crestwood, $227,000.

Steven and Faith Johnson to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development,  commissioner’s deed, 8102 Speer Lane, Crestwood, $100,000.

Mingjie Zhu and Weifang Wu to Clinton and Angela Priddy, lot 10, Arbor Ridge, 6509 Arbor Ridge Drive, Crestwood, $350,000.

Deville Homes Inc. to Michael and Kelli Schmidt, lot 70, Summerfield by the Lake, 6600 Angus Court, Crestwood, $830,000.

Ellen Stamps to Stephen Moss, quitclaim, lot 49, Zaring Farms, 4112 Myers Avenue, Crestwood, FCV $318,500.

Richard Mitchell to Vanessa Brown, lot 244, Orchard Grass Hills, 7330 Sideoats Drive, Crestwood, $115,900.

Marshall Simmons and Sheila Gardner, Trustee of The Viola B. Simmons Revocable Living Trust to Madonna Wise, 7606 W. Ky. 22, Crestwood, $80,000.

Matthew and Amy Deno to Marcella Johnson, lot 26, Car-Nae Estates, 5606 Renada Drive, Crestwood, $168,000.

Martin and Trina Hanse Jr. to Lance and Tonya Perkins, lot 22, Chapel View, 8213 Highview Court, Crestwood, $378,000.Goshen

Chance and Rima Hanusek to Josh Fowler, lot 284, Lakeview Estates, 12103 Rosewood Lane, Goshen, $164,000.

Kelly and Sabrina Duncan to Robert and Sonja Hill, lot 229, Lakeview Estates, 12008 Valley Drive, Goshen, $221,000.

HSBC Bank USA, Trustee to Penny and Jason Moore, lot 49, The Old Taylor Place, 1403 Lafayette Court, Goshen, $237,000.

Pinnacle Builders Inc. to Kenneth and Billie Martin, lot 161, Longwood, 13024 Wellington Way, Goshen, $565,000.

Gale Pearce to Christopher and Carrie Turpen, 12822 Settler’s Point Trail, Goshen, $217,500.

Kenneth Rosenberg to William and Margaret Moore IV, lot 80, The Old Taylor Place, 10802 Sun Ridge Road, Goshen, 100,000.

Daniel Jenkins to Daniel and Kimberly Jenkins, quitclaim, lot 34, Goshen Hills, 11808 Spring Meadow Lane, Goshen, FMV $150,000.

Jamie and Sheena Burke to Kyle Ray and Teresa Givan, lot 230, Lakeview Estates, 12010 Valley Drive, Goshen, $233,000.

Lola and Dan Stone to Inez Board, lot 94, The Old Taylor Place, 1400 Old Taylor Trail, Goshen, $355,000.

Inez Board to Inez Board and Dana Willett-Maier, quitclaim, lot 94, The Old Taylor Place, 1400 Old Taylor Trail, Goshen, FMV $355,000.

Winchell Systems, LLC to Paul and Luann Marold, lot 56, The Ridgeview Place, 12200 Ridgeview Drive, Goshen, $550,000.

Estate of Sidney Craig to Stephen and Judy Oglesby, lot 5, Huckleberry Hill, 13900 Fairway Lane, Goshen, $510,000.

Linda Kitterman to Robert Westerman and Ellen Levy, lot 29, The Old Taylor Place, 12303 Old Taylor Trail, Goshen, $375,000.

French and Conder LLC to Charles and Alisha Ritz, lot 26, Poplar Wood, 1109 Poplar Ridge Drive, Goshen, $776,000.

Lisa and Cleon Peebles II to Richard and Wendy Park, lot 239, Lakewood Estates, 12114 Valley Drive, Goshen, $220,000.

Terra Acquisitions II to Michael and Elaine Enders, lot 53, Poplar Woods, Goshen, $174,900.

Schultz Construction Company to Thomas Emanuel, lot 10, Goshen Wood, Goshen, $35,000.

Ronald and Mary Jo Pancari to Thomas Cerbo, lot 78, Settler’s Point, 1206 Hunters Path, Goshen, $195,000.

La Grange

Kenneth Skinner Construction Inc. to Jacqueline and Paul Osbourne, lot 24, Maple Grove Farms, 2501 Zhale Smith Road, La Grange, $215,000.

Lakeside on the Colorado Ltd. to Richard and Emily Diamond, Tract 2B on Bennett Lane, La Grange, $94,500.

Brush Run LLC to Gus Goldsmith, commissioner’s deed, 3100 Fendley Mill Road, La Grange, $125,000. 

