Piranhas open season with a split

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By Mickey Patterson

BUCKNER – There’s not an “under new management” sign around the Oldham County Piranhas swimming scene – but there could be.

For the first time in the history of the program, John W. Black Aquatics Center director Laura Feese isn’t leading the team. Instead, a trio of swimmers who came up in the Piranhas’ program, Erin Esterle, Shane Wisecarver and Nicole Althoff along with Cy Tucker and Megan Burns are running the show.

Tucker is a long-time assistant leaving Burns as the only newcomer.

“It’s different not having Laura around all the time, but of course she is still around all the time,” Esterle said. “We can still talk with her whenever we need to.”

The program hasn’t skipped a beat under its new mentors. Participation is still huge. More than 170 swimmers from ages 6 to 18 compete.

“We’re still growing,” Esterle said. “We have 32 new swimmers in the six and under group that I coach. We’re not losing any popularity for sure.”

The Piranhas dropped their first meet of the season by a mere 100 points to Woodhaven Country Club and rebounded to win their second meet Monday over Owl Creek.

So far, the 10 and under boys’ and girls’ and the 12 and under relay teams are leading the way.

“The young ones are still holding strong,” Esterle said. 

Esterle also cited the boys’ and girls’ 18-year-old groups.

The program has meets every Monday with the team practicing the other four days.

In addition to the newcomers, Esterle said the staff is pleased with the retention of swimmers.

“They are staying with us which is so great,” Esterle said. “We like to think it’s because we have been doing a pretty good job and so much of that goes to Laura and the way she did things.”

The Piranhas will hosta meet at 7 p.m. Monday at the John W. Black Aquatics Center.

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