Not the right place for Ironman

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How does the Ironman Triathlon benefit our community?  There has to be cost in totally shutting down our roads and putting the police there to make sure we don't drive our cars anywhere near the bikers.

Here in Goshen, we have St. John UMC and Riverside Christian Church that have to have a Saturday night service.  Riverside cancels Sunday and St. John adds a Saturday and has one Sunday service and no Sunday school.

How many other churches and businesses are affected?  My husband sometimes has to work on Sundays and is self-employed.  He cannot even schedule a client on an Ironman day.  

We try to think of everything we need for the upcoming week to get all errands ran on Saturday as to not go out on Ironman day.  Wouldn't you know it, we are out of charcoal today and cannot even drive the 5 minutes to Thortons' until after at least 6 pm.  

There is just no way we want to sit for 3 hours to see if we could travel a few miles of Hwy 42. What about the 3 hours to get back?  NO lunch time cookout for our family.

What about the weeks leading up to this event with the bikes practicing along Hwy 42?  This road is narrow, curvy, and only 2 lanes.  We have to treat the bikes as a legal vehicle.  

I really don't think these folks would be practicing on our highway if the Ironman did not use this route. Where is the logic in this?  I have heard of other families along the route to LaGrange saying the same thing.

I know that Taylorsville Road has a bike lane on it.  Why don't the Ironman planning people pick roads that are FOUR lane and have a bike lane like that one?  Why use country highways that are 2 lane and paralyze several communities?  

What about our churches and businesses?  What about the revenue lost to the self employed?

I am worried that in the weeks leading up to this event as a drive 55 mph along Hwy. 42 that a biker may be in the bend of the next curve I come to and there will be a car along the other side of our TWO lane narrow road, and I hope to be able to stop.  I could be charged with manslaughter.

How could you make such a poor choice of venue?  

Amy F Davis

Goshen, KY