OCHS wrestler captures three gold medals in Australia

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Story by Adam Warner

Wth the magnitude of the Summer Olympic games reverberating across the globe, Oldham County High School wrestler Mikey Caudill did some competing of his own this summer, albeit far from London.

There were three steps involved in the process.

Step one: Raise $5,000 to go to Australia for a national wrestling competition.


Step two: Get a gold medal while you’re there.


Step three: Don’t lose a single match throughout the competition.

Close. But, the success that Caudill already achieved speaks for itself.

“I competed in 10 matches, won three gold medals and lost one match,” Caudill said, “I would say it was definitely an accomplishment.” 

For someone who’s only been wrestling for five years, getting invited to a tournament “down under” is quite the accomplishment for the 17-year-old. 

Caudill competed in a national high school wrestling competition from July 1-10 in Brisbane, Australia. 

Along with Caudill, wrestlers from across the U.S. competed in the competition, including those from Nevada, Virginia and another Kentuckian from Meade County.

Every competitor was had same task of raising $5,000. That fee, Caudill said, went towards paying for food, hotel and airfare. 

The unique aspect of Caudill’s fundraising was how he utilized his resources. His mother, Jennifer, owns Screens and Ink in Buckner. 

Through the company, they printed off several T-shirts with the slogan “Supporter of Team Mikey Wrestling.” 

Through selling T-shirts and hosting bake sales, his mom, grandma, great-grandma and cousin were able to travel and watch the OCHS product muscle his way through his competition. 

Caudill competed in heavyweight class events, including  individual beach, individual freestyle and team freestyle.

He won a gold medal in all his events. 

After winning the medals, Caudill said his relatives went crazy. 

In addition to the competition, he also enjoyed seeing the Australian wildlife.

“The coolest thing we got to do while I was over there, besides competing, was going to the rainforest,” Caudill said. “We saw kangaroos and koala bears.”

Caudill says that if he had the chance to go back, he would visit the Great Barrier Reef. 

All in all, while Caudill may not have competed in the London Olympiad this summer, he may not be far off beaten mat.


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