Gus Goldsmith to GP Enterprises LLC, 3100 Fendley Mill Road, La Grange, $139,000.

LaSalle Bank National Association to Batt and Tricia Bauer, 205 So. 2nd. St., La Grange, $40,000.

A. Glen and Claudia Colbert to Arthur Blake III, lot 84, Quail Run Farms, 1813 Foxboro Road, La Grange, $160,000.

Peter Development Inc. to Anna Hornberger, Unit 64, Cedar Point Condominiums, 4414 Westbrook Drive, La Grange, $153,900.

Charles and Joyce Nutt to James and Mary McCauley, 412 E. Jefferson St., and 408 E. Jefferson St., La Grange, $550,000.

AMA Properties LLC to Richard and Karen Bivens, lot 374, Borowick Farms, 3506 New Moody Lane, La Grange, $165,000.

Edna Fendley to Deborah Miller, lot 67, Greenwood Commons, 1513 Woodcreek Court, La Grange, $109,000.

Derrick and Kristie Payne to Olden and Amy Durham Jr., lot 31, Meadowbrook Estates, 2106 Marty Brook Court, La Grange, $299,900.

Herbert Gibbs III and Janet Rexroat to Gary Green, commissioner’s deed, lot 147, Oldham Woods, 1100 Hickory Switch Road, La Grange, $146,000. 

Dominion Homes of Kentucky Ltd. to Mirsad Deljkic, lot 52, Cherrywood Place, 2108 Cherry Blossom Court, La Grange, $183,958.

Donnie Tucker to Raymond and Deborah Briney,  0.201 acres and 0.819 acres, Ballard School Road, La Grange, FMV $12,400.

Dominion Homes of Kentucky Ltd. to Richard and Penelope Davidson, lot 113, Cherrywood Place, 2204 Cherry Creek Road, La Grange, $191,839.

James and Myrissa McGehee III to John and Madeleine Faust, lot 31, Bon Air, 113 McMakin Manor, La Grange, $183,000.

Paul and Mary Skaggs to Estil and Barbara Hurst, lot 136, Oldham Woods, 2304 Willow Reed Road, La Grange, $152,500.

Eric Kunce to Eric and Lauren Kunce, quitclaim, lot 65, Spring House Estates, 2003 Manning Place, La Grange, FMV $210,000.

Leonard and Stacy Dietrich to Oldham Realty Investments LLC, commissioner’s deed, lot 18, Cherrywood Place, 1102 Cherrywood Circle, La Grange, $124,000.

Tara and Jeffrey Harley to Kenny and Dora Rohleder, a portion of lot 24 and lot 25, Meadowbrook Estates, 2304 Stoneybrook Court, La Grange, $307,000.

Provident Homes Inc. to Michael Dennison, lot 55, Heather Green, 3102 Heather Green Blvd., La Grange, $547,100.

Richard Spillard to Tremayne Perkins, lot 69, Woodland Lakes, 1006 Shoreline Drive, La Grange, $159,000.

Russell and Nancy Kolzheimer to Robert and Velsie Hewlett, lot 400, Borowick, 3003 Haney Drive, La Grange, $225,000.

Dennis Sobik to James and Myrissa McGehee III, 2600 Old Sligo Road, La Grange, $265,000.

Bradley Homes Inc. to Jason Jacobson, lot 145, Summit Park, 2509 Quail Ridge Drive, La Grange, $434,840.

Badgett Properties LTD to Claude Badgett, lot 81, Gleneagles Estates, La Grange, $240,000.

Homesales Inc. to Pollard Builders, LLC, lot 48, Artisan Park, 1006 Artisan Parkway, La Grange, $240,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Justin and Michelle Coomer, lot 40, Majestic Woods, 1220 Royal Ave., La Grange, $149,488.

Theresa Bosemer to William Bosemer, quitclaim, 113 Anchor Ave., LaGrange, FCV $110,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Patrick and Jacquelyn Pollard, lot 39, Majestic Woods, 1218 Royal Ave., La Grange, $165,000.

Lisa Hornig Huber and Dolores Huber to Lisa Huber, quitclaim, lot 93, Fox Trail, 2035 Curryís Fork Drive, La Grange, FCV $214,000.

Henry County Nursery LLC to BOCA Properties LLC, 238.073 acres south of Ky. 146 and southeast of the CSX Railroad right-of-way, La Grange, $600,000.

Jordan River Artisan Park LLC to The Peoples Bank of Taylorsville, quitclaim in lieu of foreclosure, lots 3-4,6,8-13,34,36,41 section 1 and lots 15,17- 30,32-33,49-57, section 2, Artisan Park, promissory notes $1,750,000 and $250,000. 

