Pewee’s stormwater fee is $3 per month, billed by LWC

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By John Foster

This summer, residents of Pewee Valley will notice a new charge on their Louisville Water Co. bill. 

The fees will fund management of storm water runoff quality within city limits.

Over the past six months, city council members have worked to create their own storm water management district separate from the county’s. A system for managing runoff quality throughout the county is mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Part of the reason for creating a separate Pewee district was to charge residents a lower rate than other parts of the county. 

The $3 monthly rate per 6,700 square feet is less than utility fees in other parts of Oldham County where residents pay $3.43  per 6,000 square feet. 

As a result, Pewee residents with properties smaller than 6,700 square feet will pay $36 instead of $41.16 or more per year.

The city will charge less than Oldham County government because Pewee Valley consists largely of trees and grass, not parking lots or warehouses, council member Dana Barrette said. 

And there isn’t much construction in Pewee Valley to expose soil to runoff, he said.

“We’re fortunate that we don’t have a big issue,” he said.

Mayor Bob Rogers said an advantage of this set-up is the money collected will stay in Pewee Valley and people will be able to see the projects they’re funding. 

Barrette said the money won’t go toward infrastructure like storm drains, but mostly toward education of residents about how to manage runoff.

Much of that education will take place in the small plot of land the city owns behind city hall and the Little Colonel Playhouse, council member Amy Johnson said. 

Council members plan to earmark some of the money they expect to collect – which totals about $23,000 – to demonstrate best practices for controlling run-off in that soggy lot.

The billing will start after July 1, but details still need to be worked out with Louisville Water Co., Barrette said. 

About 20 properties in the city don’t receive water from the water company, and how those property owners will be billed hasn’t been determined, he said.


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