New reporter joins Oldham Era

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If I had a dollar for every time I have heard that print journalism is dead, then paying my rent would be much easier.

As a young person who chose to get a degree in photojournalism I’ve been called everything from brave to silly. However, after spending time with a few community newspapers I have gleefully discovered that people still want ink-stained fingers to accompany their coffee.

I am a recent graduate of Western Kentucky University where I earned a bachelors degree in photojournalism. My time at WKU was spent crafting my skill as a visual journalist under the direction of many talented journalists. It was at this time that my passion for community journalism put me on my career path.

As a journalist, the community entrusts me to be a record keeper and truth seeker for you, the reader. I take this responsibility very seriously and look forward to working with the community to provide quality news coverage. Learning and listening are the keys to being a great journalists and I cannot wait to see what lessons Oldham County has to give.

 So, the next time you see a young lady with a camera wandering around town, please stop me and say hello. It will be my pleasure to meet you and I look forward to becoming a familiar face.

Any advice is welcome but we will become instant friends if you have a good joke to tell me.



Alix MATTINGLY can be reached at (502) 222-7183 or news@oldhamera.com.