Practice makes perfect

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By Laura Hagan

Second- and third-graders at Kenwood Station Elementary School have been practicing for about two weeks for an assembly showing what they've learned this year in related arts classes. Students showcased singing, Native American dancing and artwork at an assembly Wednesday morning for their classmates. The students were able to choose the related arts they preferred Ð dance, singing, art, physical education or technology and studied Native American culture for the different parts of the assembly.

The classes are now more performance-based, Christy Higdon said. Higdon, who teaches P.E. at Kenwood Station, said the classes are similar to those in a high school setting. She said students will put a lot more effort into the classes if they get to choose them and are interested in the subject matter. She and fellow teachers Sherri Anderson, Corey Beatty and Connie Mefford helped prepare students for Wednesday's performance.