Poor representation is worse than none!

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By Mike DiGiuro


As I cast my view from the back end of the 4th Congressional District  towards Washington DC, I am particularly  annoyed by the actions of our elected representative Thomas Massie; who apparently has no concept of how to govern. 

As I write this, our country in embroiled in numerous crises.  We are still at war in Afghanistan, terrorists roam not just the world, but our country, the murder rate in this country is astounding and our government is shut down because Congress and the President refuse to do their jobs.  As of this writing, there is no indication that the government will open any time soon.

However during this period of uncertainty, you will be glad to know that Mr. Massie is laser focused on, well, hemp.  Oh, and having his staff broadcast on Twitter, funny little ditties about how great things are going to be with the government shut down.

I believe the government has evolved into a bloated, intrusive, inefficient, money pit that is paid for by about half of the citizens – and I have no problem with making significant changes in its structure – but we have to make the changes within the framework of the government – not by shutting it down.

If shutting down the government would save money, I’d be more inclined to agree with the tactic – but it does not.  It costs more money.  All the folks that will supposedly be furloughed will essentially get some time off with pay; because Congress, when they finally do fund the government, will provide for back pay for all those who were deemed non-essential.

Massie is supposed to be smart.  This is a guy who along with his supporters promote the fact that he has two degrees from MIT. He is often touted as some sort of genius.

Well, let me tell you about our genius representative.  For about a month after he was sworn in as a congressman, he didn’t bother to answer his office phone. I know, because I called his office every day for about 3 weeks.  Nor was there any way to contact him through the District website.  The phone message was “the district office is closed, contact your US Senator.”

In fact, I traveled to Washington, DC on December 5,  2012, a month after his swearing in and tracked him down in his office.  Coincidently it was the day he finally started answering his phone.

When I challenged him on the phone situation, he stated that there was no way to answer the phone because of lack of staff.  Yep, the genius from MIT not only couldn’t figure out how to get someone behind a desk to answer the phone, (apparently Massie has never heard of a temp agency, where for $10 an hour he could have hired someone to answer the phone.) he couldn’t even figure out how to change the message to something like “Hey, I’m not smart enough to figure out how to answer the phone, but leave a message and when I do figure it out, I will call you back.”

Massie told me I was rude because I wrote a letter that was published in the Courier-Journalabout him not answering his phone without contacting him about the situation. Since I called his office every day and tried the District website several times, I thought I had done my part.

So, I’m not buying the genius argument.  What he is, is a whiner;  a victim of the system who has zero imagination.  Any person who ever ran a business would have figured out the phone crisis in about an hour. 

But I digress.  Mr. Massie is not focused on what is important - governing our country.  He enjoys bragging and tweeting about being labeled a “wackobird.”   Well, being a “wackobird” is easy, because you don’t have to actually accomplish anything.  Governing is the hard job, which Mr. Massie has decided to relinquish to others. 

From where I sit in Goshen, Massie is unimpressive and I’m looking for someone to step up and mount a primary challenge against Massie in the hopes that we can have the option of electing a Republican who will embrace the obligation of governing as opposed to showboating.  



The views expressed  in this column are those of the writer.