Old electronics will retire in Ohio

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By John Foster

For some time now, workers at the Oldham County Recycling Center have accepted electronic items for recycling. Now they actually have a place to recycle those items.Members of Oldham County Fiscal Court approved a memorandum of understanding allowing UNICOR to process electronic items discarded by Oldham County residents, at no cost to the county for processing or shipping items to a facility in Elkton, Ohio.UNICOR is a division of the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons, which relies on inmate labor to refurbish or salvage components of electronic items, according to literature from the organization.The Oldham County Recycling Center accepts electronic items from wires to printers to computers for recycling, Oldham County Director of Solid Waste Linda Fountain said. Of special demand during the next year are televisions, she said, with the coming shutdown of analog broadcasts that will render many televisions obsolete next year.Cell phones are recycled using a different contractor, Fountain said.The center is not equipped to recycle household appliances such as air conditioners, washers or microwaves, according to information given to the magistrates.The recycling department already has piled up about 38 pallets full of electronics for recycling, Fountain said, and she plans to have UNICOR pick them up within the next couple weeks.She said it is rare for a county the size of Oldham to have year-round recycling of electronics.“It’s a huge step for a county this size,” she said.

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