Linh and Kim Hoang to Lisa Holmberg, lot 30, Cherrywood Place, 1102 Cherry Ridge Road, La Grange, $146,000.

Herbert and Parminder Jassel-Head to Michael and Shirley Riedinger, lot 29, Maverick Estates, 2007 Old Sorrell Lane, La Grange, $397,000.

Ridge Development and Construction LLC to S&L Development Company, lot 71, Falcon Ridge, La Grange, $54,000.

Thomas Irwin to Carla Benincasa aka Carla Harbin, quitclaim, lot 75, Cedar Springs, 1200 Cedar Springs Parkway, La Grange, FCV $135,000.

River Wina LLC to The Buttorf Company, quitclaim, lot 105, Cedar Springs, La Grange, $1, FCV $25,000.

Terry Larimore to Christy Larimore, quitclaim, lot 28, Heather Hill, 5111 Arrowshire Drive, La Grange, $10, FCV $300,000.

Monsour Builders Inc. to Kevin and Jamie Day, lot 59, Morgan Place, 2214 Morgan Ridge Court, La Grange, $240,000.

Timothy Weller to Kara Weller, quitclaim, lot 45, Meadowbrook Estates, 2102 Sandybrook Court, La Grange, FCV $173,000.

Joann Scholz to Dale and Amy Voght, lot 23, Winters Hill Estates, 3212 Old Sligo Road, La Grange, $240,000.

Mark and Nancy Brengle to Walkerwood 1500 Land Trust, Richard Reid, Trustee, lot 93, Greenwood Commons, 1500 Walkerwood Court, La Grange, $60,000.

Larry and Millagros Thomas to Russell and Shelba Thomas, quitclaim, lot 8, and parts of lots 9 and 10, College Hill Addition to the City of La Grange , 305 Horton Road, La Grange, FCV $115,000.

Janet Ferguson and Karla Young to Karla Ramer-Young, quitclaim 1/2 interest, lot 27, Grand Villa, 1830 Grand Villa Drive, La Grange, FCV $315,000.

Aaron and Stephanie Riordan to Diaya and Jeffrey Clary, lot 65, Greenwood Common, 1512 Woodcreek Court, La Grange, $115,000.

Christian Rothrauff to John McClure Jr., lot 30, Heather Hill, 5115 Arrowshire Drive, La Grange, $196,250.

Irwin FSB Collateral Inc. to Paul Lockhart, lots 73 and 77 Stonefield Trace, La Grange, $100,000.

Pewee Valley

Paul and Jacqueline Osbourne to Wayne and Elaine Olges, lot 87, Village Green, 6810 Hillside Drive, Pewee Valley, $120,000.

Steven Troxell to Barbara Troxell, quitclaim, lot 107, Village Green, 9205 Spruce Court, Pewee Valley, FCV $119,000.

Walter and Sarah Forbey to Sarah G. Forbey Trust, 412 Colonel Way, Pewee Valley, FCV $390,000.

Jachin and Penelope Milici to Scott and Kimberly Finses, lot 2, Central Place, 102 Central Court, Pewee Valley, $472,000.

Republic Bank and Trust Company to George and Rachel Spurlock, lot 24, Ash Land, 6805 Ashland Drive, Pewee Valley, $267,000.

Ahmed and Nashyah Altairi to Kelly and Kristen Martin, lot 107, Ashbrooke Residential Community, 8619 Shenandoah Drive, Pewee Valley, $168,900.

Randy and Susan White to William Stephens, lot 180, Confederate Estates, 8913 Ash Ave., Pewee Valley, $131,000.

Gregory Heavin and Vicki Bironas to Mark and Robyn Gelnett, lot 145, Confederate Estates, 6509 Missionary Ridge Drive, Pewee Valley, $143,000.

Shannon McMurtrey to Brian and Barbara Mayo, lot 175, Confederate Estates, 6609 Five Forks, Pewee Valley, $155,000.

William and Amy Ware to Steven Smith, 85 Rest Cottage Lane, Pewee Valley, $420,500.

Darryl and Nanette Arnett to David and Janet Goodman, lot 99, Confederate Estates, 8524 Confederate Place Drive, Pewee Valley, $145,000.

The Marshall A. Chatelain Revocable Living Trust to Jeffrey Lentz, lot 135 Ashbrooke Residential Community, 6634 Riverbirch Drive, Pewee Valley, $115,000.

