Property Transfers

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By The Staff


Katherine Farrow and Kimberly Raybourne to Matthew Bisig, lot 56, Magnolia Place, 6208 Sweetbay Drive, Crestwood, $240,000.

Pamela Potts for the Estate of Betty Luckett, Don Potts, Sherri and Harold Link and David Luckett, to Robert DePrez, lot 1, Blue Creek, 5509 Pearce Way, Crestwood, FCV $53,000, deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Josiah and Catherine Keats to Anthony and Kelley Roberts, unit 6406-205, Bldg. 5, Madison Park Condominiums, 6406 Shelton Circle, Crestwood, $110,000.

Eugene and Ariene Reeves to Susan Strack, lot 57, Fible Farms, 6012 Summit View Lane, Crestwood, $40,000.

Robert Lowe, Trustee of The Lowe Living Trust to David and Tanya Walker, lot 57, Heritage Place, 6812 Wildflower Court, Crestwood, $342,000.

Austin and Margaret Black to Susan and Jonathan Marcum, lot 68, Poplar Hill, 7103 Autumn Bent Way, Crestwood, $229,900.

CD, LLC to Jonathan and Diane Watkins, lot 55, Arbor Ridge, 6705 Northwind Way, Crestwood, $289,361.

Estate of Donald Spencer Sr. to Mary Welch and Terry Dotson, lot 60, Centerfield Heights, 4706 Harvest Drive, Crestwood, $28,000.

Joann and Edward Suriano to Prudential Relocation, Inc., lot 58, North Ridge, 4527 Northridge Circle, Crestwood, $360,000.

Prudential Relocation Inc. to Tracey and William Gray, lot 58, North Ridge, 4527 Northridge Circle, Crestwood, $360,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C. to John Richardson, 8102 Speer Lane, Crestwood, $140,100.

M&M Development Inc. to McMahan Co. Inc., lot 21, Harrods Crossing, 9608 West Side Court, Crestwood, $159,900.


Barbara Watkins aka Porter Watkins and George Bailey and Lowery Watkins Jr. and Lowery Watkins Trust to David and Patricia Peterson, 3601 Axton Lane, Goshen, $3,500,000.

Matt Jones Construction Company to Joseph and Amy York, 1613 Church Side Drive, Goshen, $395,928.

La Grange

S&L Development Co. LLC to Thomas Forman, lot 75, Falcon Ridge, 614 Falcon Ridge Lane, La Grange, $256,500.

Homesales Inc. to Gregory and Angela Vance, lot 47, Artisan Park, 1004 Artisan Parkway, La Grange, $216,000.

Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs to Angela Norman, lot 25, Cherrywood Place, 1111 Cherrywood Drive, La Grange, $143,000.

Carrie Sherwood, nka Carrie Arkle to Patrick McNiel Jr. and Krystal Brook to David Arkle, 1435 Fendley Mill Road, La Grange, $147,417.

Ridge Development and Construction LLC to S&L Development Company LLC, lot 25, Falcon Ridge, La Grange, $45,000.

Heritage Title Company of Va. Inc. to Heilman Realty LLC, lot 3, Morgan Place, La Grange, $210,475.


John and Anna Yancey to Walter Theurer, 7300 Organ Creek Road, Pendleton, $55,000.


Olympia Homes LLC to Mohammed Alsorogi and Dina Emara, lot 682, Glenoaks, 5313 Laurel Lane, Prospect, $448,000.

Michael A. Young Inc. to James and Stefanie Livers, lot 177, Cardinal Harbour, 1904 N. Rose Island Road, Prospect, $298,500.

Richard Zenger to Ryan Heck, Unit 6, Rose Island Riverside Condominiums, 1672 Victory Court, Prospect, $240,000.

GP Enterprises LLC to Poschinger & Edelen Real Estate LLC, lot 106, Countryside, Prospect, $145,000.

Mark McCoy to John Knox, lot 27, The Overlook on Covered Bridge, 3204 Hidden Spings Lane, Prospect, $138,800.

Anne Limberg to Anne and Brian Limberg, quitclaim, lot 556, GlenOaks, 6116 Laurel Lane, Prospect, $10, FCV $404,800.

Ronny Bell to Ronny and Judy Bell, quitclaim, unit 37, Rose Island Riverside Condominiums, 1610 Victory Court, Prospect, FCV $295,000.

Scott Diamond to Kim Diamond, quitclaim, lot 264, Estates of Hunting Creek, 12020 Hunting Crest Drive, Prospect, FCV $600,000.