POLICE: Woman reports false kidnapping

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By Jacquelyn Stoess Hack

A Pendleton woman who claims she was abducted, car-jacked and chased through the city of La Grange by three males is charged for providing police with false information. Mary B. Webster told police she was abducted by three males who followed her from a restroom at Wal-Mart on New Moody Lane to the parking lot Jan. 26. Police say Webster, 20, 922 Webbtown Road, Pendleton, claims the three men physically assaulted her, tossed her in the back seat of her two-seater car and drove from the store, a claim police later discovered is false. Webster also told police she escaped from her vehicle near La Grange Elementary and ran from the intersection of Fifth and Jefferson streets to the Penzoil store on New Moody Lane. According to police, Webster did not run through the city, but she used a telephone at Penzoil to call her parents, who called police shortly before 9 a.m. to relay her claim that she was kidnapped. Webster told police she crossed New Moody Lane and returned to the parking lot of Wal-Mart, where she allegedly met a corrections officer who offered to drive her to the La Grange Police Department. Webster told police the corrections officer let her out of his vehicle in the LPD parking lot and drove away. She told police she knocked on doors at the police station but got no answer. Detectives believe Webster’s report of an encounter with a corrections officer is false. Alone in the parking lot of LPD, Webster said the three men who she claims abducted her returned, and when they spotted her in the parking lot, a chase ensued. Police said Webster claims she ran through La Grange, passing numerous retail stores and gas stations during business hours as one male chased her on foot and the other two followed in her automobile. Police said Webster’s report that she was chased through the city – twice – is false. According to police reports, Webster’s parents found her vehicle in the parking lot of Baptist Hospital Northeast. Webster’s charge, falsely reporting an incident, stems from information she provided in a police report and during interviews with officers at LPD headquarters later that day, where she was arrested. Police said the incident is still under investigation and they are awaiting cooperation from witnesses. While police say many of Webster’s claims are unfounded, police believe Webster drove a male acquaintance – unidentified in police reports – from Wal-Mart to Burger King to retrieve his girlfriend’s paycheck. From Burger King, Webster drove the man to Baptist Hospital Northeast to visit his girlfriend, a patient at thehospital. Police believe Webster was assaulted in the hospital parking lot. According to police, the acquaintance and another male tied Webster using a bandana displayed on her rearview mirror. The men allegedly punched her repeatedly before she fled to Penzoil to call her parents. Police said the man seems to think Webster reported him to police for involvement in recent narcotics activity.

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