Police probe string of thefts in La Grange

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By Amanda Manning

Over the past few weeks, a car was stolen and a string of car break-ins around La Grange have led police to believe they are connected. 

On June 25, several cars that were unlocked were broken into in the L’Esprit neighborhood and had property taken from them. All items that were taken have value, according to the police. 

A week before this incident, items were also stolen from cars that were left unlocked in the Anita Springs neighborhood in La Grange. 

Some of the theft in L’Esprit was captured on a video by one neighbor. “The footage shows that the suspects appeared to be males wearing hooded jackets with hoods covering their faces,” La Grange Police Department Major Bruce Goodfleisch said.

Around the same time as these thefts, an SUV that was stolen from the Oldham Oaks Apartments was recovered in the L’Esprit neighborhood. The vehicle stolen was also unlocked and had the keys inside, according to police. 

“It is very likely the persons who committed the thefts also stole the SUV to get to the neighborhood,” Goodfleisch said. 

Police believe that recent car break-ins in the Glen Oaks neighborhood could also be connected to these crimes. Similar to the other crimes, each car in Glen Oaks was also unlocked.

In light of these break-ins, the La Grange Police Department reminds the public to follow safety tips to prevent these crimes. 

“We always advise the public to lock their vehicles, don’t leave valuables in view or in the car and park in a well lit area if possible,” Goodfleisch said. “Thieves don’t want to bring attention to themselves by making noise…they bypassed all vehicles that were locked.”

Summer is one of the peak times for crime, according to Goodfleisch.  “In addition, vandalism, narcotics and alcohol crimes increase too,” Goodfleisch said, adding that there is no specific time period on these crimes. “We, usually at least once a year, will get a rash of burglaries to homes and businesses that are narcotics driven.”

Police said homeowners should make sure they have exterior lighting at their houses and propose motion sensors and alarm systems, in addition to other measures.  

“Cut back landscaping that could conceal persons or entry points,” Goodfleisch suggested. “Pull your shades down or close your curtains after dark so items of value can’t be seen from outside.”

In addition to unlocked cars, police said they frequently see garage doors left open that should be closed. 

If you are going out of town, the La Grange Police recommends telling a neighbor, family member or your local neighborhood watch. Residents can also contact Oldham County Dispatch to request a house watch from police while they are gone. 


If you have any information surrounding these crimes, contact the La Grange Police Department’s anonymous tip line at 873-8945.