Officials give the green light for Crestwood signal

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By Laura Hagan

Carol Richie has worked at the Marathon at the intersection of Ky. 22 and Ky. 329 for about four months now. She said the intersection gets backed up with people coming from all four directions and drivers will come to a complete stop in the middle of the road.

“I hear tires squeal all the time (out there),” she said. “I haven’t seen (a wreck) yet, but I’m waiting to see it.”

Richie and her husband, Tom, who said he comes through the intersection just about every day, say they think a traffic light would help a lot, but for now, Richie said she wonders sometimes if she’ll see a wreck.

The flashing red light at the intersection of Ky. 22 and Ky. 329 will soon be replaced by a traffic light.

An area congested with traffic at all four stops – especially at morning and afternoon rush hours – will run a little more smoothly.

Judge-Executive Duane Murner said he thinks the light will be an “amazing improvement.”

“Mornings and evenings (at the light) are awful,” he said.

Officials with the District 5 Department of Highways made the decision June 16 to recommend the installation of the traffic light. The recommendation has been submitted the the Division of Traffic central office and will then go to the state highway engineers, both in Frankfort.

Andrea Clifford, public information officer for District 5, said now that the commitment has been given for the project, the district has to look at issues such as moving existing utilities and the placement of poles for the lights. She said she is not sure of the cost, or a timeline as to when it will be approved by Frankfort or installed.

The state is funding the project.

Clifford said a traffic simulation analysis was run on the intersection, looking at it both with and without a signal, as well as with and without turning lanes.

She said analysis showed the intersection operating better with a signal, and the best with turning lanes. Implementation of left and right turning lanes, however, will not be done with this project.

Magistrate Rick Rash said working to get a light at the intersection is something he’s focused on for about 10 years. He said a traffic study done within the past few months shows the intersection meets the conditions for a traffic light.

He said he hopes to have the light in place by the time school starts in the fall.

Murner credited Rash for the project during the June 17 Oldham County Fiscal Court meeting. Rash said Murner, along with Crestwood Mayor Dennis Deibel and Brian Meade, John Callahan and Matt Bullock of District 5 of the state Highway Department worked on the poject.

“Everybody got together and we worked to solve the problem,” Rash said.

Louise Allen, director of Planning and Zoning said $1.3 million in federal funds will be available in October for planning and design of a project to fix other problems with the intersection, including turn lanes.

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