Probation revoked 60 days for man who shot two women

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Evridge violated medical release after arrest for probation violation

By Tracy Harris

A judge decided Wednesday the Westport man who shot two women violated the terms of his medical release last week.

Ronnie Evridge, 57, spent 11 days in jail after being arrested for violating the terms of his probation. He'll remain in jail until mid-January, then will serve about 35 more days wearing an ankle monitor at home.

Judge Jerry Crosby found Evridge did not comply with the terms of his medical release, but the judge and attorneys agreed to drop the original probation violation.

Evridge admits to shooting Sandy Allen, 24, and Heather Faulkerson, 21, Dec. 18, but claims it was self-defense.

However, not possessing any firearms and not associating with known felons are both conditions of his probation — ones he allegedly disobeyed during the shooting.

Evridge told his probation officer he purchased two guns from individuals, a .44 Magnum and a .22, about 10 days before the shooting.

There is also video documentation of Evridge with Allen, a known felon and also Evridge's girlfriend. 

Police arrested Evridge for violating his probation Dec. 23, but he received a medical release Dec. 27 relating to treatment for the laceration he sustained during the incident.

Evridge then turned himself in the next day after violating the conditions of his release by stopping at a neighbor's house. Judge Diana Wheeler ordered Evridge remain at home unless he had a doctor's appointment.

The agreement to drop the probation violation charges came after Crosby realized Evridge's probation conditions lacked a judicial pronouncement they be followed.

Assistant County Attorney Daniel Fendley said Crosby questioned if the conditions could be enforced without the order, and instead opted to pursue the furlough violation.

Crosby ordered Evridge remain in jail until his pre-op surgery appointment, scheduled on Jan. 11, according to Evridge. 

Evridge will then serve the remainder of a 60-day probation revocation by wearing an ankle monitor and basically under house arrest, Crosby said.

Crosby said Evridge will also be required to sign new probation conditions.