Highbaugh Construction LLC to Central Bank of Jefferson County Inc., lot 11 Ash Land, 9213 Ash Land Court, Pewee Valley, $208,000.


Shirish and Chetna Mody to Chetna Mody, quitclaim, lot 125, Hillcrest, 3108 Ridgemoor Court, Prospect, FMV $430,000.

Bob Ash, Chief Financial Officer of the Archdiocese of Louisville, as Trustee of the Herbert Leonard Lattis Testamentary Trust to Lawrence and Diane Ruff, lot 58, River Bluff Farms, 3406 River Bluff Road, Prospect, $237,000.

Bernard Wellinghurst and Terri Schumacher to Norvin and Mary Gullion, lot 35, Dock A, Tartan’s Landing, Prospect, $9,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association aka Fannie Mae to Lawrence Lucas Jr., lot 26, Cardinal Harbour, 1939 Cardinal Harbour, Prospect, $222,000.

Chris and Sharon Mercke to Michael and Wendy Taffer, lot 34, Hunters Ridge, 13513 Hunters Ridge Court, Prospect, $317,000.

Nancy and David Loewe to Cartus Financial Corporation, lot 6, Paramont Estates, 11732 Paramont Way, Prospect, $855,000.

Cartus Financial Corporation to James LeMastus, lot 6, Paramont Estates, 11732 Paramont Way, Prospect, $855,000.

Lowell and Nancy Stevens III to Tommy and Amanda Morris, lot 39, Hunters Ridge, 13501 Hunters Ridge Court, Prospect, $340,000.

Landon Nicholson and Shannon Sharpe to Landon Nicholson, quitclaim, 2104 N. Rose Island Road, Prospect, FCV $141,000.

Carol and Michael Guidry to The Carol Houze Guidry Revocable Trust, lot 130 Countryside, 12911 Sunnybrook Drive, Prospect, $255,000.

Donald and Jo York to Kyle and Samantha McKinney, lot 598, Glenoaks, 10802 Worthington Lane, Prospect, $489,000.

Robert and Sonja Hill to Derrick and Kristie Payne, lot 123, Moser Farms, 6316 Matten Court, Prospect, $356,000.

Olympia Homes LLC to Senthill Mohun, lot 684, Glenoaks, 5817 Laurel Lane, Prospect, $75,000.

Jan and Heather Kaltman to Fine Home Builders LLC, lot 410, Hillcrest, 2703 Meadow Wood Court, Prospect, $617,000.

HSBC Bank, Trustee for MANA 2007-A2 to R. Dale and Rose Smith, Unit 23, Bldg. 5, Gardens of Hunters Ridge, 4106 Nicholas Roy Court, Prospect, $210,000.

GP Enterprises LLC to Matthew and Deborah Crane, lot 13, Reserve Estates of Sleepy Hollow, 5801Mt. Pleasant Drive, Prospect, $927,000.

Matthew and Deborah Crane to John and Tracy Fischer, lot 320 Hillcrest, 12808 Ridgemoor Drive, Prospect, $615,000.

Reanna and David Hamlin to Loveda and James Calver, lot 133, Cardinal Harbour, 14211 Harbour Place, Prospect, $167,750.

Nellie Hartnett to Candalyn and Jeffrey Fryrear, lot 24, Block A, Oldham Acres, 1700 Riverside Drive, Prospect, $160,000.

Franklin and Shirley Knoop to Kimberly and William Howell, lot 43, Harmony Village, 1212 Riverside Drive, Prospect, $155,000.

Donald and Tracey Benningfield to Jianlei and Nian Xu, lot 602, Glenoaks, 10732 Worthington Lane, Prospect, $712,500.

Stephen and Judy Oglesby to Michael and Tamara Ledford, lot 209, Hillcrest, 12806 Crestview Cove Court, Prospect, $469,500.

H. Lee and Michelle Warren Jr. to Michael Wickliffe, quitclaim, lot 122, Hidden Creek, 11709 Hidden Creek Road, Prospect, FCV $725,000.

Dale and Amy Vought Sr. to Yan Li and Jingwen Zhang, lot 6, Moser Farms, 6010 John Moser Way, Prospect, $360,000.


Lorna and John Kreimer to Timothy Southard, Mark Southard, Daniel Southard, Sheryl Schaefer, Matthew Southard and Nathan Southard, 5903 south Highway 53, Smithfield, $1.00, FMV $400,000.


Jean Lane to Robin Beicker, quitclaim, 7701 W. Ky. 524, Westport, no value listed.

Young Properties, to Lowry Watkins Jr., lot 1, Chambers Camp Sites, Westport, $205,000.