Property Transfers

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By The Staff


Rizwan and Farhat Khan to The Rizwan N. Khan and Farhat R. Khan Revocable Living Trust, quitclaim, lot 2, River Glen subdivision, 3703 River Farm Cove, Prospect, FCV $1,255,000.

John and Lottie Broyles and Roy and Irene Broyles to Roy and Irene Broyles, gift, tract 3: 3.405 acres, 9700 Covered Bridge Road, Prospect, FCV $135,000.

John and Lottie Broyles and Roy and Irene Broyles to Mary Ervin, quitclaim, 2.176 acres on Ky. 329, Prospect, FCV $5,000.

John and Lottie Broyles and Roy and Irene Broyles to Mary Ervin, quitclaim, tract 6: 0.24 acres on Covered Bridge Road, 9810 Ky. 329, Prospect, FCV $2,000.

Sharon Vanderbur to Steven Gaylor, quitclaim, lot 212, Hillcrest, 12812 Crestview Cove, Prospect, FCV $425,000.

Carl Hyde and Debra Hyde to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc., lot 236, Glen Oaks, 10706 Worthington Lane, Prospect, $250,000.

Hinton McGraw Rivers Landing LLC to Elizabeth Runyon, unit 2007, Condominiums of Rivers landing, 2009 River View Court, Prospect, $580,475.


Maria Bryan and Anthony Bryan to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 220, Briar Hill Estates, 6517 Park Place, Crestwood, $283,334.

Jason Neal to Joshua McAuliffe, lot  31, Clore Crest, 6708 Dove Road, Crestwood, $132,000.

Howard Rogers and L. Carol Rogers Revocable Living Trust to Dino Michalegko, lot  426, Willow Creek, 5304 Drifton Drive, Crestwood, $118,000.

John and Marlene Okarmus to Gerald Offutt Jr., 8107 Speer Lane, Crestwood, $200,000.

Edwin Epperson to Mike Hogan, lot  39, Centerfield Heights, Crestwood, $10,000.

Monsour Builders Inc. to Brian Matthews and Karla Warneke, lot  43, Morgan Place, 4702 Morgan Place Blvd., Crestwood, $252,563.

Link Real Estate Management, LLC to Adam Kalbfleisch, lot 154, Lakewood Valley, 3800 Joyce Drive, Crestwood, $88,000.

Roger and Bonnie Hostettler to Joseph and Mary Schweinhart, lot 131, Briar Hill, 7307 Sunset Lane, Crestwood, $323,620.

La Grange

Oldham County Properties Inc. to LO Holding LLC, lot 2 and 3, Barnett Estates, 2001 Crystal Cove Drive, La Grange, $378,000.

Oldham County Investments Inc. to Jeffrey and Elizabeth Sanders, lot  19, Woodridge Estates 1811 Zachary Drive, La Grange, $76,340.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Julie Fudge, lot  4, Majestic Woods, 1211 Royal Ave., La Grange, $162,416.

Henton McGraw Eagles Landing LLC to Mary Ellen Lewis, unit 4, Condominium Property Regime Eagles Landing, 1809 Eagles Crest Lane, La Grange, $195,244.

Stephen and Linda Ellington to Da vid Stillings and Kathryn Doyle, lot  14, Fox Trail, 2000 Fox Trail Drive, La Grange $280,000.


William and Nancy Baker to Martha and William Baker, gift, 4010 Baker Lane, Pendleton, FMV $159,279.


Michelle and Doug Bartholomew to Barry Hines, 2.078 acres revised, lot  16, Harmony Landing, 1008 Kent Road, Goshen, $495,000.

Michael and Beverly Browning to Gregory Brown, 7623 W. U.S. 42, Goshen, $315,000.

Michael and Ann Hendren to Robert Reynolds, slip 8, Tartan’s Landing, Goshen, $4,125.


Nancy Stetten to MLNAS Properties-Springdale, LLC to Maynard Stetten, 57 percent tenancy, 6020 S. Ky. 53, Smithfield, FCV $1,151,400.