Pageantry and lots of fun at Oldham County Fair

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Photos by Peter Campbell and Bobbi Nelson

Makenzie Brooke King was crowned Miss Oldham County Fair. Other winners were Victoria McKinney, first runner-up and Most Photogenic; Samantha Graziul, second runner-up and Miss Congeniality; Emily Kunce, third runner-up; Chassidy Monroe, People’s Choice; and Kristen Rowling, Trailblazer and Rising Star.


Denise Rowling and Eric Kunce were named Mom of the Year and Dad of the Year, respectively.

Lauren Kunce was named Ms. Oldham County Fair 2013. Other winners were Tiffany Gregory, first runner-up; Casey Heightchew, second runner-up; Leslie Ransdell, third runner-up.

Claire Babey was named Miss Teen Oldham County Fair 2013. Other winners were Alyssa Case, first runner-up; Katelyn Gratten, second runner-up; Elizabeth Janes, third runner-up; and Katilyn Jones, Rising Star.

JonMarie Johnson was crowned Miss Pre-Teen Oldham County Fair 2013. Other winners were Kelly Whetherton, first runner-up; Brook Edds, second runner-up; Isel Spears, third runner-up; and Josie Despain, Rising Star.

Kate Whetherton was named Miss Princess Oldham County Fair 2013. Other winners were Josie Powell, first runner-up; Alana Potts, second runner-up; Abigail Dunaway, third runner-up; and Makenna Arnold, Rising Star.

Will Alecia was named Little Mister Oldham County Fair 2013. During the pageant, the wrong name was called for the winner of Little Miss Oldham County Fair. Alex McGill was named first, but when officials learned their mistake, the honor went to Brooke Davis. Other winners were Julieanne Jarrell, first runner-up; Brooke Davis, second runner-up; and Gracy Justice, third runner up. Little Mister winners were Nick Melton, first runner-up; Derrick Netherton, second runner-up; and Waylon Starr, third runner-up.